Single Pencil Blog

Single Pencil Blog

Hi there,

Just before I turn in, did you know we sell the single Pergaliners now?

So if your favourite colour is getting stumpy….

Just saying…..

As you know we have our fantastic Perga Liner Combi Box, which you can view here.

To see all of our individual pencils, click here

Love & hugs,

Barb xxx

Building the bridge to art…..

16 thoughts on “Single Pencil Blog

  1. What great 3 shows learnt so much first show git me groovi out and managed to make the ribbon effect look not bad after watching Linda so thanks linda for that was quiet chuffed will give it another go tomorrow glad home safe sleep well own bed night night xxx

  2. Bet you are so shattered. Loved the 2 shows I managed to see today, especially the 2nd one. It was so informative. You and Linda make a brilliant team. Have yet to catch up with the 3 pm one as had to take the car to get fixed, one of the rear springs went, always something sent to try us. Hope you get some rest and relaxation over the weekend. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  3. Hi groovi friends, hope you are all well. Did you watch the brilliant shows today? With all this expert tuition we must surely improve a lot. Love and hugs to all Pam xxx

    1. Yes Pam it was great, it is one thing having all the tools it is another knowing how to use them. X

  4. Hi Barb, I am sure there are some very happy people out there, being able to buy single replacements. Shows were great. Love how packed your bag is, and how you carry spares! Take care all. Bx

  5. Hi Barb,
    Really enjoyed the shows yesterday and learned so much. I especially liked the Dorso Crayon section and found it so useful as I have struggled to know what to do with mine! I could have watched Linda colouring in all night as it was just so relaxing and very delicate. I have to say the the Twist and Sharp pencil sharpeners are brilliant – I bought one last year after Linda recommended them at Leyburn, and then another one when virtually all of Linda Page’s Groovi class at Aycliffe got them! I think it’s great that we can now buy the individual pencils as well as some of mine are getting very short whereas others haven’t been used! The shows were filled with loads of useful information and tips that I will keep referring to. Thank you Linda and of course you for these excellent shows, love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Thanks for the shout out for the Twist & Sharp pencil sharpener Alison. I was wondering what to buy to be the same as as Linda💝🙊👯

  6. A big thank you to Barbara & Linda for the shows yesterday, they were brilliant, light hearted and full of helpful inspiration, and the idea of the ” bridge to art” says it all for me for where I want to go with my groovy.
    Parchy hugs to all. X

  7. Great shows and you must’ve heard me getting frustrated about embossing a frill, had done loads of them in the past but could I get it right the other day, could I heck!!! Looking forward to next month already. Postman just delivered my order from Tina’s show and the sale so will be having a busy afternoon xx

  8. its ok buying pencils singley but i have bought roughly 24 from you but i cant buy the container to put them in any chance of buying the container seperatly please.

  9. Oooo may have to invest in these as I have other pencils but they are only available in tins so you can’t replace the odd one. Will be catcHong up with the show’s at the weekend. Xx

  10. Afternoon bloggy friends, hope you are keeping dry, heavy rain on and off here this afternoon. Xx

  11. Been parching for over 20 years but still learned from the pergamano shows. Keep up the good work with the lovely Linda.

  12. Hi Barbara,
    I really enjoyed the shows yesterday, I think it’s wonderful that we get to learn from an expert like Linda, what a talent. I have always admired parchment craft and hope I can improve along with the tuition on Hochanda.

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