Pergamano Shows 7th March

Pergamano Shows 7th March

Hi there!

Thanks for dropping by. Just got back to the hotel after a very fruitful day spent with a few good, kind and special people. In fact, it has been quite a week for rich meetings, laced with art and ideas. So many ideas! So much beautiful artwork! Now we just have to take it through the developmental stages, make it well and present it beautifully.

Who knew that Clarity would become such a magnet for so many talented and creative people ?! And all of these people are so real, so down to earth! they just need and seek a platform to launch their art, a safe place to be themselves and make art.

Linda Williams and her lovely hubby Rob arrived mid afternoon, so we set about building the HOCHANDA TV set in readiness for 8am Pergamano Show tomorrow morning. Ahhh…. and it’s Leonie in the middle at 8!! Mega cool.

What are we up to? Well, a recap first. Back to the whitework. A super frilly technique. Then we are moving on to colour. Wait till you see what Linda wants to show us and teach us. IT IS AWESOME!!!!!

If you have the stash, get it out and CRAFTALONGALINDA!!!!

If not, there are some very keen prices on the shows tomorrow, if you are growing your stash and filling your pink Pergamano bag….

Josie Davidson
Gail Sydenham
Linda Page
Jane Telford
Josie Davidson
Karen Jackson
Linda Page
Sheila Bradley

Time for bed , said Zebedee. Early start. 5am. In the studio at 6am, ready for an 8am show. Yeah. Whoever told you TV live is glamorous, is a dreamer. It is hard graft. Leonie looked absolutely wiped out after her Let Leonie Loose Hour this afternoon. When you give it that much energy, it drains you. Tomorrow, Linda is driving the bus; I’m just along for the ride!!!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

21 thoughts on “Pergamano Shows 7th March

  1. All set to record as I am out tomorrow. I really enjoyed the last Pergamano shows, really made me enthusiastic for Groovi again. Looking forward to tomorrows shows too. I LOVE Clarity. Xxxxx

  2. Good evening Barbara. Can’t wait to watch the shows and pick up more hints and tips from Linda and yourself.
    Sleep well.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  3. Hi Barbara and Linda,
    I am Looking forward to seeing what you Got for us. I love the Groovi system and all your other products. I somehow miss the brighter colors on the front of the pargament. So I am Looking forward to your tricks and wise help.xx Pia

  4. Hi Barb,
    Pleased that things seem to be going so well at Hochanda – you and them, a match made in heaven! Looking forward to the shows tomorrow although I’m having to record them to watch tomorrow night. Can’t wait to see what Linda is going to teach us this time around. Hope you get a good night’s rest ready for an early start tomorrow – I’ll be thinking of you whilst I’m swimming up and down the pool! Love and hugs Alisonxxxxx

  5. I think I need to get to bed early tonight so that I can get up in time for the first show tomorrow. I am really looking forward to seeing what Linda has in store for us. It all looks very exciting. I do have something to show you next week, done using the Dorso crayons. I had forgotten how much fun they were and how versatile until Maria dug them out at class.
    I hope you are finding time to rest in between the rushing around. Perhaps, Roz and Lynda and Karen can do you a picnic between shows tomorrow. I am not surprised at the number of people wanting to join the Clarity family, the best there is in the craft world. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  6. Great art work from the design team. Will be recording the first two shows to have a Groovi fest in the afternoon. Fortunately I have both sets of Linda’s plates and all the Pergamano gear so my finances will not be stretched this week.
    Have a good night, sleep tight.

  7. So pleased it has been a fruitful time for you Barbara, takes the stress away. Recording the programmes tomorrow but hoping to watch at least the first two shows. Every bit of help needed.
    Leonie is so energetic on her shows but her enthusiasm if infectious. I am so pleased she is on your team.
    Sleep well xx

  8. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow as I am hoping to pick up some hints & tips on colouring. I can see you have Leonie & Matt with you for the first 2 shows but at the moment you & Linda are running the show between you at 3pm. I am sure you will be fine !!
    Thought I would have a tidy up today & get rid of some my hoard of crafty stash that I don’t use anymore. I haven’t got very far & at a point when its looks like a tornado has gone through the room, hopefully things will get better tomorrow. I need to find the floor & my table !!

  9. Will look forward to that, we used the Dorso Crayons at Carole’s class this week so will be good to see them again. We were talking about Linda’s coloring too ! Enjoy your shows ! X

  10. Pergamano shows set to record as I have my 3 year old grandson all day tomorrow so no chance to watch – and he has chickenpox!! Hope to catch up at the weekend, I learned so much from the previous shows xx

  11. You do have a great time looking forward to watching and learning from Linda tomorrow absolutely loved the first shows so recorded set so can listen again . Need those plates sleep well looking forward to shows tomorrow night night xxx

  12. Hi Barbara
    I must remember to press record as I will be dashing out in the morning then off to work in the afternoon and I’d like to see what you have in store for us. I’ve been given a set of the crayons and I’ve bought some Dorso oil, I just need to know how to use them ! Beautiful samples from the design team again, what a talented lot, they really inspire me.
    Love Diane xxx

  13. Good luck tomorrow, You do make me smile. Of course clever, talented artists are attracted to Clarity – like attracts like!

  14. Good luck tomorrow I’m sure the shows will be another hit. The Groovi samples are always amazing and Linda and Yourself are great teachers. Xx

  15. Recorder all set, remote control on my sofa ready for the morning. Thankfully I already have the supplies in my stash so cash is safe tomorrow and have had an e-mail to say one of my orders is on its way (not the King plates but I know they’ll arrive soon as is possible) so will be watching out for the Postman on Friday. Looking forward to seeing what Linda has to show us, and I can guarantee I’ll learn something! Sleep well and will see you in the morning xx

  16. Hello Barb, hope you got a good nights sleep. The design teams samples are awesome. As much as I am not big on parchment craft, I will still watch as there are tips and techniques to use my small Groovi collection along with my stamps and stencils. Take care all. Bx

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