Back to my roots.

Back to my roots.

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Just waved goodbye to lovely Linda and Rob, so that’s it – the Parchment Retreat is officially over. All that planning, all that prep – and in a heartbeat, it’s gone again. But we did have a splendid time, and we do have some special memories. I am stepping away from Clarity for a few days. I can’t keep up, so I won’t even try! When the body says stop, I think we need to pay attention. And my old neck is definitely screaming STOP!

The irony of it is, that my lazy way of switching off, apart from sleeping, is – guess what? Yep! Colouring in !! So I am taking my colouring book, and my beloved Polychromos, and I am going to pick up where I left off a while ago, and do the next owl….

We were doing fluffy birds on parchment at the retreat!
Maybe that’s why I have a hankering to carry on…
See how I do the fluffy bits here? Down the fine lines in the colouring book.
Yes. I fancy an hour of that now – neck permitting!

And there was an owl outside our bedroom window last night; maybe he has invaded my subconscious! He certainly made enough hooting! I reckon he was a tawny owl. Ready?

I shall go off and sit in the sun in the garden this afternoon, with my pencils and book. That sounds like a very good idea. Then perhaps my washing machine head can have a rest while I flick the pencils up and down those lines…

If you haven’t got our colouring book of birds, it’s very very lovely…..

click here to treat yourself

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

27 thoughts on “Back to my roots.

  1. Hi Barbara,
    You definitely deserve some time off. I’ve just got home from the retreat. I’ve never been before and it was amazing. Definitely go again.
    I’ve struggled for years to get picot cutting right and when you showed me how to picot cut it was a ” light bulb” moment.
    Thanks again

  2. You definitely deserve a break and what better way to relax than to colour. Remember now Barb, looong strokes, shawt strokes!! Hahahaha. Think that will stick with me forever. Xxxx

    1. I think of you every time I hear long strokes, short strokes Dawn. My very first retreat, lovely memories. xx

  3. You deserve a break Barbara. Enjoy the colouring in and hope your neck is feeling a bit better soon. I will be popping inside from the shed shortly to catch Maria’s 4pm show.

  4. Hi Barb,
    I’m pleased you’re walking away for a few days, it will do you good. It certainly has been a busy time for you (& all of the Clarity team). So pleased that the Retreat has gone so well, everyone seems to have thoroughly enjoyed it. I was looking at my colouring book last week when I was doing a bit of tidying and was wondering whether yo ever finished the owls – well now I know! Enjoy the little break. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  5. Hi Barbara
    Well what a fantastic retreat I was so full of ideas when I got home 🏡 about 8.30 last night
    Absolutely loved that we did the little fluffy bird 🐦 it was my favourite bit of the two days mind you just meeting like minded people that love parchment craft and that are eager to share their knowledge and crafty tips. This parchment community has to be the best thing ever I am looking forward to Layburn and meeting up with some of the retreat ladies
    Enjoy your down time and don’t do to much.
    Watch that neck of yours eh .
    I treated myself to a box of the Polychromos pencils yesterday so watch this space everyone told me how good they are and I have to thank you for the great price too
    Enjoy the sunshine and your colouring Theresa G xx

  6. Hi Barbara
    I hope you’ve enjoyed your afternoon with your colouring book in the sunshine, it’s been lovely today hasn’t it. So pleased the retreat went well, sounds like everyone had fun. Enjoy your time off, you certainly deserve it. The owl is beautiful, I must dig my book out and join you.
    Love Diane xxx

  7. I have been paper cutting for one project and colouring for another. I always take my colouring books on holiday as it’s easy to pack, usually takes me longer to decide what colouring medium to take. Enjoy your time off you definitely deserve some R&R. Xx

  8. Afternoon bloggy friends, sunny enough for a cup of tea in the garden today in between crafty projects. Hope you have had the lovely sunny weather too. Xx

  9. I think it was quite warm today, but I was cocooned in my car on the motorway, just remembering the great pleasure of the last two days. You certainly deserve peaceful time off to replenish your energies, mental and physical. Make the most of it. Thank you for everything. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  10. Aw have a lovely afternoon. I was only thinking the other day if you ever finished this page. I dont know why it popped into my head lol. Xx

  11. Hope you have had a lovely afternoon in the garden with your colouring book. Enjoy a few days off as it seems that the weather has finally decided to warm up & be nice over a Bank Holiday for a change.
    Just catching up with Maria’s shows from today & looking at the DT samples on facebook. I didn’t think I needed the stencils but I have changed my mind. Ordered once today & that is already on its way but I think there may be another order going in.

  12. Enjoy the break & the sunshine! Does anyone know if you can use Dorso oil with the Faber Castell pencils on parchment? I have the pencils but have never bought the oil in case they are not compatible.

    1. Hey Lynne, I too have Faber Castell pencil crayons & I use dorso oil with them & they blend on parchment. Though I’m still a bit rubbish at gauging how much oil to use.🙈
      I also use it with Faber Castells equivalent to Dorso crayons.

  13. You do deserve a break, enjoy yourself and relax. I can sympathise with your neck pain mine is hurting today but I would not have missed the last two days for anything. You, Linda ,Paul and the Clarity team did an amazing job of making sure we all had a wonderful time. Hope you all get chance fro some much needed relaxation. xx

  14. Enjoy your time off, Barbara. You have a fantastic team who will keep the good ship Clarity afloat while you are away. Thank you all for the wonderful Retreat. What a huge success it was. All those hours of preparation certainly paid off. Wouldn’t have missed it for the world and already looking forward to next year. Xx

  15. Have a good rest and enjoy the sunshine, which promises to last for most of the Easter weekend. Take care. Hugs. Annette X

  16. Got home from the retreat at just after noon today. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough to express how I feel. It was my first time and was a revelation. Met some lovely people, had some fantastic food, spent some money but not as much as anticipated much to the relief of hubby (who also picked up a few items).
    Knowing how much work goes into preparing for even a small workshop my hat comes off to you and Linda for the dedication that produced the bird and dandelion. Both projects were great and you deserve a few days off. I sympathise with the neck pain. I woke up with a stiff neck and painful shoulders this morning and was glad Ray was doing the driving home.
    Hope you enjoyed your afternoon colouring, these owls are one of my favourites. The weather looks to be fine and warm over Easter so relax and recoup your energy and enjoy some special time with Dave.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  17. I love colouring I find , it very relaxing. Take care of yourself xxx ps loved the stencils on Hochanda today Maria’s demo was awesome too.

  18. I have the Polychromos and when I bought them my head was saying “no colouring pencils can be worth this cost”, but my heart was saying “go for it”. Well they are worth every penny, they have to be the best pencils you can purchase for crafting. I do hope your neck recovers Barbara xxx

  19. Hi Barbara, I have learned (the hard way ) to listen to my body. So please do listen to its story.
    So pleased you had a lovely retreat. Have some great days OFF.
    Pia xx

  20. So pleased the parchment retreat finished well Barbara, and great that you have decided to take some R & R with your colouring and pencils. Will look forward to seeing the results at some point. x

  21. I haven’t got a set yet would love the big set but always seems something else did ask for some for me birthday but don’t think will get them may be have to sale of some of unused craft goodies and treat myself would love them in the box so better get saving keep dreaming of them and seeing everybody’s comments about them seem quiet a need. Glad your stepping away for a break must be at least last summer since you had a proper holiday think you are well over due few weeks in sun you and Dave been very full on for you both this year none stop hope the time in garden colouring has helped a bit wasn’t it a beautiful sunny day. Look after yourself and that neck lots love hugs sound like was amazing but very busy few days xxx

  22. Hello Barb, you really deserve the time off, and you need to look after yourself. So off you go for a colouring session. The team at Clarity will be as fantastic as always. I love my colouring books and always take the book marks or post cards with me on work trips. Take care all. Bx

  23. Barbara love the owls need that book , we have an owl nesting on our old trailer on our field got some photos with our security camera yesterday there was a crow there as well xx

  24. Your like me Barbra , with the colouring , if I’m stressed I colour , I usually use alcohol pens though . Your work is beautiful . x

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