Leonie Pujol – Natural Beauty

Leonie Pujol – Natural Beauty

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. What a great job Leonie did today!! And what splendiferous stencils indeed!!!

Arty Patterns Bundle
Mix Media Boards.
Julie Dunn
Sarah Brennan
Dee Paramour
Sarah Brennan
Anne Dimitriou
Anne Dimitriou
Dee Paramour
Dee Paramour
Anne Dimitriou

Sold out too. There was never any doubt in my mind that they would sell out. Or should I say that Leonie would sell them out. Not only are they super designs, but don’t you agree that it’s her energy, her enthusiasm which is so infectious?

And I am delighted to introduce the first in a range of Greyboard designs which Clarity will be making for your pleasure. I really loved the houses Leonie made out of the arrows!

She is so happy to be supported by our very special Design Team too. She texted me after the show, to tell me that. Like me, she is always under the cosh, scrambling from one job to the next. So it is a massive relief and support to be able to showcase beautiful examples of what can be achieved with stencils, sta,ps, masks, Groovi plates etc. It takes the pressure off her and myself when we can turn to lovely artwork to show. So a huge thank you again, to our ever helpful and lovely team. Did you notice that we have a few newcomers to the team too? Welcome Anne, Tamara, Carolyn and Lou !! Clarity’s Mixed Media front is certainly picking up momentum!! Happy Days. We are calling that range CLARITY MIX. Watch this space!

But now I shall go and spend an evening with Dave, before we both shoot off in different directions again tomorrow. You do what you have to do, don’t you….

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxxx

23 thoughts on “Leonie Pujol – Natural Beauty

  1. Well done getting Lou on the design team, that woman is inspirational! Loved Leonie’s shows as usual. X

  2. Loved the show today with Leonie, the stencils look amazing, I had to buy them. Leonie is very inspiring. Well done team Clarity x

  3. Purchased my stencils without watching any demos can sit back and enjoy rewind now, so looking forward to exciting times more from Leonie and Lou now on the Clarity team, and all on Hochanda ! Great work Barbara.

  4. The stencils are amazing. What a perfect combination Clarity and Leonie. I am so impressed with all the beautiful works of art. Big congrats 😮

  5. I have been out all day so plan to catch up with Leonie’s shows in a bit. The DT samples are yet again fantastic so I am looking forward to watching the demos from Leonie.

  6. Not surprised that they sold out, they are fabulous to work with. I have been catching up with the shows and loved what everyone came up with. I am so lucky to be part of such a talented team.

  7. Amazing stencils. The samples are brilliant and not surprised that they sold out.
    Looking forward to a busy crafting weekend with Craftaholics Anonymous tomorrow afternoon and then I am doing a craft party for my friend who’s daughter has asked me to do a craft party for her birthday. I am taking my clarity stencils so they can decorate cloth bags, mugs and canvases. It will get messy, but lots of fun!

  8. I got in today from work and before seeing a demo I ordered the bundle, I trust not only Clarity but Leonnie too to inspire me in the direction of mixed media. The samples from the DT on your blog today are beautiful and I will catch up with the shows in a bit. Looking forward to seeing where Clarity Mix takes us all. XX

  9. Wasn’t a great show grey boards know too wow fantastic great news Lou is joining the clarity team she seems another lovely lady who doesn’t realise her talent glad your taking her under clarity wing was hoping this would happen she deserves a great break. Still have second show to catch up on tomorrow enjoy your evening xxx

  10. It was a great show and yes Leonie did a fab job. Mixed media is not usually my style but I really like a couple of the stencils. Hope you are having a quiet enjoyable evening. X

  11. What a talent Leonie is, and such a pleasure to watch. She is a great asset to the wonderful Clarity family.
    The design team are marvels too; boy, there is some talent out there!
    Have a great weekend and safe travels to Peterborough. I am so looking forward to the Kings!
    Hugs. Annette X

  12. Spent the day at the hospital with Ray today, lots of tests, so didn’t catch Leonie’s shows. Sure they were a success.
    Have a good evening with Dave.

  13. Hi Barb,
    Watched the shows on rewind and was very impressed. Leonie’s passion for creating is very infectious! I’m not really into mixed media but the more I see these shows, I have a feeling that I could be converted. I loved the circle and heart stencils – wasn’t too sure about the other two until I saw the samples. They were absolutely stunning I was so impressed. I loved the one Barbara Lancaster did with the circle stencil where she threaded the straight lines. I would never have thought of that but I can see me trying to use the technique myself. Well done to everyone involved with the show especially Leonie for the designing. Love and hugs,Alison xx

  14. I’m looking forward to watching the recordings tomorrow, and all the samples look fabulous. Might even get a bit of crafting done myself tomorrow!

  15. Loved the show, you are right about Leonie’s enthusiasm. Loved the stencils, more food for thought for my parching, going on my wishlist as have spent all my pennies😁. Parchy hugs to all. X

  16. Hiya Barbara…I thought I’d pop in before I went to bed. Great shows today from Leonie… So many hints and tips. Her stencils were really fun to work with and I loved the addition of the grey board shapes and masks this time.
    So glad my mate Lou has joined the team. She’s one very talented lady and such an inspiration to me in so many ways.
    Hope you have a good night’s sleep so you’re refreshed for the hectic weekend shows ahead!
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  17. I have to admit I was a bit late to order so got them direct from yourselves but so happy to see the lovely Leonie sell this range out and the DT samples are epic!
    Barbara I want to see more of these please, especially yours with the stitching, pretty please more photo’s of Leonie’s range? Also Barbara I want Leonie stamps and dies too – can you do anything about that wish list for me ?? lol!!
    Have a nice night with your lovely man and try to rellax a little x

  18. Hi Barbara
    I must watch the shows on rewind as the samples are lovely. What great stencils, well done leoni having another sell out. It’s a good partnership isn’t it. The design team samples are amazing, well done team. Safe travels this weekend.
    Love Diane xx

  19. Missed the shows so will have to have a peek on Rewind, but the DT’s samples look great. Mixed media isn’t my ‘thing’ but do appreciate the artwork. Hope you had a lovely evening with Dave and safe journeys for your weekend travels. Xx

  20. The lovely Leonie has a design style all her own and it complements the Clarity range beautifully, and Lou who I think has been working with Kay at Indigoblu is another very talented mixed media artist, so great to have her with you too Barbara. I hope you and Dave had a nice relaxing evening. x

  21. Hi Barb, Leonie is so inspiring, and her designs are fab. Love the artwork, mixed media is so much fun. Bx

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