Youtube Tuesday and a Ray of Sunshine

Youtube Tuesday and a Ray of Sunshine

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. I did a little youtube for you, using those flower stamps that I drew recently, with the stone walls and log piles and such. Remember? They were so popular! We’ve only just about caught about with production!!






As always, the things I used in the video will be reduced in price for the week, until the next YouTube is posted next Tuesday. If you like these stamps, but were sitting on the fance, maybe now is a good time to dive in.

To view all our offers, click here.

If you like these stamps, then I am optimistic that you will enjoy the Floral Alphabet which I am launching on HOCHANDA this coming Sunday evening. The ABC is coming out as a Groovi Collection to begin with, because I do think they lend themselves perfectly to parchment art. The stamps will follow later on in the summer, when we are up to speed with production! No point in shouting about a product if you haven’t even got it in the cupboard yet! Won’t be long though…..

Anyway, must press on. Want to finish up writing the New Design Club brochures today, in hopes of getting them to the printers earlier than last month. It’s all just a question of catching up and keeping up, innit!

There’s so much going on!! Lovely Linda Williams is driving the HOCHANDA Pergamano Show Bus on Thursday without me. Not that she needs me there! Blimey!

Then we are off to AllyPally for the exhibition this weekend. Leonie is joining us too, which is great. I will only be at the show on the Saturday, because on Sunday it’s my turn on the telly! new and very lovely stamps and stencils 2-4pm, and then the Floral ABC launch at 6pm. BIG DEAL!! Now when oh when am I going to prep that little GROOVI lot…. ahhhh… thank goodness for good friends. Karen Jackson has already been and gone and done it all for me. Thank heavens for Karen! Sweet relief.

It’s as I always say – Teamwork makes the dream work.

Love and hugs,

Barb xx

15 thoughts on “Youtube Tuesday and a Ray of Sunshine

  1. I think I might just have to stop sitting on my hands and have those flower stamps. I have been dithering long enough. Time to dive in. I will save the YouTube till I have time to really enjoy it later. Looking forward now to the retreat coming up so soon. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  2. Oh for a fabulous lottery win!! **Sigh** You just have too many fabulous goodies Barb. I either need the lottery win or rob a bank – neither of which I think is going to happen any time soon. Lol. I do love those new stamps and can’t wait for the Alphabet Groovi plates either. Maybe I can find a nice, tasteful, upmarket street corner eh??? Hahahahahaha xxxxx

  3. Oh Barbara, what are you doing to us! So many beautiful products in the offing – we will never be lost for things to craft. Will have to rob the piggy bank this week!!!!
    Hope all is well with everyone.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  4. Oh Barbara, what are you doing to us! So many beautiful products in the offing – we will never be lost for things to craft. Will have to rob the piggy bank this week!!!!
    Hope all is well with everyone.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  5. Lovely, lovely stamps. Hoping to see some of the team on Sunday at Ally Pally. Thank you for a really beautiful demo. xx

  6. Lovely video, bright and sunny like yesterday and most of today. I have these stamps so can give this a try. I love them all but my favourite is the daisy one. Will look forward to the alphabet stamps when you bring them later in the year. Xx

  7. Oh, those Flower Alphabet plates are going to be amazing. I can’t wait to see them. I finally sat and played with the last set of Tina’s plates, which were delivered just before I went away. They are lovely. I have dabbled with the Kings ( excuse the expression!), but need a peaceful couple of days to really appreciate their beauty. It has been so hectic since I got back and will become even more so, as I told my granddaughter that she could finally have a dog and it is moving in on Friday. A 9 week old cockapoo! I must move all my craft stuff well out of reach I think.
    At least my granddaughter, who has been so unwell lately, is happy, so it will all be worth it.
    Hugs. Annette X

  8. I love these stamps but as I am having a new kitchen next week, crafting goodies will have to wait. Mind you I will need something to do while they are fitting the kitchen……:)
    P.S I love your top Barbara. xx

  9. Oooooh, 5 more sleeps. This is the reason that I’ve been saving my budget……An Alphabet of Flowers. Joy, Joy, Joy🤗

  10. Great video, have the stamps, love these designs so much I ordered the groovi set as well. Looking forward to all the shows, think my wish list will keep on growing. xx

  11. Hi Barbara
    I’m a fence sitter but I might just be falling off this week! Haha. You are a busy bee aren’t you but havea good team behind you to help and support. Looking forward to Ally Pally, I’m going to introduce my cousin to clarity!
    Love Diane xxx

  12. Hi Barb, what a super video, the brayer queen is at it again. Love the bright yellow, so cheerful. Great offers, and the stamps are beautiful. Hope you get some time to put your feet up, because you are really busy. To those going, enjoy Ally Pally, I will be watching telly on Sunday, I am sure there is going to be something new that I want (need). Take care all. Bx

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