Friday Blog: Ally Pally

Friday Blog: Ally Pally

Hi there,

Happy Friday! We are off up to the palace to visit the Queen today. I wish!! No no . We are off up to London in the van to set up our stand at Alexandra Palace! That’s more realistic, innit!

Great venue!

It’s a big operation, getting up there nowadays. We’ve got so much clobber! Back in the day, when we just sold stamps I remember being able to set up in exactly one and a half hours on the day of the show before the doors opened. Now, it may be down to my age that this is no longer even a remote possibility, but it may also be due in large part to the massive stock variety that we now exhibit! Stamps, stencils, Groovi, Pergamano, Paper, card, Fresh Cut dies. Oh boy oh boy. Even getting the staff up there requires a spreadsheet now !!

Huge stand! Underneath the Rose window, same as every year….

Who’s up there with us this time? Well, Debby, Lisa and Steve are on the shop floor (well, they will be by the end of it!), Jayne and Dave are on the tills, and Leonie, Paul and I are demonstrating. So happy to welcome Leonie to our Ally Pally Clarity family! That will be swell. Paul’s on Groovi and parchment, Leonie’s on stamps and stencils and mixed media, and I’m on stamps and dies. So that will be a cool mix of entertainment, eh?

Do you know, before it was held at Ally Pally, this show took place at the Commonwealth Insitute in Kensington, with all the flags outside. Gone now. That’s how long I’ve been in attendance. Blimey, the bloke who ran it was called Roger Button. I remember him, because he always called me Gina. The company was called Imagina back then, before I renamed it Claritystamp Ltd. So he decided I was Gina as in ImaGina! So I used to call him Roget Booton (said in a French accent) instead of Roger Button. Silly things you remember, eh. He was a pleasant fella. I remember his wife’s name was Valerie. They went to live in Florida as I recall. So I can’t remember what day of the week it is, but I can remember Roget Booton and his wife!

Such is life. Hope you have time to visit us at the show tomorrow. Big Stand, lots of smiles and great energy. You can’t miss us underneath the beautiful Rose Window

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

28 thoughts on “Friday Blog: Ally Pally

  1. Hello Barbara
    Good luck with the show. I am not coming this time as I am saving my pennies for the Retreat.

  2. Its surprising how suddenly a name comes to you & that sets a whole loads of memories flooding back. Its as the saying goes ”Happy Days” !!
    Have a great time at Ally Pally, somewhere I have not been to, I am sure you will all have great fun even if you are extremely tired at the end of it.

  3. It’s great to have such fond memories. It is funny how names pop in to your head from years gone by and suddenly you’re whisked back in time and it evokes lots of other memories to come back. Some good and some bad. But these memories are what have shaped you and made you the person you are.
    Have a great show! I know you always love it at Ally Pally cos it’s your home show! And now you’ve got Leonie with you you’re bound to have some fun!
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  4. See you Sunday I can’t wait. I love this show the only one I can really get to so this is a great day out for me at 78 years.


  5. Good luck with all the hard work over the next few days! You will be a roaring success, The Clarity Team at the ally pally! A real tongue twister!

  6. Really sorry to miss this year but have a great weekend and enjoy the enthusiasm of the people who come to see you all.

  7. Oh, that did make me laugh Gina! Hope you have a great show, and enjoy your time under the Rose Window. x

  8. Hi Barbara and everyone, wishing you all a great day at Alley Palley.
    Have lots of fun ,
    you will as Leonie will be there working her magic.
    Lynn xx

  9. I remember when the shows were at the Commonwealth Insitute so would have seen you there but first remember see you in Brighton

  10. So sorry I wont see you at Ally Pally on Sunday. I will ofcourse be buying your goodies and will drop off a parcel for you. now we are both getting on – me a lot further than you on Sunday. I shall miss my birthday hug.
    Lots of love

  11. Hi Barb.
    One day I might get to Ally Pally but it won’t be this year – Leyburn for me. I’m sure that you and Team Clarity will do brilliantly and have a great time. Looking forward to seeing your shows at the weekend. Love and hugs Alison xx

  12. Have fun at Ally Pally, lovely show and your stand always looks amazing underneath that window. One day you should do a stamp version of it. XX

  13. Afternoon bloggy firends, yay its Friday and even better it’s the Easter holidays!! Craft room here I come. XX

  14. To you, the Clarity family and all those visiting, have a great time under the Rose Window!
    A busy weekend, what with the Hochanda shows as well, so travel safely and try not to wear yourselves out. Hugs. Annette X

  15. Sadly can’t go to these shows any more, but do remember when you were Imagina and at the Commonwealth Institute. What year did you change your name? I think we first saw you at the shopping centres in Gillingham and Tunbridge Wells in 1994?
    Have fun and I hope there are no nasty moments this time.

  16. Certain things always stick in your memory. I wish I could be at Ally Pally, bet you will all have a lot of laughs in among the work. I have been on baby duty again today so quite tired, I do not have as much energy now either but he is such a charmer I cannot resist. He has me wrapped around his finger.Good Luck with all the weekend’s events. xx

  17. I will be there at Ally Pally, so looking forward to seeing you and your team again, My favourite venue. xxx

  18. The flags may have gone but the Commonwealth Institute is now the Design Museum. I’m not going to Ally Pally as sadly the number of stands has dwindled over the years and Farnborough is a much bigger show. I wish you well for the show.


  19. Hi Barb, certain things will always stay in your memory. You have a Clarity stamp that says very much the same, a quote from Maya Angelou I believe. I hope the show goes well, maybe will go to the one later in the year. Bx

  20. Having been begging for Leonie to be on your stand I now cant make it this year due to childcare. Have a fabulous time everyone. I will console myself with a big online shop soon.

  21. Hope to get there on Sunday, although I know you will be elsewhere by then. Well remember the pick and mix mini stamps and still love them! Every time I bought a selection Dave would say – you should join the club – but it was a few years before I could. Have a great show.

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