Potty Tea-pottery.

Potty Tea-pottery.

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. And thanks all you Goovi parchers, for tuning in to watch lovely Linda and invest in her fab new plates on HOCHANDA today – we do love a sell out!

Me? I spent the entire day holed up in my little artroom getting ready for the upcoming 2-4pm TV show on Sunday. Nearly ready. One more session tomorrow and I’ll be all set. Sometimes I wonder whether I shouldn’t delegate all this prep to others, and focus on the business of the business. I actually do with big Groovi parchment shows; there’s no way my neck could hack it, and I just haven’t got enough time. So Karen Jackson helps me on those occasions, and that is indeed a blessing.

But as for the rest. Well let me paint the picture. I spent the whole day alone today. No music, no noise (except the resident blackbird outside the window). And I have been at it for nigh on 12 hours now. Can’t give it up though! This down time, this art time, is when I get my head straight! This is when I actually step away from the money side of art, the pressure of being both designer and manufacturer. We are growing steadily, building the team, expanding the business, and there are a lot of very competent people at Clarity now, who are picking up complex jobs and projects, and running with them. They don’t need me in the building as much as perhaps they did a while ago, so I can withdraw and regroup in my head.

I have to do that, you see. I have to step away from the action, and do my own prep. It’s give me so much more control over the TV show on Sunday too! So I chose to keep my feet on the ground, and reaffirm that I AM a crafter, and I AM an artist, regardless of the rapidly expanding business. This is where I have my best ideas, when there’s no head traffic.

Anyway, I even went to pottery yesterday afternoon. I LOVE it. I really, really do. Want to see how my teapot is coming along? It was so funny yesterday. I had made the basic shape the week before…

Teapot with 3 lids….

And yesterday it was time to add the spout and handle. Who knew that pottery was so smutty?!

Teacher: “You have to decided how long you want it.”

Barbie (raised eyebrow): “Want what?”

Teacher: “The spout, of course! Do you want a long thin one or a short fat one?”

Barbie: “Well, I just want one which doesn’t dribble really…”

And so on and on and on…

Attaching the spout was about as phallic as it gets, really. Look!

And when it came to the handle, I nearly lost it! If you’ve ever pulled a clay handle, you will understand.

I stuck it on too soon. Should have dried it so it got harder before attaching it…

So I had to build a little prop, a little teapot scaffold..

And then I worked on that handle, stroking it and smoothing it painstakingly – until, my little teapot was ready to go in the kiln for its first firing.

Now I have to wait until next week, to see whether the handle and the spout stayed on !!!

It’s a wonderful pastime. Exciting, stimulating and challenging. Not to mention FUN.

Until tomorrow,

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

18 thoughts on “Potty Tea-pottery.

  1. Another sell out, Linda explains things so well and this is what attracts more people to the craft. Grooving certainly revived parching aided by the lovely samples from your design team.
    Glad you are starting to delegate as you have very good staff and no need to micromanage. Your talent as a designer, artist and crafter are the foundation on which the business stands.
    The teapot is looking good, can’t wait to see the finished article !!!
    Just finished working on two of Tina’s new plates. My hat off to Jim – he must have had a job’n’a’half getting all those tiny dots so well spaced. My dodgy eyes struggled a bit but perseverance won in the end and I now have two super samples.
    Look after that neck. Have a good evening.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  2. Found your account of the pottery teapot so funny. Glad you have found something to lose yourself in.

  3. Good evening Barbara! I’m looking forward to seeing your shows although it will have to be on rewind as I’m off to get inky at Maria’s workshop in Preston.
    Loving the look of the teapot. I hope it survives the kiln.
    Have a good day tomorrow.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  4. Hi Barbara & Everyone,
    Well the weather was a bit mixed
    today, at one point it was hammering it down and the next lovely sunshine.
    You do work so hard and your business is growing at such a pace which is brilliant.
    Just shows what fabulous products you keep coming out with , i for one just love so much but have to decide what is important to me , i do have my parchment and also my Fresh cut dies which i get so much out of them trying different designs i can do and decide which card to send to friends each time.
    Looking forward to your shows on Sunday , keep up the good work even if you do have to step back and let others help.
    Long may your business progress as i am sure all your followers will wish your new projects a success ,which there will be no doubt they will.
    Off to catch up with Linda show today.
    Safe journey for Sunday , another sell out how long!!!!!
    Lynn xx

  5. Oh dear not sure I shall look at a teapot in the same way again. I do hope it withstands the firing. I only saw two of the shows, I need to catch up on one. They were great and Linda does a wonderful job on TV. xx

  6. I found myself singing ‘I’m a little teapot, short and stout’, which I used to teach phonics and is embedded in my brain! I bet it will be fabulous when fired and finished and you will be so proud of it.
    As anticipated, I really enjoyed watching Linda’s shows. She is a wonderful teacher and so calming to watch. Her plates are gorgeous and I am not surprised they sold out.
    Try to rest your neck and don’t overdo it before the busy weekend ahead. Hugs. Annette X

  7. Your tale of the handle brought back memories of my pottery night classes in the 70’s😂
    Glad you feel able now to let the team do what needs to be done at Clarity Towers whilst you can do what you do best – the arty crafty stuff.
    Looking forward to the shows on Sunday

  8. I’ve only watched a good half of the first show – just got to the coloring of the bird bit, will finish later in bed and then catch the other ones tomorrow. They look great plates and are on my list. The pottery has had me laughing, but your tea pot is looking good and I do hope it doesn’t have a dribble or the spout drops off ! I’m glad you get ‘relief’ from you crafting though. X

  9. Hi Barb,
    Just finished watching the first of Linda’s shows which I really enjoyed. Those little birds are so cute. Will hopefully watch the others tomorrow. Not surprised there was another sellout! Pleased to hear that you are now delegating more and feel confident about doing it. You have a fabulous team working for you. You do need to be able to step away now and then to gather your thoughts and recharge the batteries. The teapot is coming along nicely and let’s hope there’s no little accidents in the kiln and of course no dribbling spout! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  10. Not yet watched Linda’s shows, but happy to hear of another sell out. Got so much going on in my headspace at the mo, my crafting is non-existent! Things will be a bit crazy for me in the couple of months ahead and then hopefully all will once again settle into place. Keeping fingers crossed! xx

  11. What a hoot! Your pottery classes sound like they should have a warning attached. “What’s said in the room stays in the room” 🤣😂😜
    Looking good though. 👍
    Any more thoughts about a Linda Williams Boxed Set from Hochanda, like the BBC do for Vera & The Blue Planet etc? She is so worth it. I’m mesmorised watching her & her awesome talent. I was dodging the thunderstorm on the bowls green today so will catch up with her tomoz. We won BTW🎉🤸⛹️🎉

  12. I haven’t watched the shows properly yet as was preparing for Katie birthday cake for her to take to day centre tomorrow then one for evening when her sisters come around and then one for Saturday on lots preparation for that ery busy day so will sit relax and watch the shows probably next week when all done but then it cause Rebecca will be 40 on Thursday how did my first born become “40” remember it well as only yesterday this beautiful little baby. And how did katie become “30” time goes fare to quickly but proud mum of my girls and son for in laws night may be early start with on “30” year old Katie in morning. Tea pot looks great x

  13. Hi Barbara,
    Well that is a fine looking teapot!! With a curvy handle and a protruding spout!! Wonderful xxxxx
    Linda’s shows were brilliant again. Love the new plates, the little mouse is soooooo cute.
    You are such a busy lady, it must be nice to get a day of peace and quiet and be able to devote yourself to the artist inside you. It’s must be nice to bring her out to play sometimes, and all of us really appreciate it when you do as your results are always amazing.
    Thank YOU
    Love & Hugs

  14. Glad you had fun with the pottery and if you can make a dribble less tea pot that’s brilliant.
    Linda is brilliant too i find her voice so calming and she explains everything so well.
    Looking forward to the shows in Sunday mixed with a bit of cricket and the Tour de Yorkshire

  15. hello to you all, please say thankyou to linda for me what a lovely 3 hrs, I ordered the bird and mouse plates as soon as the program started I just new they would sell out well done to all who got them. I learnt a bit more yesterday. I am looking at the plates as learning bit to try the different thing before going bigger, if it goses wrong its not hard to go in the bin happy crafting moira.

  16. The plates were amazing no wonder they sold out. Love your teapot story made.me chuckle xxx
    Looking forward to the show on Sunday x
    Take care all xxx

  17. Oooh eeerrr! Missus! Hahaha. Hope it turns out to be a good pourer for you xx Watched the shows last night – recorded them all. I now have students hankering after classes incorporating the techniques lol xx

  18. What a fantastic job you have made of your teapot, so clever. The Groovi stuff is marvellous, I can’t get over how much choice we have for making the beautiful designs.

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