YouTube Tuesday – and we’re off to Rye!

YouTube Tuesday – and we’re off to Rye!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. The sun is shining, it’s light longer nowadays, and I think, having just watched the youtube posted below, I’ll ask Dave if he fancies a run down to Rye for a walk and some fish n chips. It’s not far at all.

There’s a wonderful bird sanctuary down there too. All in all, a great little town.


Hope you enjoyed that. There are great offers on all the products I used below, so do head on over to the website if you fancy treating yourself and having a go with stencils, texture paste and laminating!

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Must dash if we want to run down to Rye. Now by run, I don’t mean run run, you understand. I haven’t got the energy to run a bath, let alone run to Rye!!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

12 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – and we’re off to Rye!

  1. Enjoy your fish and chips it’s a lovely evening xxx
    Video to watch tomorrow that’s the u tube Tuesday’s thank you

  2. I am shattered after looking after Taylor all day. He has been golden but babies need lots of energy. I could not run anywhere. Will watch the you tube in a while when tea all finished. Enjoy those fish and chips. x

  3. Hi Barbara,
    Have a great evening in Rye, enjoy the fish & chips.
    Looking forward to the shows on Sunday, new fresh cut dies brilliant , really enjoying this die cut club learning all the time .
    needed a little gift card for my friends birthday so made a small card with the no 2 club die came out brilliant so lots of things going round in my head now !!!!! don’t say a word !!
    thanks again for a brilliant club.
    Lynn xx

  4. A run down to Rye for fish & chips sounds just the ticket to finish off the day. Mmmmmm I can smell them both !!!!

  5. Fish ‘n’ chips – mmm – I’d love some but not allowed, sadly still trying to lose weight. Enjoy yours. Will watch utube tomorrow.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  6. Loved the video Barbara and the fact that it was a little disorganised at times add to the pleasure.
    I hope you made it to Rye and both enjoyed the fish n chips. xx

  7. Hi Barbara
    I hopeyou and Dave enjoyed your trip out, the walk and of course the fish and chips. Great video today, it’s a lovely stencil.
    Love Diane xxx

  8. Hope you enjoyed you fish and chips in rye and they were as wonderful as the ones we had in Cleethorpes last Tuesday in won of the largest fish chip shops in world it was beautiful building had a whole peir to its self and cannot remember last time I had such beautiful cod it was so white and yummy need to catch up on YouTube Tuesday tomorrow night x

  9. Not sure what was going on yesterday but my comment would not post! Never mind, seems to be working today. Really like the look of the paste through the stencil on craft card. Hope you had fun and a tasty fish and chip treat. XX

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