Harlequin Bundle!

Harlequin Bundle!

Hi there!

Thanks for joining me here today! Isn’t Linda doing a cracking job of those beautiful bows in the Pergamano hours on Hochanda today?! There are 3 hours of Parchment with Linda: 8am, 12 noon and 3pm. Then she will hand the arty baton to Paul and myself for the Mixed Media ODS of the day. Same company – TOTALLY DIFFERENT STYLES.

If you are into rugby and you hear the words Harlequin Bundle, you’ll immediately think of the legendary London Harlequins in a ruck at Twickers!

But no no no. Not today. Today at 6pm on HOCHANDA, Paul and I are launching a bundle of the arty sort – and what a super duper collection of brand new dies, stamps and stencils this is !! Oh. And we’ve even rustled up a little Word Sticker collection, which I’m pretty chuffed with.

The three dies are the actual One Day Special. They are our first 5”x 5” mixed media dies, and we think they are sooo useful!

I designed the Unravelled Twine to sit inside the Rocky Block. I’ll show you later….

The Stamp & Stencil sets are dynamite too. Available individually.

I think this stamp and stencil set gets first prize for usefulness.

And the sticker booklet. Well, if you like my turn of phrase, you’ll enjoy this little collection. Paul and I have had great fun using these!

We’ve got loads of neat die, stamp, and stencil demos, tricks and techniques lined up for you. Hope you can join us at 6pm on Hochanda.com

I HAVE got a plan!! I really have !!! May looks a bit overwhelming at times, but :

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

14 thoughts on “Harlequin Bundle!

  1. Guess I’ll have to get these then! come on you Quins! Although it is out of season at the mo so come on you Clarity! will have to be the chant. Thanks for sharing much love Jilly xxx

  2. Back into the Groove after cruising with my “so transportable Groovi pack of goodies” around The Baltic💞
    to see, what I thought, were “make your own” 3D glasses. Yes, really! What a Wally am I😂

    Love that the bows have a flowing look, as I have a bow maker that gives a more straight edge look, so well chuffed with the new plates❣️

    Loving the new word stickers from you & Leonie too💞 And everything else I’ve managed to catch up with, obvs🤗

  3. How fabulous Barbara and sometimes I wonder how you keep pace with it all, but as you say teamwork makes the dream work. x

  4. Ooooo, loving these, Barb. First time I’ve got happy/excited about crafty stuff in quite a while. No reflection on you, or Clarity products old and new, no, it’s me, but these today seem to have unlocked somewhere in my head. Can’t wait for your shows, bonus will be if they set me back on the crafty path proper. I think I need Linda’s texture plate too. Safe travels, see you later, love you xxx

  5. Love the Harlequin stamp/stencil set and die.
    Funny story :-
    Wasn’t sure about Linda’s new A4 set although I loved what she was demo-ing, had a bit of a dither, then decided to buy. Knew I had the plate with the babies on but wasn’t sure about the other one. Got called away for a mo and came back to find order completed. OK, thanks hubby. 😋
    Spent some time rearranging the book shelves to accommodate the extra Clarity folders and lo and behold there was the one with the baby plates – all 6 of them. Good I thought, glad I didn’t order them. Then hubby informs me an order had been sent so I went into my account to see which one it was as I had another pending. Shock horror !! He had added one of the baby sets so a return will be in order !!! 👹
    Anyone wan’t a helpful hubby?
    Feet up now to watch Linda’s final show of the day, her demos are so relaxing. Will be calmer after.
    Hugs to all 🍒🍒🍒

  6. Oh my goodness I love the Harlequin bundle very much – another stamp, stencil and die to go onto my wish list! I already spent this months crafty allowance on your July Craft a Long kit with Hochanda and one of Leonie’s new sets at Clarity and one of the Poetry sets – dare not spend any more this month or else hubby will be up in arms lol! Oh well it gives me something to look forward to after my hospital visit! Safe travels lovely lady xx

  7. This set is great but might have to wait what with two unused club envelopes two craftalong kits and the shopping from.my trip to Stamp Magic to use first but it’s on the list

  8. Well i thought I’d have a catch up on Hochanda and have just ordered the lot wow amazing !!!!!! Love love it all so versatile.
    Linda Williams shows were great too learnt a lot today so thank you Linda your a star xxx
    Clarity rocks xxx

  9. Love Linda’s new plates and all your stamps, stencils and dies, Great shows what I have watched so far, some have been recorded. Tried to catch up on the first show of Linda’s as missed the first 15 mins, couldn’t get it on catchup for some reason. Try tomorrow. Boy, oh boy Barb, what are you trying to do to us, still want the last lot of Linda’s plates too. Be bankrupt at this rate. Never mind will get it gradually as I really need it Ha Ha. Looking forward to tomorrow and all your tips.xxx

  10. Hi Barb,
    Linda’s shows were excellent and so like the texture plate. Learnt a lot today too so thanks you Linda. I did like the other plates as well but might have to wait for them. Really loving the new dies which might just fall into my Clarity basket tomorrow when I get a chance to watch the shows. I think I might have to get a little job ( or rob a bank) to keep my crafty obsession going!! I think for a few months you’ll have to concentrate on older Clarity stamps that new to crafting people might not have , then that will give all the rest of us a chance to fill our wallets again!!! There is just so much I’d like to get, but can’t afford at the moment – my list for Leyburn is getting very long!! Good luck for the shows tomorrow. Love and hugs Alison xx

  11. Hello Barb, have not watched the shows yet, but am guessing it was another “blow the doors off” type show? Love the designs of the dies, stamps and stencils. Especially the Harlequin. Mmmm off to catch the recording before work. Take care all. Bx

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