Go Large and Look !!

Go Large and Look !!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in! Thought I’d block a step by step today of a demo I had prepped for last week’s TV show on HOCHANDA, but didn’t get to. it involves the big and beautiful brand new 12 inch x 12 inch Designer pads….

They are on offer this week until Tuesday, because Paul used them in the YouTube Tuesday video – so might be a good time to investigate!

Anyway. Here’s my offering:

Indian Summer with our new stamps.

The new flowerbed stamps were very well received. Sold out very quickly – and we’ve been scrambling to catch up making them all week Thank you so much!

Available individually, but good savings on the bundle –
especially if you’re in the Club – so to speak…

Decide which stamps you want to play with. Mount on the Clarity handles provided. Decide which paper you want to use. Pull it out of the pad.

Now look closely at the large spread of colour. Consider carefully where to plant your brick wall, or stone wall, or log pile… then go for it. Ignore straight on. This paper is big enough to carry a diagonal layout.

The papers are brim full of landscapes – just look closely. You will see rivers and hills, mountains and meadows, waterfalls and footpaths – it’s all there.

Mask off the stone wall or whichever base you have used, and then plant your flowers. I am using a Black Archival ink pad here.

The grasses are super for adding to the front or sides. See? Tear a piece of copy paper using the deckle edge on the blending mat. Straight – but deckled.

Time to tear. Use a ruler for the sides and base, but carefully go freehand on the top curve. Once that’s done, you can settle in to colouring with Perga Liners B and A pencils work on the paper beautifully.

Let’s have a cheeky little sale on the pencils for a few days too. CLICK HERE

Use the yellows and white to highlight, and the maroon and brown to add shadow. It’s very easy – especially because the Designer paper is already giving you your base.
Use another piece of the same sheet to make a message border. The mini Word Chain stamps work well pretty much every time.
This one is particularly useful…. click here

Spray mount the paper to one of our Kraft card 7 x 7 blanks and trim the side flush. Or wrap it round. Whichever works for you.

good gear! click here!

There are any number of permutations possible on the Designer Papers using various combinations of the stamps. What a lovely gift set complete with matching envelopes this would make, too.

Time to go indoors. Kicking back and chillaxing before it begins again tomorrow. We are doing TV hours streaming live from HOCHANDA at the NEC next week, so I’d best prepare a bit!! In fact, we’ve got a busy TV week again!

Maria is on telly on Wednesday 12 noon and 4pm

I am on at 12 noon, with a set of really cool new stencils. If you like the town stencil, you will love these!

Linda Williams is on from the NEC Friday 12 noon with a set of NEW Pergamano Tools

Me again on Saturday 12 noon . Let me think… ah yes. Fab new 3-way overlay stamps – The Earth Listens Design. Beautiful

Paul is on Sunday 12 noon. Beautiful Fresh Cut Fairy Dies.

Till tomorrow …

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

18 thoughts on “Go Large and Look !!

  1. We got busy week watching clarity shows your week even busyer never slows down at clarity towers good for business though. And special day this week to no time to celebrate 🎉 for you hopefully will be special lots coming saying happy birthday xxx

  2. Oh I love that! I think this is my favourite paper…. I would love a whole pad of that one!!!
    I’m not coming the the NEC this time sadly but will enjoy watching the shows.
    Enjoy your evening.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  3. Love it, although I am a grooving and have ordered the plates I am going to try with them. Thanks for the inspiration, enjoy chillaxting, after getting my chores done first thing this morning have been grooving all day 😄. Looking forward to getting an up to date phone so that I can join the groovy group. Parchy Hugs to all. X

  4. Beautiful project – haven’t received these stamps yet but am told they are on the way.
    Looks like this coming week is going to be another “ouch” for my pocket.
    Just an idea I thought to share !!!
    Something I needed to do was re-arrange my stash so having traced out most of my Groovi plates I cut some black paper to size, placed the tracings loose on the paper and tucked them in the back of the facing pockets. Now I can see what the plate and the tracing look like side by side.
    I then made a list (and made a copy) of what was in the folder and placed one in the front pocket. I numbered the Groovi folders and the copy lists which I put in an A5 ring binder.
    While this may seem a bit OCD it has made finding what I need very quickly and I can spend more time on my projects.
    Off now to cook dinner, we’re running late today!!!
    Have a good evening.

  5. Very doubtful that I am going to get to the NEC, disappointed but will watch the shows. Better get those papers ordered a very good offer. Thank-you and I hope the week goes well for you all. xx

  6. I liked this when you showed the card on TV. Have received a few new Clarity goodies recently and I am loving their designs. Clarity’s workload seems to be ever increasing! Looking for ward to the shows. Xx

  7. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone has had some crafty time. I got a few cards finished this afternoon ready for pictures tomorrow. Xx

  8. Hi Barbara
    Definitely my favourite paper and such a lovely way to use the stamps. I have ordered papers and the stamps are on my list for NEC. I hope you have some left on Friday. See you then.
    X Chris

  9. Great idea, and I love the torn paper effect too. Hope you enjoy your relaxation before your next preparation cycle begins. My guests have started arriving in numbers again now, so no craft shows for me sadly, but I will try to record and watch all your live shows x

  10. Hi Barb,
    Beautiful! Like Donna,I really liked this when I saw the card on tv. My Groovi versions of these stamps arrived today and I’m so pleased with them. My Kings Lace plates came yesterday ( gorgeous) and Tinas plates the day before , so I’ve got lots and lots to play with! Intrigued about the new Pergamano tools as well. Hope you’ve had a relaxing evening. Love and hugs, Alison xxxx

  11. I’m off to the NEC on Thursday. Hope to see you there Barbara. I’m looking to buy the Groovi starter kit and a few bits to go with it. Hopefully have a little go with it too.

  12. Wow, what a busy week for you all, and I don’t know how you do it, not just the demos, but the keeping up of all the supply levels which must entail a great deal of work from you, Dave and the team. You certainly do need to kick back for a few hours Barbara. x

  13. Hi Barbara
    This is beautiful, the stamps look great on the coloured paper don’t they. Oooh I like an offer, might just go and have a little peep!
    Love Diane xxx

  14. Lovely project, have been Groovin’ all day as my lovely King plates arrived this morning; HUGE THANKS to Steve and the rest of the crew for getting them to us so quickly… they were delivered before Hochanda notified me they’d been dispatched rofl!

    Trying (again) not to spend… but looking forward to seeing Linda with the new tools…now I wonder what they could be? xx

  15. Wow Barb, we are certainly in for a treat with all the shows and some exciting and lovely new products. Love this step by step, the paper chosen works just perfectly. Take care all. Bx

  16. love the look of this stamped art work, so pretty on the designer papers. Just so much choice & so many good offers that I don’t know which to choose first. Papers first I think as offer only on until Tuesday then we will see what else falls into the basket. I spied the new ii books on the banner across the home page as well !! more baked beans for dinner I think.

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