Groovi Monday – Parchment Retreat Day 1

Groovi Monday – Parchment Retreat Day 1

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Just got back from a fab day at the Spa with a whole bunch of lovely ladies/friends. I think we can agree that the first day went down exceedingly well, that today’s project created by Linda was superb – and that we all learnt loads!

I loved hooking up with everybody again; this is the second year, and 80% of the guests this time were here last year too. They already knew the drill, and my feeling was that they made the newcomers all very welcome.

Good lunch and a lovely evening meal – all good. Hats off to the Spa Hotel for super service.
Look what these Groovi chicks rustled up!

I left everyone in the Chandelier dining room after dinner, to come home and catch up with you. There was a buzz and a chatter which told me it was ok to go….

So I look forward to Day 2 tomorrow. I can’t wait to do the second project! It is epic!!

Before I shoot off to join Linda, Rob and Dave, who have just arrived home, let me cast a light on this month’s Groovi plate Offer of the Month. I love this design. It is Mel’s design of Carmel in California, where we used to live. Just a perfect sunrise or sunset scene for me.

Carmel Rounds Groovi Product of the Month

Got to go. New series of Game of Thrones on telly in a minute…..Did I tell you Grace got to go to the GOT New York Premier as Nathalie Emmanual’s guest a couple of weeks ago? The two of them are good friends from years ago when they were kids in London. Grace said it was an amazing evening. I BET IT WAS!!!! And I’m glad Nathalie invited her. Special and thoughtful x

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

19 thoughts on “Groovi Monday – Parchment Retreat Day 1

  1. Before I say anything about today, I have to system something about the dreadful news from Paris. I spent hours in that beautiful cathedral in my youth. It is just devastating to see it basically gone.

    Sorry for talking about this after such a wonderful day. I am seriously in love with that beautiful little bird, and I feel that most of us will be doing a lot of little birds and or animals over the next few weeks. Looking forward to tomorrow now. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  2. Glad it went well today I bet everyone had a blast. I have to wait to watch GOT as I watch with my sister and she is busy most nights this week! Hope tomorrow goes well. Xx

  3. Glad everyone had a lovely day. I’ve never watched GOT and never will – hubby would love it but we don’t have SKY so …..

    Dreadful scenes of the Notre Dame Cathedral tonight as Maggie mentioned above.

    Have a great day tomorrow. It’s good to see the Spa Hotel again. X

  4. You can almost feel the excitement in the room, glad you have all had a good first day. No doubt you will have another great day tomorrow.
    I am just catching up with the 2 hour show from the beginning of the month as OH is out for the evening & I am loving all the hints & tips.
    Had to pause the TV whilst I checked out the Notre Dame on my computer. What a tragedy, the wrong sort of history in the making !!

  5. It has been a fabulous day, thank-you to you all for all the hard work that has been put into making these two days work so well. The projects are superb. Today was finished off by a lovely meal in the Spa with good friends. xx

  6. Glad the first day of the retreat was such a success Barbara, and likewise tomorrow I’m sure. So awful to see Notre Dame in ruins! x

  7. Hi Barbara
    So pleased that day 1 of your parchment retreat went well, I’m sure day 2 will be just as good, if not better.

    My son is a crazy GOT fan. He watches the first showing early hours of the morning, then again tonight then watches it a third time with me and his dad, where he tells us what is going to happen next, talk about spoiler alert!!!

    I hope you all enjoy it tonight.
    Love & Hugs

  8. Hi Barb, looks like everyone had a fab day, love the TShirts for Tina’s girls. How amazing for Grace, that shows real Friendship. I have the first boxset of GoT, but not had time to sit down and start watching yet, my kids love it. Take care all and enjoy Day2. Bx

  9. I spent a lovely day with friends at the ENGG. We were thin on the ground, as several of our members were with you at the retreat (see Tina’s gals!) we were the ones whose parents hadn’t signed the permission slips for the trip! Anyway, as much as we would have loved to join you, we had a great day, sharing laughs, cake and a bit of Groovi too. Enjoy the second day.
    Hugs. Annette X

  10. How lucky and glad it went well on day one, I spotted a few familiar faces in the photos, not least the lovely Heather and Glynis Whitehead.

    I was at my Zumba class monday evening then it was catch up with Line of Duty and then straight into GOT (lucky Grace). Need an early night this evening lol x

    ps. Great shame re Notre Dame but I’ve read today that 2 wealthy businessmen have already pledged funds to help rebuild it so that’s something positive.

  11. My first visit, had a wonderful time. Looking forward to next year Barbara but will give you time to get over this one. I learnt so much, with many thanks to yourself, Linda, Paul, Jeannine and the rest of your team. Also met some very nice people. 🤗

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