Early Bird Treats with Linda

Early Bird Treats with Linda

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in! Lovely Linda Williams is getting all set to entertain you tomorrow on HOCHANDA at 8am 12 noon and 3pm. And what superb Groovi Designs she has for you!! Oh boy! Of course, it’s more of a Pergamano Masterclass, isn’t it? And tomorrow, Linda is going to teach us how to fluffy colour those two little baby birds top centre of the first plate. I can’t wait!

She illustrated and designed these plates for our Annual Parchment retreat, which was held at the start of the month. She even designed a little lacy frame to fit all the tiles. How cool is that?! And if what we did at the Annual Parchment retreat earlier in the month is anything to go by, we are in for a rare treat!

Here is a selection of beautiful art samples from the clever Clarity team, for you to enjoy too…

Louise Goldin
Glynis Whitehead
Louise Goldin
Sheila Bradley
Carys James-Richards
Carole Panksztelo

Since January, we parchers have been getting together once a month on Hochanda, and working our way through Pergamano tools and traditional parchment skills. It occurred to me that there are a lottalotta Pergamano tools, and it becomes quite a challenge knowing whether you have got or not got this multi-needle tool or that embossing too. So what follows is a comprehensive list of ALL the current Pergamano tools, for you to download and use as a ticklist.

I’ve added the link to the banner below so you can download the comprehensive list. Also, the link itself is: https://drive.google.com/open?id=17e3B8HDbXg9shCnrRna-D20qIlevAHmv

We want to fill our Pink Pergamano Bag with the tools of the trade, AND we’d like to know how to use them all! Linda is taking us through all the tools, one at a time, which is superb. She has already written one fabulous book, VOLUME 1:

click here to investigate…

… and Volume 2 is well underway…round the corner…imminent…

So we are filling our pink bags – that’s the object of the exercise. How’s YOUR bag coming on?

Mine’s chock full! I’m considering getting a second one. One for all the tools and one for all the colouring pencils and pens! I use my Perga Liners and pens all the time, but I don’t need all the needle tools when I’m doing stamping. So two makes sense. Anyway. Let’s not be greedy!

I hope you can tune in at 8am tomorrow on HOCHANDA, and watch the master at work. I always learn so much from Linda! And Tina actually!

25 thoughts on “Early Bird Treats with Linda

  1. I gave up trying to get everything into one bag before the retreat, and all tools are in one bag, with the small grids, and perforating mat, while everything to do with colour, pens and pencils, dorso oil and blender nibs etc are in the second bag. I absolutely loved every second of the retreat and have been playing with the plates and techniques ever since. I will be there, right in front of the TV tomorrow, with the DVD set to record to see what Linda has to show us. The design team samples are stunning. The best design team in the business. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  2. Hi there, Love the plates and the cards by the design team and really looking forward to tomorrow’s shows. However, I can’t open the PDF. It says I need your permission!!!!! I hate technology sometimes! I was able to open Tina’s doodles so not sure why this is different. Can you help, please, Barbara? Thank you. Hx

  3. Wow these samples look fantastic. Looking forward to Linda’s shows tomorrow. Have them on to record so I can catch up with them later.

  4. Wow these are amazing pieces. As usual the Groovi team come up trumps. The birds almost fly off the parchment. Look forward to watching on the laptop while crafting in the shed tomorrow.

  5. These plates will be very popular, loved using them so much at the retreat. My bag is bulging , so useful. The shows will be great as Linda is amazing.

  6. Wow, I can’t wait to see the shows tomorrow . Will defo be ordering the plates, the recorder is set and my notebook ready to take notes as I watch the show.
    Great plates as always. X

  7. Can we have Linda Williams’ Thursday Hochanda sessions on a DVD please? I can’t get enough of her & have no recording facility, sadly.
    I’m off on a cruise soon so wondering what plates anyone would suggest to take with me? (Groovi plates obvs, the ship provide plates!!) There’s no baggage allowance, so I’m thinking of taking Linda’s reference books & having a play.😉 Last time I wowed the wine waiters with my Groovi Christmas cards but not sure I’ll be in a Christmas mood in May. P’raps the fab Floral Alphabet this year & decorate with the perforating tools. I’ve answered my own question, so now do I delete my ramblings or leave them for you guys to ignore.
    Ok, OK…..think how I feel. I have to live with myself 24/7😝🙈

    1. Hi Sue, just take what you fancy at the time.
      Have a fab cruise, I just love it different place each day .
      and to be looked after so well.
      Have a fab time.
      Lynn xx

      1. Thanks Lynn. In the past there has been a crafty table. Wouldn’t it be smashing to have a Groovi Retreat with “our Linda” on board the Aurora

  8. Hi Barbara
    What lovely plates, the birds are so sweet and the colours are amazing. The design team samples are beautiful aren’t they. Looking forward to Linda’s shows tomorrow, I will have to record them as work is going to get in the way. I haven’t got a pink bag yet, I’ve only got a few tools but it’s something to aspire to.
    Love Diane xxx

  9. What beautiful plates designed by Linda and lots of fabulous samples to show them off Barbara and those little birds are so sweet. x

  10. Hi, like Hilda Smith I also can’t get into the tools link as it is asking for permission from you. I hope this can be sorted.

  11. Ohh what beautiful samples. I am in aww of their talents
    I will be glued to all the shows given the chance
    And I will be recording them too .
    I won’t be ordering as I have them. Lol. I predict a sell out. In 23 minutes. Lol 😆

  12. Hi Barbara and everyone, what a great day in store we all will have.
    These plates are brillant, Linda is amazing and so talented.
    Will have to watch on catch up as have appointments tomorrow , but looking forward to that later.
    The design team are amazing as always.
    Have a good one.
    Lynn xxx

  13. Recorder set ready for tomorrow’s shows…just need to try to sit on my hands so I can’t order lol! Looking forward to Vol 2 as have steadily worked my way thro Vol 1 and (re) learnt along the way. Xx

  14. Those little birds are just so cute! I am dying to see Linda demonstrate them tomorrow, as I love watching her and listening to that wonderful voice. My line dancing has been cancelled, due to the local elections, so I can watch all her shows live.
    It is our 48th wedding anniversary today, so as a reward I am treating myself to something Clarity this weekend! Call it a long service medal. 😂 Hugs. Annette x

  15. I adore these plates which I bought at the retreat. Linda’s tuition is second to none and we both look forward to the shows tomorrow (Ray is into colouring in a big way ) and have them all on record. The design team samples are lovely.
    I already have 3 tool bags, one for Pergamano tools old and new, one for colouring, and one for PCA tools which are a legacy from my workshop days. I can’t justify getting any more.
    This evening we went to see the Pantaloons in a play of the Odyssey, it was hilarious with just 4 actors taking the main part and including the audience in the scenes. It was every bit as good as the Christmas Carol they did in December. If this troupe gets down your way they are well worth a view.
    Hope you enjoyed your evening in Rye.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  16. Hi Barb,
    So looking forward to the Pergamano shows tomorrow although I’ll have to watch them later as I’ll be at the pool for the 8am show and then out with friends for the other two. It probably means that I’ll miss Linda’s plates as they’ll be sold out before I can get them!!! The birds are so cute and the colouring superb. The DT have done an excellent job as always. My pink bag is full to bursting point! I’m another one who needs permission to open the link! What is that all about? Love and hugs Alison xxx

  17. I’m working on my bag, but since i’m new to pergamano, it will take a while. The link for the tools I cannot access.

  18. Gorgeous plates and samples, all set to record as I have my 3 year old grandson all day tomorrow. If it is as nice as it was today I think we might take a picnic to the park. Playing on the swings etc will use up some of that energy!

  19. Wow cannot wait to watch learning so much from watching Linda so record set so can keep to rewatch again later love those plates and the fluffy birds amazing xxx

  20. Oh wow! These plates look absolutely adorable!
    Do you think you’ll be bringing them out as stamps?
    Do dabble with Groovi, but love stamping!

  21. Just watching the 12 noon show. All I can say is WOW! I was enthralled with the 8 am show and Linda’s wonderful tutorial on tracing and colouring the blue tit. I can’t wIt to give it a try. Needless to say, I have ordered the 123 plates. Waiting in anticipation of volume two of Linda’s book on using the tools. Thank you for sorting the link to the tool list. I have it printed out now.

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