Enjoy yourself!

Enjoy yourself!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Just about ready to dash out the door to New York. Gracie reckons it will be very hot, so it’s out with the legs!

Dave and I had a smashing evening last night with Jools Holland and his band. It was such a brilliant gig! And well, when the Selecter came on, I was transported right back to university and northern reggae – bloody brilliant.

Check this out from the 80’s. What was interesting yesterday evening was that the audience was primarily older. 60, 70 and even 80 year olds. But I tell you, when the Selecter starting singing Too Much Pressure, the place erupted. There we were, all us old codgers, jumping around yelling Too Much Pressure at the top of our lungs! It was magic.

There was a very elderly lady in the row in front of us, and I watched in awe as she clapped and whooped. She was so excited to be there. You could feel her energy. She was also one of the first to leap to her feet and dance. She – and the rest of us – were so enraptured by the boogie and the Jools Holland vibe – it was electric.

And at the end, when they all sang that legendary tribute song, Enjoy Yourself, by Doris Day and for Doris Day, well what can I say? I was pogoing – and so were loads of us!

So. On that amazing and happy note, I shall love you and leave you for a few days. Paul will kindly carry the blog for me until we get back. Then I’m sure I shall have loads to tell you!! Thanks Paul!! Thanks for the gift of a great night out, thanks for having my back while weβ€˜re away. Just THANKS x

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

20 thoughts on “Enjoy yourself!

  1. Aww, sounds a brilliant night for you, I can feel your emotions from your words.
    What a kind, thoughtful gift from Paul.
    Hope you have extra special time with Grace over the next few days.
    Safe travels
    Love you xxx
    P.s. bring a wee bit of that warm weather back with you and send it up this way please, just a we bit mind, no wanting another heatwave…!!!

    1. Ha, ha, just listened to your Doris Day song, written for me, then!!! Pity she didn’t also give the elusive how to instructions eh…

  2. Safe journey Barb and Dave.
    I just listened to Doris Day. What a lady she was!!! And how poignant is that song when you actually listen to the words. And follows on from your blog the other day about how time moves on and how it’s important to make memories while you can.
    Enjoy your time away and I wonder how much mischief Paul can get up to while you’re away?
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  3. Have a safe trip and enjoy America.
    I am reaching the big 70 this year, get some strange looks when I say I love a bit of Blue Beat and Ska, and a bit of Madness.😎

  4. Hi Barb
    Have a safe trip
    Say hello to Grace for me
    Hope everything goes swimmingly
    Glad you enjoyed Selector
    I used to work with one of the members of the band before they hit the good times
    Used to go and watch them rehearse in a locals garage
    Phew I’m old too!
    Too much pressure!!!!

  5. Sounds like a great night. Makes me smile sometimes when we are out and I look around at the audience. All the same age group. Safe and wonderful trip to New York. X

  6. Jools Holland one of my favourite evenings out. Hope you have a fantastic time with Grace. Save journeys. Xxxx

  7. I am just about to go out for my regular Thursday afternoon in the pub with a bunch of friends, who are all 70ish, but only chronologically. We are all still 30 in our heads! I am definitely playing Doris Day for them, as it is just so true. Thanks for reminding me.
    It was lovely of Paul to give you and Dave such a thoughtful gift and what a start to your upcoming days of adventure.
    Have a great time in NYC. Hugs Annette X

  8. What a great way to unwind before your travels. Most of us “past middle age” still feel like youngsters from time to time and why should we not enjoy what we can while we can. Paul obviously knows you well to give such a gift.
    Looking forward to seeing what mischief Paul will get up to in the next few days.
    Safe travels, πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

  9. Have a brilliant time. Love Jools Holland. Loved Squeeze too all those years ago. Am more of a rocker than a Ska/reggae fan but can get up to most live music it’s the best!

  10. Jools Holland. We danced in the aisles and boxes at the Royal Albert Hall. Brilliant band – and guests. And I hadn’t wanted to go!!

  11. Have a great trip and enjoy your time with Grace. Lots of tales when you get back I’m sure. XX

  12. Well done Paul for giving Barbara and Dave a great night out. Safe travels Barbara and Dave. I hope you find Grace well. I am sure she will do you proud Barbara. Great adventures in store for you all. xx

  13. Sounds a lot very night out before you jet of to Grace and your new adventures together hope your journey was good. We had a great day at hochanda towers Another great day out for Katie she was buzzing so excited and crafting with are level Leonie we did see Maria quickly while on tour of studio so need to match up with her shows beautiful samples out on display was a great day all around xxx

  14. Hi Barb, sounds like you and Dave had the perfect evening. Glad you got to let your hair down before taking off into Corporate/Business mode. Hope it all goes well. Paul and the team will no doubt do an outstanding job as always. Take care all. Bx

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