Mirror mirror on the wall….

Mirror mirror on the wall….

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A while ago, when Dave and I visited Leiden in Holland, I bought a pack of very special serviettes. They cost a packet, but I thought the design was beautiful, and I had an idea that it might work for an arty project, certainly not for the supper table!

So this evening I decided to get said napkins out of the cupboard, as you do, and try my hand at the Mirror Mist product from Pentart , which our Lou kindly showcased last week on Hochanda. There’s a mirror spray for plastic and a mirror spray for glass. Absolutely brilliant stuff. I have been playing – and am hooked!

I wanted to get an old reflection going, a kind of reflective image in a reflection, if that makes sense. So out came the large perspex selection of miscellaneous shapes, because an oval one was what I needed.

Just the ticket. Only sprayed the back lightly, to let the girl with the earring peep through…
Spread Decoupage Kleber (adhesive) on the perspex with the mirror mist sprayed on it.

Yes. Well worth experimenting. I am all fired up now. I bet there’s loads more lying around ready to mirror spray. Any ideas? Any suggestions?

I wanted to try it myself. I saw Lou do a great job, but you know how it is. I needed to have a go myself, to see if it really was that good. It is.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

20 thoughts on “Mirror mirror on the wall….

  1. I loved watching Lou and your piece is beautiful too. I just know that there will be some stunning work appearing, using these great products.
    I have seen the e mail about the upcoming programmes on Hochanda. What are you doing to us! New plates from Linda and very unexpected new border plates as well. I was expecting Prince/Princess in the future, but the palaces were a complete surprise. I think that resistance will be futile! 🤪
    Hugs. Annette. X

  2. That is beautiful. I have always loved that picture. I watched Lou’s shows and was absolutely fascinated. If I was into making things to sell I would definitely have a go xx

  3. Hubby bought a set of these sprays for each of us as he was quite taken with Lou’s projects. He also bought some liquid watercolours from DaliArt. Need I say that since they arrived he has been quietly playing and has used up much of our scrap Perspex !!! Once he has seen this blog it looks like some of my fancy napkins will disappear too. Looks like I will have to order some Clarity shapes.
    Have a good evening.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  4. Wow, seeing your reflection in the photo above really does show how the spray works. I watched the show with Lou and didn’t quite believe it. Now I can see it really does work! –
    I’m thinking mixing a few gilding flakes in to get a real vintage mirror look. What unusual cards that would make I am sure you could make that work Barbara! – I will let you try it first while I carry on practicing my parchment! – I’m already distracted by the encaustic Gelli thingy’s from yesterday’s shows, they were brilliant and so inspiring!
    Julia x

  5. HiBarb,
    Fabulous! Haven’t got around to watching Lou’s shows yet so haven’t seen the mirror mist before. Looks really cool I must say. Must say I think I might need a bank loan this week what with Linda’s new plates, new fresh cuts of some of my favourite stamps, new piercing duo plates – oh! the list goes on and on!!! I need them all! Love and hugs Alison xx

  6. Love what you’ve done with the mirror mist – watched Lou’s shows and was amazed at the great reflection created with the product, might have to try it sometime in the future. Have just seen what’s coming up Clarity/Groovi wise this week and, oh dear, bank card is already groaning! x

  7. Looks great was watch Lou doing it and with you serviettes looks wonderful on the oval looks great fun another thing to but and try x

  8. Mauritshuis in The Hague is the home of this very beautiful painting. Or at least that’s where it was when I last viewed it.;~}

  9. WOW. This is stunning Barbara. What an amazing project & superb result. What an amazing idea, I have to say I was also fired up by the show. I am embarrassed to say that I actually bought the Mirror mist a while ago, but so far haven’t used it, It’s very rare that I buy something and don’t use it. I will definitely be getting it out now. Thank you to you and Lou for the inspiration.x

  10. I bought the plastic version and sealer as well as some tags and the smaller mixed shapes pack of acrylic shapes. Hoping to have time to play today between other projects.

  11. I bought the tags the plastic mirror mist and varnish and also some viva decor transfer paste and have been playing all weekend. The mirror mist stamped with black images is very effective. I also used alcohol ink splodges and then when dry sprayed the mirror mist over . Love it just not sure what I am going to do with all the tags. Might need ovals next. Loving all these new things to play with .. great for the quite months when no birthday cards to make!

  12. Hi Barbara
    Isn’t this beautiful, I can see why it’s so addictive. The napkins are too nice to use as just napkins so I think we will be seeing more of them. The schedule for the week is great, I’m going to have to be restrained though as I haven’t used the kings I bought yet and I’ve got some owls waiting to be made!
    Love Diane xxx

  13. Great project – lovely serviettes too, whenever I go anywhere I always look to see if they are worth keeping and also with toilet roll patterns as well lol, useful for the gell plate , making patterns that is 🙂


  14. We have just got back from a holiday in Leiden after your recommendations. What a great place and the bulb fields at this time of year are fabulous.
    Loved the shows too

  15. This mirror effect is amazing and Vermeer’s The Girl With A Pearl Earring is the perfect image Barbara. Those napkins are fabulous. x

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