Glastonbury? Not this year.

Glastonbury? Not this year.

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Up and at it early today. Tried for Glastonbury tickets again at 9am.

It was the resale of tickets reserved but not bought last October, or whenever it was. Nope. Not this year. Gutted. But there you have it. It’s somebody else’s turn this year. Sold out completely in 9 minutes. I really REALLY wanted to go this year too. It’s such an amazing festival, and we had wanted to celebrate my 60th there with the kids. Bummer.

Now here’s the choicepoint: I could get frustrated and let it spoil the day, or I could shrug my shoulders, think ah well, good job I booked a summer family vacation in California and Hawaii, innit?!? You’re only 60 once, and you only live this life once!

There’s a really good festival at Eridge Park at the same time too, which is local and has some very good bands playing! We could walk there, and it’s a beautiful setting! If we want to get the proper festival vibe, we can sleep in the caravan, pee in the garden and not wash properly for a week, too! Got to turn it round… I already had, actually!

The other good news is that we still have tickets for our Open Days at Ditton nr Maidstone on Friday 14th June and Saturday 15th June. Mike and Shona Bossom will be there too now, doing a make n take on the Encaustic art, so that’s a great treat.

CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS. It’s a great new venue, easy to get to, and there are plenty of hotels around that area, in Aylesford etc, if you want to make a double-day out of it.

I think I’ll have a day off today. Sod it. There’s nothing that important workwise today, that it can’t wait until tomorrow.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

29 thoughts on “Glastonbury? Not this year.

  1. Hi Barb, well that is a pity about Glastonbury, you could have used the expensive Wellies again. Well you have family time planned and that is a good thing. Enjoy whatever you do. Take care all. Bx

  2. Hey ho, such is life eh? As you say, not worth spoiling your day, and there is always next time. Whatever you do, you will enjoy it and have lots of fun and laughter ‘cos you’re just that sort of person. 😁😁 Enjoy your day off!! Xxx

  3. Shame about Glastonbury. Glad you have such a positive set of alternatives. Enjoy your day off. Can’t make the open days down south but have bought my ticket for Leyburn already.

  4. Shame about Glastonbury but good to think about staying local and supporting local bands. You mentioning camping in the garden bought back memories of a happy childhood doing exactly the same with my brothers eating jam sandwiches and being allowed to drink lemonade – go for it just for fun.

  5. I never got to Glastonbury. I’d love to go for the vibe, which would be worth bottling I reckon. As for the music, I’d rather get to a nice intimate venue to see a band that I know and sing along with the music I know and love. xx

  6. Morning Barbara, loving the positivity, as always! For every missed Glastonbury there’s a magical Eridge Park round the corner! And if there wasn’t already so much to look forward to at the Ditton Open Days, we now have Mike & Shona Bossom – so pleased I have tickets for both days! Awesome shows yesterday on Hochanda, magical inspiration and excellent entertainment! More please!!

  7. Hi Barbara and everyone, well never mind sometimes things are not ment to be.
    Enjoy what ever
    Event you can get to ,if not that family holiday is so important sharing time with your family.
    Great show yesterday lots of fun and inspiration.
    Glad you are going to enjoy a day off
    You work so hard and your staff do also.
    Happy day.
    Lynn xx

  8. There must be a reason for the way things turned out with the festivals. With your joi de vivre I am sure you will have fun no matter what.
    Plenty of time tomorrow to catch up on work so have a relaxing day off with Dave.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  9. Hi Barb – it was obviously not meant to be for you this year! It will be interesting how things pan out for you, doing something else – whatever it is that you decide upon.
    It will be serendipity, I am sure – I LOVE that word. Apparently, it comes from a British nobleman in the mid 1700’s from an ancient Persian fairy tale! It means good luck in finding valuable things unintentionally!
    I have been trying to adopt that attitude recently, when the sale of our cottage fell through. We were gutted, but a couple of months on, we had a local lady view our cottage, and when she stepped into the lounge and looked out of the window at our garden – she cried! She thought that it was SO beautiful. She has put her house onto the market with our agent and has told them that she wants our cottage and if she doesn’t get it, she will take her home off the market! How wonderful is that! She has already got a viewing for her property tomorrow – so we are keeping everything crossed. Have a lovely day off with Dave. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – I have been catching up with what I missed on here and I too, have enjoyed the latest Clarity goodies. Not been able to watch yesterday’s shows yet, but really looking forward to seeing them, having read your comments.
      Hi Alison – so pleased that you went for the floral alphabet and also the embroidery plates too – I knew that I could depend on you to do that. They are on my wish list!
      I hope that you are all as well as can be, and enjoying better weather than we are at the moment. Still, the gardens needed the rain I suppose, after all of that glorious Easter weather. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

      1. Hi Gilly,
        I had a feeling that you would be pleased! Aren’t you amazed at my restraint yesterday though! Sorry the cottage fell through but this lady seems very positive. Hope you won’t have long to wait. Hope you and Neill are both keeping well. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

  10. Awwww thats a shame you didn’t get tickets this year but I’m sure that is because there is something even better coming your way. Enjoy your Sunday. I’m just off to the cinema to see Avengers End Game. XX

  11. Afternoon bloggy firends, wet and rainy today so I’m glad its a movie day and I don’t feel bad about being inside. XX

  12. Sad you missed out on Glastonbury Barbara but great you have other things planned as a family celebration and so have lots to look forward to. Whatever you will have a great time I know. x

  13. California and Hawaii is on my wish list so I am a little bit envious. However I have booked an Adriatic cruise and stay for my 70th this year. We have never visited the eastern Med so it is all new to us and we get to see Venice. San Francisco maybe next year, what is the best time of year for that, I am thinking perhaps May or September?xx

  14. Hi Barb,
    Sorry you can’t get tickets for Glastonbury but Hawaii and California with family doesn’t sound bad to me! I’m sure that you will have a fabulous time. Good to hear that a Mike and Shona are joking the Open Day – are they going to make the long trek Oop Norf too? I hope so as I could try encaustic art and could be very tempted by then! We have just booked up to go to Pembroke in September – just hoping a storm doesn’t get in the way like last year. We will revisit all of our favourite places again, 1st time for 8 years( gosh how time flies) . Don’t blame you for having the day off either – hope you’ve enjoyed it. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  15. Shame you did not get tickets it is always a lottery. A day off sounds great, we have been treated to Sunday lunch at our son’s house. He does a great roast, Amie just has to lay the table but that was done very nicely as well. xx

  16. Ooh I shall eagerly await your report on Hawaii ! That’s where I want us to go on our Honeymoon ….. need to get a wedding planned first though…. when we get round to it lol xxx

  17. I’ve always wanted to go to Glastonbury but haven’t as yet, although I have been caught in the traffic jam caused by it on a few occasions hahaha. I used to go to Donnington Rock festival every year and live in the tent. There were 6 of us in a 2 man tent one year 😂. My favourite festival was at Blossom Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio. That was like being at Woodstock, especially with Peter, Paul and Mary singing their version of ‘Puff the magic dragon’ !!
    I am really looking forward to the open days. Ditton isn’t far from me either! I’m looking forward to seeing you all xx

  18. Not having been to Glastonbury myself I am not sure what you will be missing but I think you will have plenty of happy memories made in Hawaii, California & Eridge Park. Paid for my Leyburn ticket just waiting for it to arrive.

  19. Hi Barbara
    Shame you didn’t get the Glastonbury tickets this year but I think California and Hawaii will be a lot of fun. I can just see you all living in the caravan for a week though just to get the authentic experience of the local festival. Hope you’ve enjoyed your day off, I’m just watching the shows from yesterday, what fabulous shows, I’ve really enjoyed them and now want to play with the encaustic art kit we’ve had for r ages. I hope there are more shows planned, tgey have been great fun.
    Love Diane xxx

  20. Hi
    Just spent the night at Potters in Norfolk watching David Essex great night. Took me back to my teenage years.
    Enjoy your summer break Barbara.


  21. Hi
    Just spent the night at Potters in Norfolk watching David Essex great night. Took me back to my teenage years.
    Enjoy your summer break Barbara.


  22. What a shame about Glastonbury. I feel like that when I fail to get Wimbledon tickets every year.
    I am sure that California and Hawaii with the kids will make up for it though. I loved Monterey and Carmel, which I know are your old stomping grounds.
    Hope you enjoyed a relaxing Sunday. Hugs. Annette X

  23. Well Barbara et al, if you’d like to drive up to Leicestershire you could visit “The Glastonbudget Music Festival” instead…..
    It’s the same good music, muddy field & smelly loos but on a smaller scale. It’s the worlds largest tribute band & original music festival😎🤗
    I could make you a cake & offer use of a bathroom😉

  24. Great attitude to have, you never know anyway.

    Any chance Mike and Shona could make it to Leyburn as well? Pretty please xx

  25. Hi Barbara, have you thought of One of the ” posh ” camp sites where your ticket is included in the price. Of course it will cost an arm and a leg !! Xx

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