Gold blend – and I don’t mean coffee!

Gold blend – and I don’t mean coffee!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Just got in from a lovely lunch and afternoon with the family. It was Dad’s birthday, so we went down to Folkestone, to a very nice restaurant called Rocksalt. I highly recommend it. Great view across the harbour, super friendly service, very, very good food. And it was great to see Mum and Dad on good form. They really are doing well! Mum will be at the Open Days in Ditton, selling her Dingle Dangles, as she calls them. She’s been saying for years that each year will probably be her last! And she just keeps on trucking. You keep buying her spectacle chains and necklaces and handbag charms – she keeps making them. Simple.

I had a cool demo prepped yesterday, using one of my favourite gilding flakes blends, but had to leave it out due to time constraints. Hey ho. Good job I photo-stepped it then, innit!

Using the new Funky Foliage stencil:

click here to find
I think the gilding around the edge makes it.

The new gilding flakes from Pentart are very very good quality. Big leaves, proper – like the good old days. I had abandoned selling this product becasue the quality I was finding was tinny. But this gear is great.

Comes in two sets, or can be purchased individually. Now where’s the one I just used? Ah yes, top left. I am chomping through this stuff again. It just works so well with the dies too.

Must go now. Game of Thrones. Yikes. It’s a bit brutal for my taste, but once you get over all the gratuitous throat slitting, the story line is quite good. Truth be told, I spend more time in the hallway with my fingers in my ears singing lalalalala so I can’t hear it! Waste of energy really…

Maybe I’ll just go to bed and listen to a better book. I just finished a super novel called Blackberry & Wild Rose by Sonia Velton, all about the London Weavers in the 1700s; (it’s what I do when I am driving to and from the TV studios and to and from work in the mornings). Perfect distraction and switch off. Now I’m already on the next one. This is about carpenters and other tradesmen in the same era. If I sometimes think being self-employed nowadays is a bit rough, or a trifle stressful – let me reassure you: it beats working for yourself back then hands down! There was so much fiddling and backstabbing going on between the traders! But what am I saying? Has it actually changed that much? Nah. Except they’ve abolished hanging and closed down Newgate prison!

Till tomorrow. Have a good evening xx

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

14 thoughts on “Gold blend – and I don’t mean coffee!

  1. Have a great evening Barbara. My Dad’s birthday was last Thursday. He turned 85. He and Mum are off to visit my brother in Canada soon for a couple of months.

  2. What a beautiful piece of art, Barbara. No-one would think it was so easy to do. It just goes to show what can be done with the right materials. I have finally taken the plunge and started doing mixed media canvases after being inspired by Leoni. I’m having so much fun I think I may run out of wall space to hang them. I have just bought some of Leoni’s Clarity stencills and can’t wait to play with them.xx

  3. Happy birthday to your day from us glad he had a lovely day and meal do love family time . Enjoy your book and evening you and Dave game of thrones we haven’t watched but does look very messy not sure but very popular may have a look one day we have worked through a few box set over last couple years may be in winter when cold and don’t go out much night night xxx

  4. Haven’t used my gilding flakes for a while, must dig them out. Hints today that princes and princesses are in the offing, look forward to them. Josie’s work is stunning and hope to see more of it soon.
    Glad you had a relaxing day with the family.
    Night, night.

  5. Love using gilding flakes so will have to get a pot of your new stock. The demo you did by brushing the glue onto a background looked good too, distressed in an arty way. Glad you had a good day with your Mum and Dad, memories to cherish. XX

  6. Happy Birthday to your Dad ! I think there’s been another birthday today too ! Your project makes me want to try that, I have plenty of stencils and as the gilding flakes fell off my shelf today when I was using the Good Luck stencil for a card for grandson who’s about to start exams, perhaps it was a sign ! I will download that book it sounds a good one – thanks for the recommendation. Not into GoT at all but just watched the whole first series of Fleabag today and now about to start the 2nd ! X

  7. All good wishes to your Dad on his birthday and glad you had a great meal by the harbour. We will be in Folkestone later in the week as we are going through the tunnel to visit Belgium and the Netherlands, somewhere I have never been before, so maybe we will try your restaurant for a meal. I love the look of the gorgeous gilding flakes and the finished canvas is stunning Barbara. x

  8. Hi Barbara
    Great step by step, as usual. Definitely an easy one to have a go at.
    Hope your dad had a great day. Happy Birthday xxxxx
    Loved your shows yesterday, and the Groovi avows yesterday and today too.
    Take care
    Love & hugs

  9. Hi Barb, love your stepped creation, gilding flakes are super to work with and really give you an opulent and rich looking result. Hope your Dad had a great birthday. Take care all. Bx

  10. I have these funky stamps already but the dies are definitely on my wishlist, fab inspiration as always.

    Thank you x

    ps. Happy Belated Birthday wishes to your Dear Dad x

  11. Now that is really lovely. I love the look of gilding flakes but just need to get over how messy I find it to work with them! Maybe I need a big tub to work in?

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