Paul’s Pop-Up Diamond Card YouTube Tuesday

Paul’s Pop-Up Diamond Card YouTube Tuesday

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Just a quickie today, to introduce a really neat little folding trick by Paul. It is very cool, and I LOVE this leafy Swirl Die.






There’s a sweet 20% discount on this little die, so do dive in if you like it!

The Club envelopes have all gone out, so keep your eyes peeled for the postman! Sorry it’s later than usual – the NEC slowed us down. But we will get it back on track next month.

Love & Hugs

Barb xxxx

23 thoughts on “Paul’s Pop-Up Diamond Card YouTube Tuesday

  1. Thank you I will have a look at the YouTube video and I will start stalking the postman! I never worry as I know you will get it to us. Xx

  2. Paul triumphs again – his explanations are so clear.
    Glad the club envelopes are on their way, they are a lovely monthly treat. My postie always gives me a big grin as she hands over yet another Clarity parcel!!!
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  3. Hi Barbara and everyone, no problem with the late delivery of our Club issues for this month.
    Good things come in good packages, and worth waiting for.
    You all do a brilliant job with all you do so please do not beat yourselves up over this.
    Just off to see Paul on You Tube.
    Have a great evening all.
    Lynn xxx

  4. Hello Barbara – can’t wait for my club goodies. Always something to look forward to. You Tube great as always. Been doing lots of crafting again today, and practiced my Groovi cutting. Can’t wait for the next pergamano lesson. It’s a great idea having these teaching shows, stroke of genius. Lots of love Donna X

    1. Hi Barb,
      Another great video from Paul with a fabulous die as well. Really looking forward to getting my happy mail in the post in the next couple of days. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  5. Don’t worry we know we always get are club letters you have been. So busy with all extra work some thing had to give cannot do everything at ones so looking forward to receiving it. Love the leafy swirls another great offer lots love x

  6. I will watch this tomorrow. No need for apologies for club envelopes, they always arrive and are a real treat when they do. xx

  7. Will catch up on Paul’s video later in week, look forward to my club envelope arriving and no worries it’s a little later you’ve been a bit busy just lately! Xx

  8. Will catch up with Paul’s video later. Always look forward to my club envelope arriving, don’t mind it being later, it’s always a pleasure to receive it. xx

  9. Thank you very much, Paul.
    I wanted to make such a card for a long time… and now you showed us how and it remined me of making it.
    Rolf xxx

  10. thanhelp.ks paul. as a new user of gemini was glad of the detailed instruction for th sandwich.

    but i dont know how to download instruction for pop up card. seems i am not the only one.please

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