Wax & Gelli Selly Telly

Wax & Gelli Selly Telly


Just got in. Long drive, long day! But it was so worth it. What a pleasure and a privilege to work alongside not only Mike Bossom, but also the inimitable Janice Phillips. I don‘t know about you, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. He‘s a pretty hard act to follow, is Encaustic Mike, but I gave it my best shot!

Before I kick back and chill for an hour, here‘s a review of the stencils and stamps we used today.

Just go to www.claritystamp.com and click As Seen on TV for everything xx

Dee Paramour
Barbara Lancaster
Carole Panksztelo
Julie Dunn
Carole Panksztelo
Dee Paramour
Barbara Gray
Dee Paramour
Mike Bossom
Mike Bossom
Mike Bossom

That‘s it folks. Lovely artwork, lovely day. And I‘m sure there‘ll be more….

I‘ll be back tomorrow, full of beans. On to the next great adventure!

Love and hugs and gratitude always,

Barb xxxx

35 thoughts on “Wax & Gelli Selly Telly

  1. I absolutely loved the shows today! What you did with the waxes was amazing and I particularly loved the ‘spiky’ pieces in the second show. Brilliant!
    What a lovely man Mike is and so relaxing and interesting to watch. I agree about Janice as well, so all in all a brilliant afternoon. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Hugs. Annette X

  2. Thanks for a great experience today. Love the mix and match approach. How brave were you with the waxes. Loved that you were honest about beginning your encaustic art journey. It’s that first step we all fear. Like jumping off a cliff. Well done all x

  3. I an not into stamping but Really enjoyed your shows today, cheered me up on this miserable day even my husband watched which is unusual and he was laughing at your antics.Thank you Barbara.

  4. Loved every minute of both shows. Hope there will be many more, and very soon. You are both so talented and easy to watch, with so many tips and tricks. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  5. It was great to watch you both producing amazing art work today. I love Mike’s creations as I do yours. From what seems like nothing, you both come up with incredible designs and Janice fits in so well with you both. There is great chemistry between you all and it is a privilege to be part of it from the comfort of my own home. Keep up the good work and enjoy a well earned rest.

  6. I loved the shows today, what a fantastic idea to combine the art and to exchange using them with each other. I am sooooo tempted with Encaustic art the effects are very free, I think this could be your next set of designer papers… Loved the gelli projects, the birdhouse on the last show was beautiful. It was something like this a few years ago that convinced me to buy my first Gelli plate. Thank you to you both for some truly inspirational art work and also to Janice and Hochanda for great presenting and for letting your ideas blossom. XX

  7. Hello Barbara – haven’t watched the shows today, going to catch up tomorrow, but the artwork looks stunning. Still blown away by Tina’s embroidery plates, I really hope there will be more of these plates as I think this is going to be the next big thing In the craft world. Lots of love Donna X

  8. Barbara you being a trolley lady made me chortle!!
    I will have to indulge in a gel plate and Leonie’s stencils
    But better pay off for my my alphabets first!!

  9. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous shows today, loved them both. Didn’t have you down as a trolley dolly though! That did make me smile.i thought it was a brilliant idea for you and Mike to bring your own techniques to each other’s art form ( if that makes sense). Thought Mike created some wonderful pieces using the gelli plate and you did the same using the encaustic gear. Might I also add that you made it look very easy too. Janice was great as well and I liked that she showed her first attempt at encaustic art – very good! I could be very tempted to join in the fun but can’t justify the expense at the moment having forked out for the floral alphabet plates and Tina’s embroidery ones recently. One day though – who knows? Well done today, love and hugs Alison xx

  10. Great shows today,fantastic what was achieved with a sponge and wax. You complemented each other so well. I hope you were able to relax once you were home Barbara. xx

  11. What an amazing couple of shows! I was blown away by Mike’s first landscape on the Gel Press. Also loved the fireworks/ chrysanthemums you did. I will so have to have a play tomorrow! Hope you have a restful Sunday. X

  12. Great shows today, the cross over worked very well. We are thinking of adding to our encaustic kit now that we’ve seen the hot plate work.
    As usual we had humour from you and the sense of fun from you all came across in spades. Janice was an ideal presenter to work with you both.
    Hope the neck is feeling better.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  13. Well I missed the shows in Ikea getting a bookshelf for my craft room. So guess I will be watching on catch up the art work looks fantastic and the shows sound good too. Take care xxxx

  14. Loved both the shows today. You and Mike make a great double act and certainly kept Janice on her toes! I really enjoyed seeing how you both put your own spin on the others ” speciality”. More please!!!!!!!!

  15. Just beautiful, I’ve got part of the second show to catch up. Made me want to get my gel plate out – I’d like to try the wax too but …… I can’t start any new craft …..yet ……. xx

  16. Fab show at 12, I’ll watch the other one tomorrow on catch up. You both did brilliantly with each other’s gear, putting your own spins on it. Janice is so much fun too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend Barb.xxx

  17. Thoroughly enjoyed your shows today. Entertaining as well as greatly informative. Could have watched you all for another hour. Best show yet. Hope we can have more of the three of you together, a very good combination and for even longer. It all went far too quickly. Congratulations.

  18. Thoroughly enjoyed your shows today. Entertaining as well as greatly informative. Could have watched you all for another hour. Best show yet. Hope we can have more of the three of you together, a very good combination . It all went far too quickly. Congratulations.

  19. Only managed to see first show as I had Taylor all day. It was fantastic though and I loved what Mike did with the Gel plate. Both of you were so good with each other’s craft. Hope you do have more shows. X

  20. I agree with everyone. Such a great show expanding ideas & talents to each others domain. Defo up for more “Hot & Cold” parties😎☃️

  21. Hi Barb, glad you got home safe and sound. The shows were amazing, loved all the ideas and you and Mike made a great double act. All the artwork is just superb. Bx

  22. Just loved the shows. The landscape Mike did on the Gel Press was just a ‘wow!’. Thought the firework/chrysanthemums you did in the second show were amazing too. Off to get my Gelli plate out and have a play – must try what Leonie did with powders on it too. Hope you are having a restful Sunday. Xx

  23. Unfortunately I missed the shows but will be watching on catch up. I have watched Mike and Shona and the encaustic art is something different and great of you both to get together with your combined skills…excellent! x

  24. Wonderful shows with you and Mike, what a talented pair. I’m halfway thro the second show. Encaustic Art is definitely on my radar to try and the new circus stamps look fantastic as well.
    Congrats to both of you x

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