New York

New York

Hi there,

Thanks for dropping in. Up early with the jetlag jitters, and already the city is buzzing below. So while Dave goes out in search of coffee with an extra shot, I thought I’d write to my buddies back home, and share a few snapshots of yesterday with you….

We decided to go exploring….
This was Times Square at 8 am.

Walked miles down to the start of the High Line. It is is an elevated walkway, which has transformed a disused railway line into a beautiful art walk. We walked the entire length, listened to the classical musical wafting out from the loud speakers, chatted to fellow English folk along the way, who were also out, enjoying the sunshine – it was delightful.

Artefacts all along the route. So much to see, and so much to contemplate.

And then it was time to hook up with Grace and her Mark after work.

Dream team xxx

And we hit the town all over again. 23,000 steps later, we went on a river cruise…

Never gets boring. Every time I see this lady, I feel a thrill.
What a city.

Then we went to Ground Zero, to pay our respects. And no matter how many years pass, the sadness, shock and grief never lessens. The overwhelming sense of terror, bewilderment and devastation grips you as soon as you touch the names wrapped around the waterfalls. Bloody terrible.

It’s an amazing city, it really is. Grace put it well. She said it is such a melting pot of ethnicities, that everybody belongs. There is not that feeling of being different or an outsider, because anything goes.

Grace has grown into a formidable young woman, I must say. She smiles and chats to everybody, whether it be the girl behind the counter in the coffee shop or the homeless guy asking for change. And people always laugh with her and chatter back. Perhaps we should take a leaf out of her book, because it seems to me that the wonderful energy she puts out there comes back to her in spadefuls.

Time to go meet them now. Today’s the day we sort out Clarity Headquarters New York! Gracie said she thinks a filing cabinet would be handy. One?

Love and hugs,

Barb xx

28 thoughts on “New York

  1. Enjoy your day setting up Clarity Towers US style, look forward to seeing the end result. Wonder how many filing cabinets there will be ? Love the pictures of New York, somewhere I haven’t been to but remember so well the day we heard about the Towers being hit. My friends cousin was 1 of the firefighters who lost his life.

  2. Wow Ne York looks like a bustling city, lots of things to see and do. Glad your journey was safe. Have fun with Grace making plans. XX

  3. Afternoon bloggy firends, planning on getting crafty this afternoon after some sorting out. Have fun with whatever you have planned. XX

  4. Have a great day, we are planning to revisit New York we loved it but so long ago.lots of things to explore afresh. Mark has great taste with his England Rugby top!

  5. Hi Barb, thanks for popping in and sharing. No way could I handle New York, it looks to be an autistic person’s worst nightmare!!!

    Aye, if only the human race was like Grace, what a wonderful world it would be. And all of us with disabilities, hidden as well as obvious, and those who are ‘different’ would finally feel we belong, and outside our front doors is safe to venture out to…

    Thank you Grace for doing your best to give time to all these people you meet in your life. I know how much that will mean to the homeless person, the person who is deemed by society as not ‘normal’, the person having a bad day. Amazing, all these random acts of kindness you do every day. You probably don’t even realise what it can mean to the recipients.

    Hope you have a good day making special memories, and sorting out Grace’s empire.

    Love you xxx

  6. Glad all is well in the Big Apple Barbara and wonderful photos of what you have done so far, your energy knows no bounds, and Grace and Mark look great and lots to talk about and sort out re. setting up Clarity Towers New York. x

  7. What a fabulous time you look to be having. I cannot imagine the vastness of it all and don’t think I will ever be lucky enough to go. Shame but never mind. Grace is gorgeous and I can see so much of you in her. American office will be in good hands. xx

  8. Thank you for sharing all this with us, it looks fantastic.
    Grace looks such a happy soul and I’m sure her lovely smile lights up the day for many others. With her energy (inherited from her mum?) she will be great running Clarity NY.
    Enjoy the rest of your stay and don’t work too hard, let the youngsters do the lifting and shifting.
    Love and hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  9. Hi barb my granddaughters is also in New York as well.She went to ground Zero and said it was very emotional,glad to pay her respects to the fallen.Glad you have met up with team Grace Best wishes in your new venture.regards from Lilian xx

  10. Hi Barb and dave my granddaughter is also in New York.They went to ground Zero and paid thier respects to the fallen. Very emontial visit.Best wishes in your New Venture.Lilian Lomax

  11. Thank you for showing us the pictures of the High Line, that’s on my list to see next time we go to New York. I saw something about it on a documentary about the city.
    The first time we went to New York was a year after 9/11 and it gave me a really eerie feeling, all the notes about missing people were still on the church railings. Very poignant. The last time we went we found the name of a Cornishman who was a security guard who lost his life saving many people. We also went up the Freedom Tower, amazing views, and visited the museum.
    When we went to Ellis Island the first time they had an exhibition of photos taken from there on that dreadful day. Apparently it was an evacuation point and it made me realise the people there watched everything unfolding across the water. Unbearably sad.
    However on a lighter note, have a great time setting up your NY branch xx

  12. It looks amazing and the weather seems perfect. I too was in NYC the year after 9/11, which was very emotional. I would love to go back, as there is just so much to see and the High Line looks fantastic.
    You must be so proud of Grace, who has the perfect name and she will be a great asset to Clarity. Good luck with all the setting up and enjoy the time you spend together. Hugs. Annette X

  13. Dear Barbara. Looks and sounds exciting, Grace is like you, so friendly and caring. Hope all goes well with your new venture in N Y. I went a couple of times when my daughter was living in Connecticut in early 90 s Had a wonderful day in the city with my grandson, who was about 10. Wonderful memory. Went again not long after 9/11. Horrible. Not a nice memory. Enjoy you stay xxxxxxx

  14. Hi Barb,
    NY looks fantastic, especially the High Line. Grace and a Mark look so happy together and I’m sure she will do a great job for a Team Clarity out there. I remember watching the horrors of 9/11 unfolding on the tv and can’t imagine what it must have been like living through it. Ground Zero would be on my must list if I went to NY, but as I am terrified of flying, I don’t think that will happen. Have fun setting up with a Grace and enjoy your stay in the Big Apple. Love and hugs, Alison xxx
    Sorry haven’t been around lately, went to Norfolk and decided to have a technology free week. Xx

  15. My friend and I were in NY two weeks after9/11. Our holiday was transferred by two weeks we should have originally been in the Marriott Hotel in the Twin Towers arriving 9/11! The city was still in shock. I’ll never forget how lucky we were and the joy of meeting the wonderful people of New York at such a sad time.

  16. Welcome to New York! It is an amazing place, like no other. A Clarity headquarters in New York…how exciting. If you ever get a chance, Long Island is a beautiful place to visit, as is upstate. Three completely different experiences, all in one state. Enjoy ❤

  17. Hi Barbara
    Looks amazing out there.
    My daughter is flying out there next week and she is so excited. She is coming here for dinner on Monday, so I will show her your photos.
    Have you been to the new museum at the base of the Statue of Liberty? I saw a program on it the other day and it looks fascinating.
    Enjoy your time with Grace

  18. Hi Barbara,
    Enjoy your time in New York!
    I walk the Highline often…love it!

    This New Yorker is thrilled to know that Clarity will have a presence in NYC!!
    Have Fun!

  19. Hi Barbara. Glad you are having a great time. Reading your blog late as I’ve had a very exciting and emotional day… We went to pick The Dress up!!! It’s just perfect!
    And so the countdown says we’re just 8weeks away. Eeeck.
    Anyway back to you and Grace…. Oak tree and acorn springs to mind! Just saying.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  20. Hi Barb thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures of New York with us. Relax and have a wonderful time with Grace and Mark

  21. Dear Barbara I am so pleased for you. Enjoy your time there. It all looks absolutely amazing. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  22. I’m glad that you and Dave are managing to have some quality time with Grace and her Mark. I didn’t get to see the beautiful Lady Liberty last year but I made sure to visit Ground Zero. Wow, what a hurricane of emotions that was!!
    Big hugs for you all & see you soon xxx

  23. Hi Barb, I am glad that it is not all work and no play for you and Dave in the big apple, and I hope you have a fab time visiting with Grace too. Thank you for sharing all these lovely photos with us, and the descriptions certainly give one a sense of being there. Take care. Bx

  24. New York is not somewhere I’ve been but would love to go to. Your Grace is marvellous Barbara!

    As for 911, I will forever remember it, seeing it live on TV means I will never forget it. New York is marvellous too, so much loss and so much pain but it still goes on and gets stronger. Enjoy!

  25. Hello Barb and Team,
    I’m very new to Clarity stamps but not new to stamping and crafting. With Clarity stamps being in NYC, does that mean we, in the USA, get to purchase your products easier ? Will there be a store in NYC? I just found you Barb in YouTube and I love love love Your videos!

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