Flower Power Project and Doodles on the Horizon…

Flower Power Project and Doodles on the Horizon…

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in.

Busy busy Monday ahead! Oh boy! Is it me? Or is the world spinning off its axis ? I know it’s gone mad, I know we’re living in a mental world, and I appreciate that we’re all doomed. But this breakneck speed is making me dizzy!

So let’s just change down a gear, take our foot off the pedal – and make a pretty card. At least while we’re doing that, we can’t break any speed limits!

These flower sets which we launched a couple of weeks ago cetainly went down well ! We’ve only just caught up with production! Love it when it works. Mind you, I must confess, I was chuffed with the way they turned out too…

Floral Wall Stamp Sets
Also available individually.

Now here, you can see that I have picked the Lizzy (As in Lisianthus) and combined it with the brick wall. All sets are clearly interchangeable.

The sentiment stamped out with our Mini Word Chain No. 15/16

A little black edging and mounted on white. Job’s a goodn.

Simple, quick and pretty. That’ll do today! On Thursday, our super talented Tina and I will be gracing your screens on HOCHANDA, with a little lesson in effective doodling. I do hope you have time to join us at 11am and 2pm. We’ll be working on our Designer Paper and Designer Parchment, and there’s a mega super deal on those two products that day. Well worth stocking up on!

In the mean time, I also really want to encourage you to invest in our Kraft card – mainly because it stamps up so beautifully, and takes colour so perfectly! So let’s say that for the next 48 hours we will drop the bundle price on 80 cardblanks from £29.96 to £20. Including the white pencil of course! I know!! £!0 savings?? Plus your club discounts?? She’s getting soft!! No, she’s not. She just thinks that £20 is a baaaaarginnnnn!


Love & Hugs

Barb xxx

20 thoughts on “Flower Power Project and Doodles on the Horizon…

  1. Ooh I may just have to take advantage of that offer. Always think using Kraft card gives such a beautiful effect. Make sure you take time to slow down Barb, otherwise you’ll meet yourself coming back the other way!! Lol xxxx

  2. Blue on Kraft card always looks wonderful. Love the flower sets only got one at the moment but know I shall add more. As for being a mad world ,I agree, even retirement is a busy time. I would not want it any other way to be honest though. X

  3. As Lynne said, blue on Kraft card always look good and the white highlights just makes it all pop. I just might have to take advantage o your generosity. Make sure you take time every day, no matter how busy you ‘re, just to smell the flowers and take a walk with Dave. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  4. Good morning Barbara!
    You’re absolutely right about how quickly this year is going!!! It’s less than 4months to Amy’s big day and I’m beginning to go into panic mode… I don’t think Amy is although when I see her at the weekend I will be able to tell a bit more!
    I love those stamps and what you’ve done with them looks amazing. I think a shopping trip to the website may be in order today! The kraft card is fabulous. Its smoother than most.
    This week we have some great shows from clarity coming up and I’m looking forward to seeing all the demos.
    Have a great week! I hope you get time for yourself in all of what’s going on!!
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  5. Love this look, and have Kraft card to use up before I invest in any more stash! I have the shows ready to record, as I’ll be out celebrating a friend’s 60th on Thursday. Back to work today, so I’ll be joining you with the plate spinning later!!! x

  6. I love these stamps and your example is beautiful. I will be taking advantage of your generous offer on the craft card as my first pack is half gone !!!
    As for time flying, I don’t know where the first quarter has gone. I always seem to be chasing my tail to get things done. Is it because I’m getting slower as I get older or because I’ve already started making my charity Christmas cards in between parching?
    It will be interesting to see the doodles on Thursday and maybe incorporate the ideas with my Zentangles.
    Do try to step out of that whirlwind occasionally. I agree the world seems to be going mad but perhaps if WE KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON it will improve.
    Beautifully sunny today here in Norfolk, just right for mowing the lawn now the snowdrops are finished.
    Busy, busy, coffee break over, must get on.

  7. I love the look of the kraft card, and the flowers and brick wall beautifully coloured too Barbara. Thank you for showing us this beautiful card. x

  8. Hi Barbara and everyone, well what a beautiful day, will we have to suffer for this later never mind just enjoy while we can.
    What a lovley card the blue and white work well together.
    Yes as you say ,it seems as if we are always busy even after retiring even more so .
    Well tonight I am going to take myself off to my craft room and play with my Fresh Cut dies joy ,while the husband watches football.
    Hope you all enjoy your evening.
    Lynn xxx

  9. Love the look of stamping and colouring on kraft card, just put an order in for a pack. I have been tempted by the kraft for a while now after seeing you use it and colouring with the white pencil. Got a pack of envelopes too. Thank you for the offer and the beautiful card for today. XX

  10. Great project, looking forward to the ‘Doodles shows, but despite the great offer on your card blanks I’m hanging on to my cash…basically if I buy more card blanks there’ll be a divorce lol! Xx

  11. Beautiful card, I love the stamps and have the one with the grass and had a try with it on Kraft card. I used different colours though, but the blue really does pop.
    Thanks for the wonderful inspiration and take care.

  12. Great offer we are hoping life will slow down as Bob is know officially retired today so tomorrow is beginning of the new chapter lots pans cooking at moment in family at home with four big birthdays this next month in are family 30 2×40 and my 60 lokong forward to my trip to ally pally and cause Katie is to saving pennies for then but great temptations here now xxx

  13. Hi Barb,
    Really like these stamps (& of course the Groovi set) and love what you’ve done here. The blue and white on the craftcard looks fabulous. I’ve never really been a fan of craft card but I think I’m coming round to it a bit more now! I do think the offer is brilliant but as I have 2 packs of craft card to use up, I don’t think I’ll take advantage. I know it sounds strange that I’m not fond of it but have 2 packs! Hope you find time to chill out before you burn out with all this extra work load. Sending love and hugs Alison xxx

  14. Hi Barbara
    Ido like these flower stamps and they look amazing on the craft card. The colours just seem to pop don’t they. That’s a really good offer, some of the card blanks almost fell into my basket the other day but I resisted. I might just see what’s left at the end of the month to see if they need a little bit of a shove to fall in! With club discount they are a really good price. Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  15. Love those stamps and the colours really pop on the Kraft card too
    Take care and don’t forget to breathe xxx

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