Tina Cox Flower Power!

Tina Cox Flower Power!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Spent a lovely day with lovely Tina on Tuesday. What a good woman and friend she is. Very deep too. Her giggles and levity are her shield. I love her dearly. And she is so interesting to listen to! Fascinating. We had a right old creative pow-wow! Have come up with a super team-plan which we both got very excited about! More will be revealed, but I am sure you will enjoy what we have in mind, too.

And today, Tina has zoomed up to HOCHANDA, to present a set of absolutely superb larger Flower Power plates – I love love love the droopy daisies! Hahaha! So do the Design Team, by the looks of it!

Her first show is at 11am. Then she will be back at 2pm. I know we made a lot of stock for the TV, and I have a feeling these will fly. There is so much in each plate! Look!!!

Amanda Williams

You know Tina and I went off doodling at the weekend, on paper and parchemnt. Well, if you are unsure about freehand drawing, the little flowers and leaves and stacks and elements on these plates are absolutely ideal. The right size and the right style too.

Chris Walker
Karen Jackson
Josie Davidson
Glynis Whitehead

When you look at the butterfly border here, can you see the trees? All different sizes. Marvellous!

Karen Jackson
Glynis Whitehead
Chris Walker

And the daisy chain! Perfect for a whole meadow. If I get time, I will do a little doodlework, to show you what I can see in my mind’s eye. But I have to prepare for my own TV shows on Sunday, so it won’t be today!

Louise Goldin
Louise Goldin

Thank you so much to the über-talented Design Team for their lovely samples. I do hope you can tune in at 11, to see what breath-taking artwork Tina is serving – prepare to be VERY VERY impressed – I was!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

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28 thoughts on “Tina Cox Flower Power!

  1. These look fab. What a super talented design team you do have. All your design team members are extremely talented and they promote your goodies perfectly. Shall try and watch if I can but it is set to record just in case. Xxx

  2. Ohh wow. These plates look amazing and right up my street
    You are right when you say you have a very talented team fantastic artwork
    Have a wonderful day x

  3. Clever Tina. Lovely samples from the desigh team. TV set to record. Had a lazy day yesterday so must do some housework today.
    Bye for now, 🍒🍒🍒

    1. ps: Thanks, bloggy friends, for your good wishes for my birthday yesterday. I had a great day.
      Looking forward to meeting some of you at the retreat in April.

  4. Well got them ordered
    Had to have and I know they will sell out
    I’m sitting at hospital with hubby for his appointment thought I would check them out and hey presto I’ve ordered them from Hochanda great price as a freedom member I will watch show later 🤗

  5. Love Tina’s designs received my order from last week (had to buy both sets of course ),did as Paul suggested and did each plate as it is, how true he is when he says you see so much more in them,ideas are running through my head!thank you Paul.Looking forward to today and the weekend.

  6. I am sure these plates will fly & the DT samples are fantastic. Just caught up with yesterdays blog as well & I love your latest creation. I craft or work on my family tree to relax although these days not having to go out work is relaxing enough.

  7. Tina is one very talented Lady and a lovely person she is so creative. Her plates look awesome. Especially that daisy xx

  8. Morning Barbara and Groovi Gals
    Watching the lovely Tine and Leonie as I type – definitely odering these plates – fantastic once again
    Love & hugs xx

  9. Watching Tina and Leonie at the moment…loving the new designs and postie has just delivered my latest order…I think he may be back very soon xx

  10. Morning not long back from injections in Knees all sorted for anther 4 months. Got to see most of Tina’s show loved it Tina is a very lovely lady very easy to listen to and learn from. Sounds exciting what’s to come little tease keep us guessing , your shows have come around quick we’re did that month go may be cause we had extra show this month we have been blessed with extra clarity shows. My papers arrived to day so nicely stocked up on papers and parchment design papers great offer. Enjoy rest of your day not so sunny today love Joy xxx

  11. Hi Barbara and everyone, well just love the new plates which Tina is showcasing today.
    These would look lovely in Fresh Cut Dies!!!! May have to buy just two of them as they are just beautiful.
    Thank you for the February die I just know why I joined this club , fantastic just need a little more time to play.
    Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.
    Thanks again.
    Lynn xx

  12. Certainly my style so they will drop into my basket. I do like Tina’s designs. The design team have done her proud. xx

  13. These might be the best yet! Ordered last night because I didn’t want to miss out. Good thing I did. Overslept this morning and when I checked they were sold out. More snow here in Belfast New York…looks like another day of cleaning up….plus another storm coming over the weekend. Spring where are you!

  14. Well, my promise not to buy anything part from the Kings went straight out of the window when I saw Tina’s plates! She is such a talented lady and the design team did her proud with the samples.
    What a great idea to use the flowers etc as a guide for free hand drawing. I am not good at that, so need ideas and it will be great fun to have a go. I must admit to basically copying your design for my first attempt and I was pleased with the results. More importantly, I just totally relaxed, which at the moment, for me, is quite an achievement. Thanks to you and Tina. Hugs. Annette X

  15. Wow Barbara what some talent in your design team you have. These samples are gorgeous. I have the shows on record.

  16. How beautiful these are. Went to the harbour today to put some flowers for my Dad who passed 2yrs ago today. Then had some chips at his favourite sitting spot, and now thinking he’d of loved the daisies so will defo get these to make a page for my Grandchildrens memory book of him. Not been a sad day but a day of beautiful happy memories of such a happy man. X

  17. I am a fairly new grooving addict but am really enjoying trying some of the design teams ideas am in awe of them all. Have bought a lot of Tina’s designs they really appeal to me just wish I was as talented,but as you all say just doing the line art makes me look good.I am definitely improving on the white work since your craft along just going to practice some more. Long may Clarity thrive .

  18. Hi Barb,
    Tina’s newplates are absolutely gorgeous and of course they fell into my Clarity basket. She is so talented. The Design Team samples are truly beautiful and very inspiring – well done to you all. I’m really pleased that the plates were so successful ( yet another sell out!)
    I’m sitting watching the second show that I recorded as I’m typing this and am really enjoying it. Having a giggle at Tina explaining how she doodles on her foot! Looking forward to seeing the new Kings Lace plates on Sunday as well. Love and hugs,Alison xxxx

  19. Really enjoyed the show this afternoon, Tina is one talented lady, I love her attitude. The design team have done an inspirational job, I also like Harvard’s idea of the plates and the parchment paper, they will be going into my basket. Parchy hugs to all. X

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