Gremlins in Blogland

Gremlins in Blogland

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in today. It was good to be back at Clarity this morning – Pedal to the metal here! Jayne, lovely Jayne aka Head of TV Dispatch, was so funny. As soon as I walked in, instead of the usual loveliness, all I got was “YOU!! What have you done ?!?!?!!?”

“How many expletive expletive blending nibs do they need?!?!?!”
“.. that’s how many sets of blending pen & nibs you sold yesterday!!!
And they’re still pouring in!!”
And with that, she launched a load up in the air!

“Don’t worry, Jayne”, I said, “we can go to the NEC next week, for a rest!!”

What she really means is that she’s really grateful for all the orders and she loves packing nibs and pens. She just gets a little fraut when she has to count the little nibs out and put them in the little packs, don’t you Jayne…

Roll on the NEC!

Remember I said yesterday evening that the Blog was playing up, and that I couldn’t get in to post? Well, imagine my delight when I eventually did get in, only to find that all my blog score ranking for the last year has been erased – and I’m back near the bottom again.

YMBFK !!!!

Ah well. Whatever. I’ve been stuck in 6th place on the ranking for years. Never could move beyond that slot, but was fine with that. There are huge website blogs out there which have a much wider reach. But now the gremlins have shunted me to the back. There you go. You write and post every day, authentically, you don’t add ads to make money, you write a pure blog – and snake and ladders – there you go. I wonder how long it will take to climb back up…

Maybe if I write a few of those incendiary blogs which get people fired up. But no. Let’s do this quietly and patiently. Main thing is I CAN BLOG. I find writing quite liberating, quite clarifying at the moment. It helps me get all those jumbled thoughts in order. Helps me rifle through the many issues and things which require action. Or at least a reaction. Or no response in fact. So whether I am in 6th place or 96th place – who really cares?

The secret is to keep calm and carry on, isn’t it. To let it go if it’s not important. And this certainly isn’t. Might jar my ego a tad, but that’s all. Ego needs jarring then! Sometimes, when I step back and watch the games that people are playing in this craft arena, it makes me sad. And angry. But there we have it. People, Places and Things – can’t control any of them.

So I choose to stay in my lane, keep my side of the street clean, stick to my principles and never tire of doing the next right thing.

Have a great weekend ! We are meeting friends for a meal tonight. I think I shall start with dessert…

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

70 thoughts on “Gremlins in Blogland

  1. Have a lovely time with your friends x and yep the only thing you.can do is be true to yourself. Take care xxx

  2. Well I had to do something Barbara to get up the blog rankings, I have a mountain to climb. Poor Jane, reminds me I could do with some more nibs. Enjoy your meal, I always check out dessert first then pace myself. xx

  3. Well I hope you had a great weekend Barbara. Meeting up with friends is always good and meals out even better (no cooking) have a couple of glasses of wine and you will soon forget about your blog. We all think you’re the best so what does it matter love xx

  4. Always number 1 to us never mind what some blog ranking says! I just commented on what I thought was todays blog, lucky for me I now have two for the price of one. Luckily I also just found a parcel by the bin with my new Leonie stencils in, great designs. Xx

  5. Have a great evening with your friends and don’t worry about the ranking! We all love you no matter where you be! I blog everyday too and gave up on the rankings long ago.
    Big Hugs
    Linda xxx

  6. Hi Barb,
    I was just thinking of buying another set of pens and nibs – maybeid better hang on for a bit! I’m sure it won’t take you long to climb up the blog ladder, back to where you belong. Hope you have a lovely evening with your friends. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  7. I never think of blog ranking ! Just love to read yours every day and thank you for it. Poor Jane, blame Linda Williams ! Have a good meal, we’re having fish finger sandwiches tonight ! I think there’s 2 little pots of Hagen Das icream in the freezer for after ! X

  8. I don’t care who is doing the ranking. Your blog is the tops. Also interesting, informative and pleasant.
    Everything I see with Clarity is good in my estimation.
    Carry on regardless.
    Lots of love

  9. How frustrating for a snake to have shunted you down, all you need is a handy ladder now to climb back up. Your blog is always interesting, and the way you write is captivating Barbara….always keeps my attention. Enjoy your evening and have a yummy pud! x

  10. May be when you get an award for being the bestest blogger you have to go to the bottom and start again..
    L O L . only kidding . X
    Just keep doing what you are doing. Too many love you for what you are doing..and keeping a lot f people very happy and a bit penniless.x
    L O L . only kidding.
    Thanks Barbara .xx

  11. I enjoy the blog every day and although I don’t comment every day, I do read it. Hope Jane gets plenty of nibs packed up for NEC lol. See you there x

  12. Just checked & you’re 1 above Leonie now, at 60 in the charts.👯
    Think of all those guys that have leapt ahead! You’ve made their day. 😜
    We all love your blog without which my day would be incomplete. I did worry a bit last night when I went to bed without knowing you were home safely. 🙈
    Pleased your week turned out so well for you & blending is trending. 🤗

  13. There are definitely times when you HAVE to start a meal with the dessert!! Your blog is unmissable, entertaining, thought provoking and fun. What’s not to like? I imagine very few people check on your blog status, they just enjoy it regardless!

  14. Top Blog for me too! Love my blending pens, would like some more, will wait until you catch your breath a bit before I order them, although with all the goodies you keep bringing us I cant see you catching your breath anytime soon. Have a good weekend, I envy you having a dessert, in the middle of a kitchen refurb here, culinary standards have slipped.

  15. Maybe I had better order my spare blending pens and nibs before the NEC – poor Jane – they must be fiddly to count.

    Yours is the only blog I read – in my estimation there can be none better. It’s informative, amusing, friendly, and full of integrity. Who cares about ratings – ❣❣WE LOVE YOU ❣❣

    Have a lovely evening out and enjoy the weekend.

    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  16. Good evening Barbara!! Poor Jayne having to count all those nibs out but it’ll keep her out of mischief… Well mostly! Haha.
    You’ll soon pull up your ranking again! You’re always top of the list in my world.
    Facebook was at the bottom of mine today. I updated my blog which I had not done for a couple of weeks. Then came to post it on fb…. No way!!! Message said “your message has been removed as it contains spam and or banned content.” Wtf!!!!
    The upshot of it all is that after all the time I’ve had my blog and posted on fb no problem before, the powers that be have taken objection to my blog title and URL. I had two choices… Start a new blog or just not bother. I do enjoy doing it though. So before I deleted my old blog I thought I’d investigate if I could change it…. And yes I did!! So it’s the same blog in a slightly fb friendly guise!
    I suppose these things are meant to try us!
    Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your meal with friends.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  17. Didn’t know you could drop down the chart like that, but you’ll always be top of the game for me. The highlight of my day or evening is reading your blog, it’s always a laugh or something to get your brain going. You should write a book one day, but in the mean time just carry on doing what you do, it’s who we love.xxxx

  18. I never look at rankings Barbara, just go with who I like,and I love reading your blog. ABSOLUTELY loved the 3 hours of pergamano so much tutorial mixed in loved it and promised myself to”sit on my hands”but whoops they appeared and ordered the dorso crayons and the A 3 mat,oh well never mind.Have a good weekend try to get some you time,very important that,looking forward to the next shows.

  19. Wouldn’t know about ratings. As far as I’m concerned you’re number one.
    Love reading your blog. Enjoy your meal tonight and definitely start with desert because you can.

  20. Well as far as I am concerned this blog is the one and only, always interesting and informative, very often amusing and thought provoking.
    Managed to watch the first Pergamano show, you three are having so much fun with it! So many things make much better sense when you can watch an expert at work.
    Just keep doing what you are doing so brilliantly xx

  21. I am splitting my sides laughing at your chatter. I know it sounds daft but I am certain you would have no trouble if you were in prison isolation, only joking, you would talk to yourself and get the answers. Great blogs, always interesting and informative.

  22. I noticed things were a bit weird too today Barbara. Hopefully they will get sorted and you will be returned to you rightful place. It takes a great deal to blog every day especially when you have so many other things on the go. You are my inspiration!

  23. Be you at number 6 or number 96 in the rankings you will always be at number one for me. Enjoy your meal out, time spent with good friends is good for the soul. 😘😘

  24. We don’t care about the ratings we don’t see em. You’re number one to us. Most days you make me howl with laughter. Others you make me stop and think. I’m sure sometimes you must be dismayed at others conduct. But there are those of us who can see it. Me, I like a clean and tidy street. I also love the blending nibs. I’ll give Jane a break, wait a couple of weeks before ordering. Enjoy your evening x

  25. Hi Barbara
    A woman after my own heart, I would start every meal with a dessert if I could, but then again, I would have a dessert for my main too.
    The important thing to remember is that it doesn’t matter where you are in the tables, you will always be number ONE to all of us xxxxxxx
    Love & Hugs

  26. Look at it this way, Barb. The folk who do the figures don’t have a clue!
    Who do you write the blog for? Answer: your fans/followers/friends.
    Where are you in the charts as far as all of those are concerned? Answer: Number 1!
    So hey, don’t pay any attention to those darned charts, full of pretentious people,doing whatever it takes to climb that ladder! Be yourself….honest, talented, funny, enterprising, true to yourself and all those who love you. Just Carry On Being

  27. Hello Barbara
    You are number 1 to those that matter. Enjoy you meal out with friends.

  28. Really enjoy your blog everyday and, as far as I am concerned, you are No. 1. Hope you have a lovely, relaxing evening with your friends. xx

  29. Your blog is so entertaining, I love your style of writing and you make me laugh. I have picked up so many new ideas from here as well so onwards and upwards Barbarba, chin up and I bet you get back near the top again very soon x

  30. Love, love , love your BLOG… make me smile every day. You are doing a great job….and by the way Happy Women’s Day!!! You go girl!!!

    Joanne VanHise

  31. Hi Barbara and everyone, hope you have had a good day.
    Rankings etc who Cares , is it me I don’t seem to hear about all the tricks the other companies go to so sad.
    This is the only blog I read and only Clarity world wide , as everyone is always so helpful if you need anything.
    Loved your blog today made me laugh with regard to Jane’s blending pens dare I say do not order yet or Jane may blow a gasket !!!!!
    Have a great weekend all ,go on have a good pud.
    Lynn xx

  32. Well I love your blog as its so honest, funny, witty and gives some great samples of work! The added bonus is that it’s not constantly interrupted by adverts! So what if you are bottom or near the bottom of the list, I don’t read your blog because it’s at the top, I read it because I enjoy it! Keep going Barbara. Enjoy the dessert first at your meal out tonight!!!xx

  33. Retrograde Mercury until 28th March … always screws up communication …
    keep calm and ride it out
    We love you 😘

  34. Yours is pretty much the only blog I read, and I read it every day. (Although I do drop in on Maria’s as well). I never knew there was such a thing as rankings. I’m only concerned with the content and for me yours is required reading. Funny and informative in one package.

  35. Hi Barbara,I never knew what a blog was until my daughter started hers some years ago writing as wholesomeireland and I designed her first logo and header using stamps and ink ! .I follow her now obviously amazed that so many do too . You are the only other blog I read because its real and so so genuine.Best regards to all you and your team do .Carmel

  36. Thank you for taking the time, EVERYDAY, to keep us entertained and informed. To those who care you are No 1. Please don’t give up.

  37. I am not sure what is going on but you are rapidly climbing back to the top of the charts where we know you belong. I promise not to mention nibs to Jayne next week at the NEC !!
    Hope you enjoyed your dessert, always my favourite part of any meal.

  38. Hi Barbara,
    Your blog is great and judging by the rest of the responses it’s only a matter of time before you’re “official” ranking is back where it should be.
    Hope your evening is relaxing.
    Maybe a pack of 3 or 4 blending pens and nibs is required😂
    Thanks for sharing

  39. Who cares about the statistics?! As far as each and every one of us Clarity fans, friends and family, you are always at the top! We will continue reading and supporting AND loving your blog, forever and a day xxxx

  40. You are always no1 to me, you give so much back. I watched the shows yesterday and was able to do the techniques thank you, thank you, thank you, to you and linda. Your blogs have become part of my daily routine. Have a good one at the NEC, can’t make this one but hoping to make November, all I have to do is save some money. Parchy hugs to all. X

  41. Good evening Barbara
    Well I always visit your blog I may not comment on it everyday but never miss reading it
    I love the way you write it’s natural and honest
    You won’t be long before you are back up there where you belong hugs 🤗

  42. You write a wonderful blog. Really enjoy reading it and hearing all about what you are doing . And all the rest of the team. You make me smile and even laugh sometimes . Xxxxxx

  43. Don’t give a thought to the rankings, it’s the content that we love! Hope you’ve had a lovely evening with your friends and dessert for starters sounds fine to me! xx

  44. I love reading your blog and have never even thought about blog rankings! You must be doing something right to have an award winning blog, so keep doing it please. Enjoy your evening and take care x

  45. Your blog is wonderful. One day I’m giggling as I read, the next I’m studying a new technique, and then on another day you write something that touches my heart. You never miss a day.
    I look forward to it every day.

    Also, thanks for reminding me that I need more nibs.

  46. Your my number one blogger only one I follow regularly. Well I have been groovi white work to finish tomorrow letting my white work settle. Enjoying shoulder was sore after doing 3 different versions. hope had a good evening out with friends did your get your sweet first night night x

  47. I am laughing as I like reading your blog, what are you bothered about rankings for, you have just won Gold for your blog have you not, like someone else said, don’t know what’s going on in the craft world but I don’t think you have anything to worry about, hope you had a good evening

  48. Hi Barbara
    You are still no 1 for a lot of us so just ignor the ranking. I love the fact you write from your heart and genuinely do write every day rather than having it all written and ready To post ready for the week ahead! Poor Jayne, think I might wait until ally pally for some nibs! Hope you enjoyed your meal.
    Love Diane xxx

  49. Who matters most – us or them? We read you every day. It could work out for the best if the top blogs are the ones that get hacked…this weekend… Karma knows. Thanks for reminding me I need some more nibs. Could you not weigh them and tip them into the bags with a funnel? I’ll give it month while sanity returns. Is dessert not normal as a main after a busy week?

  50. Hello Barbara Grey
    This is the first time ever I have commented on a blog and yours is the only one I read. I am quite new to stamping and I stumbled over clarity and your blog via the fabulous magpie YouTube, maybe half a year ago. Been hooked to all things clarty ever since. Have been reading the blog history, it will keep me fascinated for quite some time I think, reached june 2016 by now. What an incredible journey you have had so far and thank you so much for letting others ride along. I love all the crafty inspiration you give so freely but even more I love the way you make me think about life and what is important in it. This blog and the lovely people commenting on it is something very special. Please do not get discouraged by some silly technical glitch. You, clarity and this blog deserve all prices you have been awarded and I am sure there are many more to come.
    Have a good weekend and spend some time with friends
    Anja from Hamburg, Germany

  51. Hello Barbara – read your blog everyday, it’s the best one out there, genuine, honest and from the heart. Rankings don’t matter. Have a great weekend, lots of love Donna X

  52. Well, my new Tina plates and my Kings have arrived, And I have looked and stroked, but they will have to wait until I get home. I was tempted to take them with me, but I have grandchildren to play with, so resisted!
    I am hoping that I will be able to rewatch Thursday’s shows a few times, to imprint them on my brain, as they were so fantastic and informative. Thank you and Linda so much for all your work. You are just amazing tutors and so good together.
    I will miss seeing you at the NEC this year and hope it all goes well for you. I will be reading your blog every day from Vancouver and keeping up with everyone via Facebook. Take care and hugs to all. Annette X

  53. Morning Barb. Just catching up on the week’s blogs over breakfast. Totally agree with you about the value of writing something when you’re feeling stressed, and how that can be calming. There’s a great book called “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. One of the techniques she recommends is called Morning Pages – you sit and just write about whatever is on your mind for about 15 minutes in the morning. I guess that’s what your blog does for you- and long may it continue!

  54. Hello Barb, I do feel for Jayne, bless her cottons. As for your blog, I love reading it, usually the morning after it has posted, but it invariably gives me food for thought in the day ahead, and also plenty of smiles and laughter too. So to me, I would love you to be #1, because you are my number 1, but wherever you are ranked, you are loved and enjoyed. I hope you had a great dinner. Take care all. Bx

  55. Hi, the numbers do not matter, do it because you enjoy it. I really enjoy reading your blog, my no.1. Blog read. X

  56. Sorry Barbara, I forgot to comment on your blog position. As many have said, in our opinion you are number 1, but I think it needs to be corrected, as you deserve the recognition. You are too modest to complain though. 🙂x

  57. To blogger No.1. Always enjoy your news. Now waiting for Pergamano Show No.3. More embossing and Colouring please. Will we be having anything on pricking, tips on “”Vs” keeping them pefectly straight.

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