Youtube Tuesday and whattalottaPeacock!

Youtube Tuesday and whattalottaPeacock!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Long day at work today, playing catch up after the Bank Holiday weekend! So I won’t keep you long. Just want to throw a light on our Becca’s latest lovely Parchment Youtube before I tuck in for the night. Very entertaining and educational too. Enjoy!


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Ironically, I was looking at these feather designs today, and said to Paul that I really love the stamp version, too. Check these out! So fineline! Lovely designs by Linda Williams.


And the peacock stamp too! let’s not forget them!

The two sets are available separately, but there’s a big £10 savings on the pair!
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Early night tonight. Cream crackered.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

5 thoughts on “Youtube Tuesday and whattalottaPeacock!

  1. I love these stamps & Groovi plates so I will watch this weeks You tube for some hints & tips on how else I can use them. I like the effect on the designer parchment.
    Hope you manage to get to your pottery class tomorrow, we need to know how that handle got on !!

  2. These are so versatile, suitable for all occasions, and absolutely beautiful.
    Sleep well.

    1. PS: where did the sentiment on the parchment sample come from? I can’t find it – maybe I’m not looking hard enough !!!

  3. Was a busy weekend to joe you have a good nights sleep and tomorrow is a bit better for slower pace if ever possible night night sleep well Joy x

  4. Hello Barb, these stamps sets are one of my favourites, love using them. The samples are inspiring too. Off to watch the video, as the sentiment is one that I reach for quite often. Take care all. Bx

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