Oh! What a Beautiful Book!

Oh! What a Beautiful Book!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. It’s been a long time coming, this Groovi floral alphabet. But it’s coming together very nicely now. 26 pretty little letters, each depicting flowers pertaining to their letter. As you can see though, we have added upper and lower case letters to each plate too.

Paul and I are putting the finishing touches on the demos ready for Sunday evening, and today I think I’d like to show you the quintessence of teamwork.

A couple of months ago, we split the letters up, gave the Groovi Design Team members a couple of letters each, and asked them to illuminate the letters they had. The only rule was to keep it 7”x 7”. All the letters came in by and by. We built a book to display them in, and it is absolutely peach. Just beautiful. Each letter has its own personality, and the combined masterpiece is pretty exceptional….

I won’t show you all of them, but I really want to sing about the team effort!

A for Allium or Agapanthus
F for Fuchsia
J for Japonica
L for Lily of the Valley
O for Orchid
R for Rambling Rose
Y for Yarrow

They have been in production for months, too. My brother is just about ready to audition for Alan Titchmarsh’s job! We have a very tidy stock of them, so I do hope you like them!

Thing is, you really do need them all when they’re an alphabet. So on launch night they will be available at a greatly reduced price as a full set including the storage folder.

And just in case you aren’t sure what all the flowers are, we’ve included a pretty index in each box!

Time to get ready for Ally Pally now.

See you there, see you on HOCHANDA, see you soooon!

Love & Hugs

Barb xxx

50 thoughts on “Oh! What a Beautiful Book!

  1. Wow what an amazing collection. Fabulous samples too. Can’t wait. Have fun at Ally Pally and good luck with the launch. You have been practising your tap dancing I hope. I predict a 40 minute sell out.

  2. Wow what beautiful works of art. Love the idea of extra letters. Paul said in his show last weekend to watch out for the Sunday ODS & he was not wrong.

  3. Wow, I have to say these are magnificent Barbara. I’m not a parcher but will look forward to the introduction of the stamps in due course. I know they will fly! x

  4. Looking forward to seeing all the letters.One day could you make an OLD ENGLISH alphabet,please.x

  5. Wow ,stunning!Not a parcher either but will eagerly await for you to produce them as stamps.I am always amazed when people are so thrilled when I personalise a card .Love them .

  6. I can’t wait to see the whole book!!!
    The floral alphabet is a delight to work with and there are a lot of different flowers included as well as some favourites.
    I hope they do come out as stamps… Those would be tremendous!
    Have a great time at Ally Pally and also on Hochanda!
    Sarah reckons 40mins sell out… I’ll go for 30!!
    Safe travelling this weekend. Love and hugs Xxxx

  7. What fab letters and flowers! They are perfect!
    I bet the design team had a ball which we can see by the wonderful samples!

  8. They look stunning as do the design team samples. I am sure they will be flying out of the door. I should be home in time from Maria’s class to watch the shows. xx

  9. These plates are so gorgeous and so are the samples. I would love them in stamps as well as Groovi as I enjoy using both methods. Wish I’d known so many fantastic things would be being launched before I started saving to take the family on holiday to Cyprus this summer!! I didn’t realize I would need this much self control, you’re killing me Barbara!! I’m sure they’ll sell out in no time xx

  10. Cant wait to see and get these. Although wont be able to use them as having ling awaited op on left arm tomoz. They will be there for when I can. Thank you Barbara and team for doing them. They will sellout for sure xxx

  11. Stunning! Are these going to be available as stamps pleeeeeeze?
    See you at Ally Pally complete with my freedom badge!!

  12. A beautiful collection of plates – they will definitely be a sell out ! Gorgeous samples as usual. X

  13. They look absolutely stunning! I would love them and hope to persuade my husband, daughter and granddaughter that eating beans on toast for a month is a great way to improve their health 🤪 we are also getting the new puppy tomorrow, so that is another mouth to feed. Help!
    Have a great time at Ally Pally and I am looking forward to the shows on Hochanda.
    Linda was amazing, as always, today. Such a wonderful teacher. Hugs. Annette X

  14. Hi Barb,
    These are truly gorgeous and I know full well that they will be falling into my basket. Really looking forward to the shows I must say. The DT have done you proud as well. I’m sure that there will be a super quick sellout – possibly even record breaking. Missed Linda’s shows today as I was at hospital all day with Dave, but I did record them so I’ll be watching them shortly. Love and hugs,Alison xxxx

  15. Hi Barbara and everyone.
    These plates look beautiful , very different and usefull .
    Your design team are amazing and so are all people on clarity worldwide they come up with such fabulous designs.
    Well when you first started Groovi , who would have known ,it would be such a fantastic success.
    All credit to you and everyone at Clarity.
    Have a great time at Alley Palley, and see you on the flipside on Sunday.
    Lynn xxx

  16. Brilliant idea and designs promise to be just beautiful. Will always solve the problem of what design to choose, you can’t go wrong with an initial! Looking forward to Sunday!

  17. Beautiful art work. I’m looking forward to seeing the stamps in the summer. I’d better start saving now!

  18. Fabulous. Looking forward to watching the show.
    Recorded Linda’s shows today but as I had my 3 year old grandson all day and nodded off after tea I haven’t managed to watch yet. Something to look forward to.xx

  19. Hi Barbara
    There was me thinking I would cherry pick a few letters and build up overtime, will see how much I spendatally Pally first! I think it will be a sell out though, better practise the tap Dancing! The samples are beautiful, what a talented group they are.
    Love Diane xxx

  20. You’re a mean, mean woman Barbara! Who could resist buying them all (perhaps X & Z could wait unless you have Polish or Greek friends of course……….don’t ……think that’s racist. Hope not!!) x

  21. They look amazing going to be quick on the out those on Sunday hochanda hope your ready for another internet splurge , and phone lines jam wow xxx

  22. They look amazing and I think it will be a sellout in the first half of the first show! Beautiful samples from the DT, looking forward to seeing more on Sunday. Xx

  23. Oh no! I really didn’t want to ‘need’ these plates but from what you’ve shown us I do. Oh well…anyone know a good divorce solicitor? Xx

  24. Hello Barb, absolutely gorgeous, beautiful and inspiring designs and artwork. Well done one and all from production to showing off these incredible designs. I think the shows are going to be incredibly busy. Take care all. Bx

  25. they look stunning got to have them.
    Been wishing you would do some since the numbers
    thanks barbara
    love kathleen

  26. Been holding back and saving my funds for this…and am I happy I did….absolutely beautiful. Looking forward to Sunday.

  27. WOW!! OMG!!! STUNNING!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! YOU ARE ALL SO TALENTED!!! I don’t ‘parch’ but I am in awe of the designs and will watch the shows just to see the whole alphabet and all the samples! Well done #TeamClarity xx

  28. Omg! You’ve only gone and done it again Barbara… These are just simply beautiful, I did jump on and well they just fell into my basket wink wink, I’ve already been on to your lovely assistant and asked her or should I say put in a request I’m sure I speak on behalf of everyone.. Can we have some stamps to match.. Pleeeease.. My head was dizzy with ideas.. I love you on the telly you are so funny because its all from the heart, your passion and enthusiasm to teach people is greatly admired, I love all the team.. Xx

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