Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Paul has just left, after a long session prepping the TV shows on Sunday and Monday. Dave is keeping supper simmering on the stove until I call it a day up here. Linda is up in Peterborough with Rob, preparing the TV set, in readiness for the Pergamano Show at 8am tomorrow morning. She is doing all 3 hours on her own, just with a presenter, so that I am able to get on top of everything here. What with Ally Pally AND Hochanda at the weekend! And let’s face it – does she need me there? Does she heck!! The woman is a natural on telly!

And then there’s Maria. She took the Saturday TV hours on, to help me out of a pickle, and is probably prepping like mad too, in readiness for those shows.

Now you may say this is their job. That’s what they’re supposed to do! But I see them as friends. I see them as amazing team players and friends, who see when I am up against it, and dive in. Since all the TV shenanigans started in January, with all the airtime hours we have tried to cover, these friends of ours have been absolutely brilliant. There are lots of other good people on the team too, who have rolled their sleeves up and hustled to keep it all going – lots. And so to all those people I would like to say a huge THANK YOU. Things are easing up slowly, and we can see a light ahead, but my cup of gratitude overfloweth.

Linda even designed a beautiful new plate just for the Pergamano Show tomorrow, so that we had something new to play with! It is perfect!

And feast your eyes on these wonderful art pieces that the design team created using it! Inspirational. Beautiful, Clever. Delicate. Intricate.

Carys James-Richards
Ronk Langton
Chris Walker
Glynis Whitehead
Josie Davidson
Sheila Bradley
Ronk Langton

Tomorrow Linda will be continuing the pergamano Parchment journey. She will be guiding you through basic perforating and showing you how to use some basic Multi-needle tools.

I do hope you can join in tomorrow, and watch Linda work her magic. She is a mine of information!! And a very good friend indeed.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx


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Freesat 817 (24/7)

Freeview 85 (6am-7pm)

27 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. All set to record as reference in the future. Hope to be able to say hello on Saturday. Looking forward to it…

  2. Hello Barbara – looking forward to the shows tomorrow. Love these shows, a great idea. Been doing a lot of Groovi lately as I wanted to improve my skills, especially cutting. Life was getting in the way of the practice. The work from the DT is stunning as always. Have a lovely evening, lots of love, Donna X

  3. Wow those samples from the Design team are fantastic. I love these plates so will need to add this one to my collection. Have all the shows over the next few days on to record, 11 of them on Freeview plus I hope the repeat of the 8pm ODS show at 6am. Can’t wait to see what you all have planned for us.

  4. Wow flipping gorgeous looking forward to the shows. It is nice to have friends like yours unfortunately not everyone has such luck. Hope everything settles nicely soon.

  5. This plate is a must for me and Linda is a joy to watch. Have the recorder set as the pain killers keep sending me to sleep and I don’t want to miss anything. You look after your team so naturally they will always step up for you.
    Hopefully, after physio on Monday, I will be able to start Grooving again.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  6. You know some amazing people. Not as artists – though that too – but first and foremost as people. What is the saying? People are like teabags – you only find out how strong they are when you put them in hot water? Something like that.

  7. You all have been fantastic keeping hochanda family going and clarity family , I for one would like to say what a brilliant job your all doing and presenters and team hochanda it’s been such a tough time heart breaking way companies and C&C have treated them but I feel it has got stronger and be come a real family business all working together using there skills I love watching the shows and the chance given to the small companies. cannot give you all praises more . Linda I will be ready and waiting I got my groovi. Out and having ago again. lots love Joy xxx

    1. I was just going to say the same thing, and have to say that I love seeing all the new small companies getting some air time, there is so much talent out there, Thank you, your team and all at Hochy for their hard work, its the only channel I watch.

  8. What a great team. All lovely, talented and loyal people and friends.
    I do love the Pergamano shows and learn such a lot from them. As you say, Linda is a natural on the tele. The samples are beautiful and I am so pleased that you invited Ronk to join the DT, to share her talent.
    Enjoy your supper. Hugs. Annette X

  9. Hi Barbara and everyone, hope you are all keeping well even if we have had snow today ,thought we had had the last of it on how wrong can you be.
    Looking forward to seeing Linda tomorrow with the new plate looks lovely.
    You all work so hard bringing us all such wonderful products to craft with.
    You have such a busy weekend, you all are amazing.
    Good to see hochanda is doing well with lots of different small companies for us to see.
    Have a good weekend, at Alley Pally and on Hochanda.
    Look after yourself .
    Lynn xxx

  10. What beautiful samples using this new plate Barbara, and you are right that your friends/team players are all so hard working and there to help make everything work well. Looking forward to seeing you on Hochanda at the weekend, and am so please that they seem to be filling their slots up with exciting new companies, and hope that Ally Pally is a great success too. x

  11. Hello Barb, I think you have a wonderful group ready to back you up, something that we all appreciate is everyone’s hard work. These new plates are really lovely and the artwork is incredible. Take care all. Bx

  12. What a schedule, all go go go. Please take care Barbara look after yourself. Visited a dear friend in hospital yesterday who has had a stroke such a shock and a huge jolt to remind us that life is delicately balanced. Thank goodness for team Clarity to help you out, looking forward to Linda’s shows, she is so calming to watch and listen to and learn so much. TAKE CARE xx

  13. What a great team, just watching Linda on the new Hochanda morning show she looks so calm looking forward to her shows

  14. Hi barb , the last pergamano of yours that I Saw was the beautiful flower with the letter O along with the instructions and requirements don’t know if anybody else has had a problem but I have only been able to print of the words , it won’t print of the picture .thank you .

  15. Hi Barbara
    Beautiful samples yet again and a lovely plate I’m watching linda as I type, so many hints and tips, she’s amazing,I could listen to her all day. It’s fabulous to work with great friends isn’t it, they really are a wonderful bunch.
    Love Diane

  16. what a great two shows with linda thanks ‘
    the cards are beautiful every one as made

  17. Absolutely stunning inspiration from the DT and yes what a wonderful dream team indeed, many cogs turn the wheel and all that, I work in a Hospice so I appreciate that analogy very much.
    I’ve set the box to record all the shows but I managed to have a cheeky listen to the 3pm show, Linda is wonderful, feel very fortunate to have witnessed the magic of Linda at Harrogate and Leyburn x

  18. Wow!!! Barbara, the design teams samples are stunning. I have just been watching Linda and have just had a huge light-bulb moment with the V picot tools as i have always steered well away from them in the past believing they were too advanced for my capabilities. Having just watched Linda it has demonstrated how achievable it all is really and has just opened up a whole new world to me. I have a question that I emailed to Hochanda, a bit later in the day as far as getting to air goes, and don’t know if it will be passed on so thought i would ask here. Would you consider doing a pergamano club, much like the stencil , stamp and die clubs, so that we can collect one tool a month until we have made up the full and complete collection and would you consider bringing all the clubs / subscriptions to Hochanda as I am sure there are many , like me , who didn’t realised until very late in the day that they were a thing having in the past bought from Hochanda and not the clarity website? Kindest regards angie x x

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