God help us.

God help us.

Hi there. Thanks for popping in. Dave showed me an article today, about a trophy hunter who was proud to show off the rare black giraffe that she had shot and killed. I won’t post photos on this blog; it is too distressing. But I have made a little piece of artwork, in memory of the beautiful animal she slaughtered, and as a protest.

People. They never cease to baffle me.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xx

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  1. Thank you Barbara. I felt the same when I read the article, especially on reading her comments, which I shall not repeat. There are some sick people in this world. Hugs. Annette X

  2. I saw the same article – absolutely disgusting and so terribly sad. A lovely piece of art work. X

  3. I also read the article and can’t believe how anyone can kill these amazing animals for fun and call it sport. People are strange! Love your giraffes x

  4. No morals, no conscience. I wish someone would organise a hunt to hunt the hunters – I’d be at the front of the queue. Awesome artwork though Barb. Xxx

  5. Love the piece of art work, I have all the Groovi poetry plates and love them.
    So distressed about the article, we are living in very difficult times. God help us, seems to be an hourly comment from me these days xx

  6. Thank you Barbara for expressing in art what I don’t have words for. I am horrified at the actions of this woman and rather startled by the depth of my anger in response to it. The Serenity Prayer is my go-to prayer too and I think I need to say it a few times right now.

  7. I saw the post, it’s beyond belief! Couldn’t begin to imagine how someone could do such a thing, but then be proud of it….. heartbreaking.
    Thank you for your beautiful piece of art. Xxx

  8. No words can express my thoughts on this horrific act of what is loosely called sport. I much prefer your beautiful artwork.

  9. You know Barbara, one of the reasons that Clarity and you are so popular with all us crafters is that the human and caring side shines through and so many of the projects that you present to us show this caring side. Keep up the good work.

  10. It makes you cry the pain unbearable how can a “human being” do such terrible things to such a beautiful defenceless creature. They should be punished and hunting stopped.

  11. I have not seen the article and I am pleased about that. So so cruel and sad. Your artwork on the other hand is lovely. xx

  12. No words for this woman! She had also hunted for pleasure other wild animals. I went to Kenya in January and had the privilege to see these animals in their natural habitat. I cannot understand the mentality of the people that wish harm on these animals. Thankfully in Kenya they are doing all they can to look after and protect them. Only recently they now have shoot to kill poachers and life sentences if they catch them. Shame they don’t have this for Trophy Hunters in South Africa! Or just drop them in the middle of the Masai Mara without their guns!

  13. That’s too upsetting. Glad I didn’t stumble across the article, I’m staying well clear of any newsy stuff for a bit then. Just reading what you’ve said Barb has more than upset me. That poor animal. Human beings are so sick and evil. I don’t suppose you could put a link here for somewhere, a charity, that protects these hunted animals, for those of us who’d like to give a wee donation? I know it won’t bring the giraffe back, nor remove the fear and pain and distress it and it’s family and pals must have endured, but it’s something actual that we can put on the other side of the scales as a protest. It might just stop one more animal being slaughtered needlessly. Xxx

  14. Dear Barbara. Love your art work, but so sad that a woman would do that to a beautiful animal. Haven’t seen the article. I don’t watch or read the news much these days it so depressing.
    Loved the photo yesterday of the woodpeckers, would love those in the garden. Xxxxx

  15. Well said Barbara…I couldn’t agree more. What a thoroughly pointless, thoughtless and cruel act. Your beautiful artwork says it all.

  16. That is so very sad, and distressing. I didn’t see the article, and cannot understand the need to kill other creatures for sport.

  17. She tries to justify it by saying it was a conservation hunt, they were culling the giraffes .just an a******e in my opinion

  18. I saw an article like this a while ago, not sure if it was the same one. Very upsetting to see. How can they be so proud of their cruelty I just don’t know. Your artwork is lovely and the verse is beautiful.xxx

  19. I have seen this article before, I just don’t understand why folk think killing animals is a sport. They’re a disgrace to the human race. As ever your blog sums it up perfectly. X

  20. As we were not aware of this story Ray checked on Google. There were many articles listed but we decided not to open them after seeing the suggested content. I am disgusted and sickened that this woman has done such a horrible thing. We are not able to travel abroad to see the animals in their natural setting but we both love to watch wild life programmes and are all for protecting the animals and their habitats. It is a shame that people with apparently more money than sense are allowed to ge away with this kind of behaviour.
    Your gentle giraffe and the prayer are lovely.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  21. Hi Barb,
    I haven’t seen this article and really don’t want to either. I can’t understand the mentality of people like her. How can they be so callous ,cruel and brutal in the name of “sport”? It is just beyond me! One of my favourite animals is the elephant and I was disgusted and saddened by Botswana( I think) who are going to reintroduce legalised elephant hunting! Humans ( or some of them) are such awful beings who have ruined a beautiful planet and as you say “ God help us” . Love Alison xx

  22. Dear Barbara. I have not seen the article and I won’t go seeking for it. It sickens me to the core that someone can kill such an endangered and beautiful animal all in the name of sport! It’s not sport at all. It’s senseless! People like her should be ashamed but she won’t be happy until there are no animals truly wild any where on this earth!
    Your artwork is beautiful as always and for that I thank you!
    Hugs Xxxx

  23. I find it so upsetting that anyone could do this for fun such beautiful elegant animals they are just such bad horrible people sick evil people heart breaking x

  24. Tragic and worrying that human beings can do such things. It sickens me. Love the artwork. What a fitting tribute to such a beautiful animal. Xx

  25. Hello Barb, thank you to this little beauty. I hate it that humans can be so cruel, thoughtless and arrogant. Bx

  26. I’ve not seen this article and like others I don’t want to. Thank you though for posting your opinion which all caring people will share. For her to delight and gloat in the death, personally inflicted, of this creature defies belief. What a disgusting and sickening act. I wish I could do something. Love your efforts in memory. You’ve touched many.

  27. I don’t think I have the words to express my utter disgust at people who shoot animals for fun…
    Very poignant art work today. Xx

  28. As you say Barbra people never cease to show how us how awful they can be and to take the life of such a beautiful creature is beyond words. Hopefully some where down the line they will pay for this as a do believe in ! What goes around, comes around.
    Your art work is beautiful just like that poor giraffe.

  29. It’s me again – I’ve fumed over this callous woman but worse are the people who enabled her to do the slaughter and what followed as she certainly was not alone. Thank goodness they are in the minority.

  30. I too saw this article! By the number of comments on the blog today, Barbara, it is obvious that there are also many people who feel as you do. Like my fellow crafters here, I absolutely abhor what these mindless people do for self gratification. Your artwork is a touching memorial to these beautiful creatures. xx

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