YouTube Tuesday – Make Art Not War!

YouTube Tuesday – Make Art Not War!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Late night prepping for Thursday again!But really excited to show you the new Mixed Media Dies. Having played with them and the new stamps for 2 days, Paul and I both agree that they are really excellent. Very different for us, but so cool to use! I think you will like them too – especially if you’re into your mixed media. These are certainly building that bridge to art again. Anyway, more to be revealed tomorrow….

Here’s a little peak…

Oooh, you’re such a tease Gray!

In the meantime, here’s a little Youtube by yours truly, suggesting that we make art, not war. Enjoy xxx











Great prices on the gear I used in the video too!

For all of our fabulous YouTube Offers in one place, click here.

Gotta go. It’s gone 8pm! If I don’t eat something soon, I’ll go wierd…

Love & Hugs,

Barb xx

10 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – Make Art Not War!

  1. Ooo, love that sneaky peek! Methinks those will be defo be added to my need list, if I ever get round to making it!!! Proper bonus getting another ODS from you this week, I look forward to that.
    What, is it a full moon the night Barb…!!! You know I’m only kidding (I hope!!!)
    Hope you can put your feet up for a bit, and you get to pottery tomorrow.
    Love you xxx

  2. This is going to make interesting watching though I’m not sure it’s for me. Do have other things on my list to buy though.
    Ray got our technology up and running again today when the new part arrived, what a relief, never thought I would miss being “connected” even though I only do e-mails and googling.
    Hope you get a god rest tonight and enjoy your pottery tomorrow.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  3. Oooooo interesting will be watching to see what these are all about. Watched the video earlier and the framed art work is lovely. Good luck with your prep. Xx

  4. Loving the look of these new dies etc for Thursday, my wish list is growing by the day. Watched the You Tube earlier & apart from the word chain have everything needed but could use the word chain alphabet to make the word ART so will add that to the list of things to try.
    Hope you make pottery tomorrow so you get some time to yourself before the 24 hours of ODS.

  5. Velly interesting!! Look forward to the launch.
    I’ve been going through a folder of making cards from 2004/5 that I found hidden away and have been going through to take out any articles I might use. So many of the shops have gone and so many of the stamp companies are no more sadly. BUT I have taken out several articles bu one Barbara Santarelli , using Imagina stamps -many of which I bought at the time, so delighted to see them used again. Clarity has come so far since then 2004 was the 10th anniversary year of , I think, Imagina?

  6. Wow they are different think going to go down well the new dies another busy show. Loved the YouTube make Art not war brilliant decided today would watch it while having breakfast before day took over glad then when to watch some more again. Great remembering video done already in past of to bed night xxx

  7. Super u-tube today, really enjoyed it. You really brought it to life. One I’ll definitely have a go at. Bought those stamps when they first came out and naughty me haven’t used them yet. I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow when you’re at your pottery class, enjoy it

  8. i had a horrible day yesterday, with a dreaded visit to the dentist, so will catch up with the you tube today. Lots to look forward to this week, but as usual, I am out all day Thursday, so will watch Linda in the evening.. hugs. Annette X

  9. Hello Barb, a great video, have bookmarked this one to watch again. And you are a tease looking forward to what is on the show. Hope you ate, we don’t want a weird Barb. Bx

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