Custom Cards, Bespoke Envelopes and a great offer!

Custom Cards, Bespoke Envelopes and a great offer!

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. I have been up at the TV studios since Sunday, and It’s pretty strange not being in your own workspace, I must admit. That said, everybody is so lovely and friendly and helpful – it really is much like being back at Clarity HQ !!! Quieter. that’s what it is!! i have been given a nice office to work from, and it hasn’t got a phone! That’s the biggest difference! You don’t realize how much the phone interrupts your train of thought until it is gone. I have been so much more effective here when it comes to drafting agreements, making detailed plans and negotiations, because I haven’t been getting constantly interrupted!!! Velly intellesting…..

There was great excitement when Paul showed us how to make envelopes out of the new 12×12 designer papers on telly, so we asked him to rustle up a YouTube. Enjoy!

There. Amazing isn’t it, what you can do with a sheet of paper!

Anyway, there is a special offer on the papers, so do pop over to the website and investigate!

To make things easier, you can find all of the above in one place here

Love and hugs,

Barb xx

17 thoughts on “Custom Cards, Bespoke Envelopes and a great offer!

  1. I wonder if you would be traveling back and forth this week. Like have a mini break working somewhere else and seeing more of what goes on day to day at hochanda. Glad it’s quiet relaxing for you. Xxx

  2. Making bespoke envelopes is great to do. I have a problem right now with a non-standard card, but I think I will need to use an 8×8 as well as the 12×12. Perhaps Paul could just pop over and do the maths for me, just to add to all his other work. The whole Clarity team have really stepped up as they always do, and we all owe them a huge vote of thanks. I reckon the Hochanda team are pretty good too. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

    1. Yes Catherine you do….joy to the world🤗
      May I suggest Barbara that you tune in to Scala Radio, while in your new office, launched on my Birthday 💝
      It’s great relaxing listening, they even do Op Master at 10.30am with Simon Mayo, instead of Pop Master. Love it❣️

  3. So that is why Dave has been using the black mat on the dinner table! You hid the placemats before you went to Peterborough😂
    You will miss your pottery tomorrow, but at least you have had a productive and hopefully less stressed week, especially with no constant phone interruptions. Looking forward to seeing you and Linda on Thursday. Hugs. Annette X

  4. Just watched Paul on YouTube, great demo well explained.
    Glad you are feeling more relaxed and that Hochanda are looking after you. Phones can be a nuisance at times. When I am doing paper work I unplug the phone at the wall, work gets done faster and accurately, and I can get back to crafting sooner.
    Have a good evening.

  5. Maybe you need a secretary to field calls until you are ready when back at base? Interesting demo and great offer – thank you. Such an expensive week!

  6. Well done Paul, great demo and useful tips. I will definitely have a go at the envelope.
    So pleased Barbara that you have had a productive time and some peace and quiet. The telephone can be quite intrusive. Looking forward to Thursday and the recorder is set.
    Good luck with everything x

  7. I used to always make my own envelopes out of patterned paper for the special cards, mostly because I used to make odd sizes that you couldn’t buy. I think if I used these for envelopes I would get twitchy if it was put in the recycling…I would be taking it back out! Great demo Paul. Glad you are finding some quiet time Barbara. XX

  8. Hi Barb,
    I’m pleased that Hochanda are looking after you as you have so much extra to plan and prepare for at the moment. I bet you are missing Dave though. I used to hate it when I was trying to get paperwork done at school in my office when the phone kept ringing or people would just “pop” in and stay for half an hour! I quite often used to lock myself in and take the phone off the hook just to attempt to plough my way through a mound of paperwork! Looking forward to the Pergamano shows and hopefully I won’t need to spend any money!! Great video today , love the envelopes and inserts to match. Well done Paul. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  9. Make my own envelopes frequently as my card ideas tend to not work to standard sizes… doh! Lovely offer on the pads but, as I’ve spent a lot this past week I’ll have to forgo them this time around. I know what you mean regarding the telephone too, love it when I can retreat into my lovely quiet little crafty room, I have a TV and radio/CD in it but, more often than not choose the peace! Safe journeys, recorder is set for Thursday and I’ll be watching too xx

  10. When you’re really busy and needing to crack on perhaps you could find a space back at base where there are no phones ringing around you Barbara, though maybe that is an impossibility. Paul has just shown us a great way of making our own envelopes so thank you for that. x

  11. Hi Barb, wow you are busy, I think Hochanda are very lucky to have you on board, but you must also give yourself time to relax. Off to watch the video, I love making my own envelopes it makes the giving/sending of the card so much more personal. Take care all. Bx

  12. geweldig hoe jullie alles uitleggen en bedankt hiervoor.De shows op hochanda zijn ook altijd gezellig en leerzaam om naar te kijken.Groetjes uit nederland zuid limburg

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