Bank Holiday Bonanza!

Bank Holiday Bonanza!

Hi everyone! Paul here, I hope you are all well!

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, here’s a little treat, from us to you!
and since Barbara and Dave are out of the country, it is time for me to be naughty!

I thought that I would take this opportunity to highlight some of the extra special offers we currently have on the website. They have been created to work alongside the launch of our One Day Specials on Hochanda.

The first offer was created to work in conjunction with the Dee Fitzsimmons One Day Special. The Perga Colours are great for colouring in the designs direct, or if you scribble them out on the Mix-Mat and use a Pergamano Blending Pen, you will get a softer tone of the colour

Perga Colours and Pergamano Mix Mats

The lovely Dee Paramour Designer Paper Pad collection worked together with the Lou Withers Mixed Media Canvas Board and A5 Geo Stencil Collection. Dee is a fantastic artist and these pads offer you the mixed media style, without all the mess!

Set of 3 8″ x 8″ Designer Paper Pads

Next up is the beautiful European Parchment Collections which I launched to tie in with the Palace Lace Corner Duet Grids from Josie Davidson. These collections of parchment and Josie’s grids are a match made in heaven.

These are not just for parchment craft, they are great for matting and layering on your everyday crafting projects

Groovi Parchment European Bundles

Finally, the universal Designer Petite Card Toppers which Maria was using on the Fresh Cuts Birthday One Day Special on Wednesday and Thursday. Great to use with the dies, for stamping on, matting and layering – perfick!

Clarity Designer Petite Card Toppers

 Well, if you are coming to join me on the naughty step, don’t forget to bring some chocolate, cakes and ice cream!!!

Enjoy the rest of the day whatever you are doing.

Happy crafting!


13 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Bonanza!

  1. Hi Paul,
    If we lived closer we’d definitely bring you some cake etc. As I will be joining you on the naughty step this week I’m going to make the most of it as I have quite a wish list.
    Our post lady always greets me with a big grin when yet another Clarity order arrives – she now knows where to leave things if we are out !!!
    Been on a Groovi marathon this week so it’s stamping and colouring this weekend, housework can go hang.
    Was intrigued to see Maria’s storage solution for her dies, makes a lot of sense and takes up less space than lots of smaller folders. Loved her take on the ODS and have the shows recorded. Such a lot of samples from just 4 die crafters. Clarity really has a very talented crew.
    Thanks for keeping the blog going in Barb’s absence.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  2. Oooo…you are naughty – but I like it. I was hoping there might be some sort of offers whilst you are doing the blog – ‘cos you are really good at that! Hope you are well.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite) – Bendy is our ‘new’ rescue cat.

  3. Hi Paul would love to come play on naughty step with you eating lovely goodies if only I was closer what mischief we could get up to. Hope you can get out enjoy the sunshine Joy x

  4. Paul, do you even wait for Barbara to get on the plane before seeing just how naughty you can be? You do seem to have fun. Now what flavour cake do you want or would it be a large iced bun, I wonder? xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  5. Hi Paul
    Oh I do like it when you are naughty, wish I could join you in the cake and ice cream but haven’t had any since January as I’ve had to be very good. It’s paying off though so worth the sacrifice. I’ve got a voucher from my birthday waiting to be spent so I might see how naughty I can be. It’s been a bit of a week so just playing catch up. Love the teapot Barbara, how amazing is that. Have a safe trip to New York and have a wonderful time with Grace. Enjoy your weekend Paul.
    Love Diane x

  6. Paul, you’re at it again being naughty. Spent rather a lot over the last few weeks so wont be joining in this time. Have a great Bank Holiday

  7. Hi Paul, I bet you just wait for Barb and Dave to get on the plane to think what you can get up to and be naughty. Great offers. Bx

  8. Roz Mclellan makes the BEST ice cream and I can vouch for her ginger and lime. It goes very well with Jean Page Burt’s Jamaican ginger cake, as those of us in the ENGG have sampled. Lucky you if they make it on June 8th!
    Thanks for taking over the blog for Barbara, as I would miss my daily fix if you didn’t do it and it is always nice to hear from you.
    Have a good long weekend and enjoy some relaxation. Annette X

  9. Hi Paul
    Well my set of 3 papers arrived and are gorgeous
    Can’t wait for my Dee stamps to arrive ( Amazon has delivered my enormous box of Polychrome pencils and I need to play )
    Hope you get a chance to get some BH downtime as well

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