Garden Stamps and Groovi

Garden Stamps and Groovi

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

I was talking to Mum and Dad this morning. Just checking in, making sure they are okay. Happy to report they are doing very well. Mum told me she was going in the garden because she had spotted some Christmas decorations which needed taking down! Glad it’s not just me then! I saw some baubles hanging from the lamps in the lounge the other day. I left them there; it will come round so fast!!

Anyway, I was telling Mum about my 2 hour show on HOCHANDA TV tomorrow, 2-4pm. They never miss it. In all the years I have been doing this Sunday Afternoon gig, I don’t think they have ever missed one.

“Ooooh! Mum!” I said, “You will love the stamps on tomorrow’s show! They’re right up your street!”

“What are they? I love stamps best.”

Really nice flowers. I drew them myself.”

And I could feel her pleasure.

I hope you like them too….

Roses on a Brickwall
Linda Spencer
Julie Dunn
Maria Moorhouse
Daisies in the Meadow
Debbie McMullin
Shelagh Metselaar
Lizzy on the Stone Wall
Anne Dimitriou
Maria Moorhouse
Reeds and Honesty.
Anne Dimitriou
Jane Telford
Maria Moorhouse

I thought they would make nice and very useful Groovi Plates too, so I hope you approve!

Carys James-Richards
Glynis Whitehead
Jane Telford
Sheila Bradley
Shelagh Bradley
Josie Davidson
Karen Jackson
Glynis Whitehead
Linda Page

Yes, like Mum, I am really looking forward to the afternoon session. It will be very clean and crisp, very trad art. The stamps are super fine line; they just call out to be coloured in and handled with care.

And then at 6pm it’s the ONE DAY SPECIAL – the Kings are in the building! Woohoo! We’ve been drillling, embossing, cleaning and packing like loonies, in preparation for this one! I hope they last the course, these Kings! You certainly liked the Queens! And you’ve been calling for the Kings – so let’s see, shall we?

Big Clarity Day at Hochanda tomorrow. I hope you can join Paul and myself.

Love and Hugs,

Barb xxx

43 thoughts on “Garden Stamps and Groovi

  1. Oh help! My hands are going to be very sore from being sat on tomorrow. Those flowers look beautiful and seriously tempting. And as for the Kings……., well, all those on the naughty step, please move over a little. I am on the way.
    By the way, on the subject of Christmas decs, my tree is still sitting in the hall waiting to be taken upstairs.
    Xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

    1. Just not going to try sitting on my hands Maggie. The Kings are definitely coming to Tamworth and I like a couple of those stamp sets as well. xx

      1. Make space for me Maggie, I still have Xmas decs on the inside of my front door, they are just too sparkly to put away. X

  2. I like the stamp sets especially Lizzy and the Honesty one. I have the morning planned so that I can settle down to watch you in the afternoon. x

  3. Ooooooo have been seeing little snippets of these stamps and knew they would be beautiful. I love spending a Sunday afternoon with you and seeing all your ideas and the DT samples. Xx

  4. Looking forward to the shows, having seen the samples I am sure these will fly. I think there will be a naughty staircase by Monday evening !!

  5. The Crimbo tree is still up in our conservatory! I will get round to it, hopefully this week lol!
    Love, love, love these new designs and they will be on the to purchase list but next month as I’ve already spent so much recently on Claritystamps and stencils lol! But these I really want as they will be perfect for my landscapes and gardens and I know my mum too will love cards I create with these. Thank you Barbara, hope your show is a sell out xx

  6. Hi Barbara
    WOW, WOW, WOW, what beautiful flower designs, they look so amazingly delicate.
    Need you really ask if we approve of you making these into Groovi plates? Of course we approve 🥰 All we can say is THANK YOU for thinking of all the different needs of the crafters you have following Clarity
    I can’t wait for your shows tomorrow.
    Love & Hugs

  7. Love love love those new stamps like a country garden beautiful on my want list at top. Enjoy your evening safe traveling xxx

  8. Hi Barbara. Looking forward to tomorrow and the shows. Love the flowers, may have to be groovi for me. Haven’t done a lot of craft lately, been too busy in the garden while the sun shone. May try some this week with the rain that’s forecast . I am sure your Mum and Dad are very proud of their lovely daughter. Have a good day. Xxxxx

  9. Good evening Barbara
    Wow do you ever take a day of from creating beautiful stamps and Groovi Plates
    These are gorgeous and for someone who likes florals they are a must have
    As for the Kings can’t wait in fact I tried to get Josie to give a sneak peek at Harrogate today but nothing doing told I would have to wait till tomorrow
    So count me in I will be glued to the shows xx

  10. Hi Barbara. Those stamps and plates are fabulous. And make really pretty cards. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with them but it’ll be on rewind as I’m going to Maria’s workshop tomorrow!
    I had a lovely day over in Harrogate today with a good number of the dt!!!
    Safe journey to Hochanda. Love and hugs Xxxx

  11. I thought that I was safe tomorrow afternoon, as I am not a stamper and I could just watch and admire. Then I read that they were also in Groovi and they are beautiful! However, I have been waiting for the Kings and have budgeted for them, so the flowers will go on to the wish list.
    I am so excited for tomorrow and have already warned my family that I shall be otherwise engaged at 6pm, while I get my order placed. Have a relaxing evening with Dave, before a sellout Sunday. Hugs. Annette x

  12. How can you do this to me Barb??? Not only new fabulous stamps but tje flippin’ King plates too!!! I may be sobbing all the way to the bank!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Oh Barbara, what are you doing to me? !!!
    Having seen the samples of Tina’s plates I succumbed and ordered them. Then I thought I would wait for the Kings which I put money aside for.
    Never thought about what was coming up on Sunday afternoon until I looked on Hochanda. These stamps and Groovi plates are just up my street, so move over everyone, I’m joining you on the naughty stairs, hope it’s a long staircase so there is room for all of us!!!
    Absolutely beautiful DT work.
    Safe journey tomorrow.🍒🍒🍒

  14. The new stamps/Groovi etc for tomorrow afternoon look great but hoping to hold out for the ODS, no guarantees tho’! xx

  15. Hi Barbara
    Oooooh I like the new stamps and Groovi, aren’t they pretty. I can’t choose a favourite yet. I will have to be good though as I indulged in the members sale. Those goodies arrived today, thank you for the free designer paper, the parchment is gorgeous. Safe travels tomorrow, I’m looking forward together shows and of course the kings arriving later. It’s good to hear mum and dad are doing well, they are very proud of you.
    Love Diane xxx

  16. Hi Barb,
    Oh I can’t wait to see the samples for all of these new goodies! I know for certain that the Kings will be coming North to Durham and as for the other plates ……. I think they might be joining the Kings! I’ll be on the naughty step again and by the sound of it, it’s going to be very crowded there. One thing is for certain – I’ll never be rich, but I will be happy. Looking forward to the shows – recorder all set. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is ok and looking forward to the shows. There’s still room on the naughty step if you want to join us! Looking ve and hugs Alison xx

  17. Hi Barbara, on what crafty agonies we have, just when you think it is safe up pops more lovely groovy plates and as I am into flowers, well I think my two little pooches are going to insist on buying them for me.😁
    Parchy hugs to all. X

  18. It’s my birthday tomorrow 3rd, wonder what I will be spending my birthday money on ??? Hmmmm ! Love the new stamps and can’t wait for the arrival of the kings xx

  19. These are just exquisite images. I am sure that they will sell out quickly.
    I just home from a busy day crafting, with Craftaholics Anonymous this afternoon and then doing a craft party tonight for eight 11 year olds. So thankful for my clarity stencils as we used them to decorate shopping bags with fabric paints. They loved them and were delighted with their results. We also decopatch wooden Bird houses which they are going to use to post their secrets and worried on wee bits of paper so that they are learning coping mechanism for their mental health.

  20. I love the designs, so versatile! I will be watching this afternoon for sure xx
    I had to chuckle about the Christmas decks. I have some rather pretty baubles that I hung on the living room chandelier at Christmas about 4 years ago and they seemed to go so well that I left them there all year round. They are still there now!
    I could do with your Mum in my garden lol!

  21. Can’t wait to see what you do with those lovely stamps. It’s so wonderful that your parents still watch all your shows … they must be so proud of you and your fabulous company! x

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