Everyone’s a Winner!

Everyone’s a Winner!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Just got an hour to spend with you before I shoot off to POTTERY. Woohoo!! I have missed not one but two weeks now, because of TV and the NEC. So I am über-excited about a few hours playing with clay. Who knew that this would become my passion.. and I know exactly what I still have to do before I can move on to the next project: wax my fat friend’s bottom and then dry brush her before dipping her in a matte white glaze. Cool. You know you’re obsessed when you can hold that thought for a fortnight!

There was a big box waiting for me on my desk when we got back in the office on Monday… 5 lovely glass British Craft Awards. Quite a big thing for one little company – especially with all the fierce competition. Fierce being the operative word!

So I thought I would shout about the Clarity Family. All the people who won these awards, if that’s ok with you.

Designer of the Year –

Barbara Gray. Very flattering, but let’s get real. I can draw for sure, but this award is also for Mel Turner, Tina Cox, Linda Williams, Jim Molloy, Lisa Reddick, Lucy Parris, Leonie Pujol and Josie Davidson . We are a Design TEAM

Brand of the Year

Claritystamp. Runner up. That one goes to the Good Ship Clarity – and all who sail in her. We are certainly becoming a Bridge to Art, aren’t we?

Retailer of the Year

Claritystamp. Runner up. A big cheer for Jeannine and her team, Debby and her team, Jayne and her team, Big Steve and his team. Customers are the most important players in this game called Art & Craft, and our mission at Clarity Towers is to make sure they have a safe and happy place to come to.

Product of the Year

Claritystamp -Pergamano. It was the Mothership of Parchment Craft, then it lost its way for a while – and now we have got it back on course. Happy days, thanks to great parchers like Linda Williams , Tina Cox and Josie Davidson.

Blog of the Year

Barbara Gray. Thank you for that one. That’s ours, isn’t it. I mean, I write the blog, every day, that’s true. But you come and read it every day. Without you, there would be nobody to talk to. I admire greatly daily bloggers who post lovely art every single day, like Sarah Brennan, but who don’t get the recognition they deserve, or the audience. I have been very lucky. Because of years of telly, I have a sizeable following and therefore a sizeable number of readers.

I’ve been thinking about this, and I think I am going to start a podcast. Not daily, but regularly for sure. It will offer a place to interview interesting people, like Sarah for example, and find out what motivates them, what makes them tick. I just think it’s time to open up a safe place which gives others a voice.

That’s my plan: A podcast for well known people and not well known people. A podcast for people with strong messages about WHY we craft. Yes. A podcast with some substance. How does that sound?

Thank you so much for voting for the Good Ship Clarity !!!!

Time for pottery!! Gottago!!!!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

74 thoughts on “Everyone’s a Winner!

  1. Congratulations to every single one of you – 5 awards ! Wow! Blog of the year is a special credit to yourself too. You have a great team with you ! And the inspiration the design give is second to none! Enjoy your pottery – you deserve it ! X

  2. Congratulations to all at Clarity for the awards. A true team effort. I know I’m a bit techno phobic but what is a podcast? Explanation in idiot form would be appreciated

      1. I was freaked out with my first one but you just click on the link and it plays the audio automatically, just like YouTube but without the pictures. A bit like radio, where YouTube is TV. If you can link to the blog, you will manage the podcasts.

          1. Also haven’t a clue how to access podcasts (or indeed understand what they are) so thanks for the explanation! Well done to all at Clarity for your excellent wins.

  3. Well done team clarity. And I’m glad I’m a little part of it and very grateful that I am.
    A podcast sounds interesting!
    Enjoy your pottery and waxing the fat ones Bottom! Haha
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  4. Well for me personally The Clarity Team will always be No 1 right back to the days with the shows at The old Commonwealth Centre, remember them Barbara it was always such dim and dark venue.

    Wishing you all the very best, a fabulous team that definitely makes the dream work!!
    Very well deserved. I know how hard you all work throughout the year, the support you give to us all as crafters is second to none. Couldn’t be part of a better team…..Thank you Barbara for your support and for inviting me to be a part of Clarity…..proud little Scottie….Love, hugs to ALL xxxxx

  6. Congratulations. So so well deserved by all of you. Not sure how podcasts work but I am sure you will point us in the right direction. I am sat writing this with a sleepy baby in my arms. Fetched him today as his mum is poorly.I like writing my blog not every day though, been blocked by FB though. Really funny that obvioy they are not Groovi fans. Relax and enjoy that pottery class. X

  7. Congratulations, Barbara and the rest of the team. It’s good to be recognised for great performance. One in each team room? Share the dusting as well as the love and excitement.

  8. Congratulations and very well deserved. I love all things Clarity and Barbara you are such an inspiration, with a wonderful supportive team too. Keep up the great work. Love and hugs xxx

  9. Congratulations to you all. Very well deserved. Clarity really is the best. Enjoy your pottery afternoon. Xx

  10. Congratulations to you & all your team Barbara, you all deserve the awards!! Also a big thank you for the inspiration you give us..!! Enjoy your pottery…Hugs Anne xx

  11. A big well done to everyone, thoroughly deserved. Looking forward to the podcast. Parchy hugs to all. X

  12. Many many congrats to to team Clarity, what a dream team indeed. I love reading your blog too. The podcast sounds a wonderful idea too xx

  13. So very well deserved to you and all of the Clarity team. It’s good to see a company that has such admirable values winning awards.
    Your idea to interview some talented crafters that don’t get much coverage is a great one. Look forward to it.
    My daughter has been doing pottery classes and thoroughly enjoys it. I have been the proud recipient of a couple of her pottery bowls. I can understand that something quite different to paper crafting but still a creative outlet for you can be so absorbing. Enjoy and well done to you and the team again xx

  14. A new word popped into my head whilst reading all those messages of congratulation. Congcraftulations…
    Yes I know, I am losing the plot, but it amused me!
    Well done Clarity.

  15. Congrats Team Clarity – all well deserved and you should have been recognised years ago too!! I’m so happy to be part of this lovely community of arty types who are all friendly and caring xx

  16. Congratulations to a great team. What a Company you are 👏👏👏.

    Ooo can’t wait for the pod casts. Great idea.

    Have fun at pottery

  17. Congratulations on your awards, they are well deserved.
    Pod cast? What’s that? I’m still struggling with a recalcitrant lap top that keeps freezing on me or sends my work to the blue beyond. Hubby, being uber IT savvy, is getting exasperated.
    Enjoy your pottery today, looking forward to seeing the results.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  18. Congratulations to everyone involved at Clarity Towers & the Design Team that are scattered around the country. Glad you have managed to get to your pottery class, surprising how 2 weeks have gone by so quickly.

  19. Congratulations to Barb & all at “Team Clarity” what an achievement, well deserved, & a Podcast is a great idea, with inspirational Crafters & new up coming unknowns too, be nice to give some a leg up the ladder, we all had to start at the bottom, Enjoy throwing some Clay & potting, very therapeutic a couple of hours with Clay, Barb Time, Hugs & well done again xxxx💝👌👌😘🙏🐝⭐️⭐️

  20. Hi Barb,
    Congratulations to all at Clarity Towers for being so brilliant. I love Clarity – as my bank balance will prove! All of the awards are really well deserved. My new tools and iiBook arrived today so guess what I’ll be playing with tomorrow ( hopefully). Hope you have had a great session at pottery and that you’ve got your friend’s fat bottom sorted! Love and hugs Alison xxx
    Ps podcast sounds interesting x

  21. Congratulations to everyone at Clarity! You all deserve the recognition and the awards. Love the idea of a podcast…bit like radio is all I know, never done one before so make it easy! Xx

  22. Hi Barbara
    Many congratulations to you andallthe team on winning all the awards. You always give credit where its due and are always very modest. Hope you’ve enjoyed waxing your bottom and pottery today !
    Love Diane xxx

  23. Well done all at Clarity, so happy your wonderful efforts are rewarded! Not ‘Podcasted’ before but willing to give it a go… interesting times ahead. Postie called today with my new tools, unpacked them but apart from piercing each one once to check the needles not actually worked with them, that’s tomorrow sorted then!

  24. How wonderful that your awards where there when you got back from working so hard at the shows. Congratulations to you and all the clarity family. Well deserved by all. Enjoy your pottery, love the shape of your last pot. Love xxxx

  25. Congratulations. Barbara and Team well deserved your my number one team just love reading the blog looking forward to pod casts sounds very interesting think will soon become another hit well hope you got your fat friends bottom waxed hehe looking forward to seeing it all finished xxx

  26. Very many congratulations to the Clarity Team who work so hard together to keep us all happy. Huge thanks to Barbara as without her there would be no Clarity and so the world would be a sadder place. I read Barbara’s blog every day, regularly look at the sp (and buy!) keep up with You Tube Tuesdays, and watch the Clarity shows on Hochanda whenever I can. Thank you for the enthusiasm, inspiration, thoughts and for being such lovely people. I need lots of practice with Groovi . That’s more due to lack of time rather than lack of material!
    love to all Pam xx

  27. Oh Barbara, I was so moved by your comments about my blog and my small contribution to crafting. I’d love to have the opportunity to make a podcast with you. There are so many other people who could contribute brilliantly to such a venture as well. Congratulations to all the Clarity team. I am a tiny cog in a huge crafty family and love everyone who plays their part in making things move so smoothly. Hope you had fun at pottery. We are going to have to sort you a Wedgwood Experience at some point when you have time.

  28. As you always say Barbara Teamwork makes the Dream work. Not only do you have a fabulous team making all the wheels turn in the right direction together but if and when a problem occurs your fabulous team jump into action and sort it all out, confirming that Clarity is number one for Customer Service. Now if there was an award for that you would win it hands down every single year. Hope you had an awesome day at pottery. Xxx

  29. So pleased for you all – very well deserved! The podcast sounds like a brilliant idea, but how you have time to do that as well .. you are an amazing woman, Barbara Gray!!

  30. Congratulations team Clarity! Enjoy your potting this afternoon too. I look forward to hearing some interviews about why people craft. For me it’s about switching my brain to something different from the day to day but doing something useful too!

  31. Good evening Barbara
    Ohhh how deserving of these awards are you and your Dream Team. Congratulations one and all
    I hope your crafty pottery turns out to be another masterpiece
    Enjoy your evening hugs 🤗

  32. Hello Barbara – congratulations to all, you all deserve it. Can’t wait to see your finished pots. Had a GREAAT day crafting today, got a lot done. Since giving up work, have so far managed to practice my Groovi cutting every day. And practice really does make perfect. My cutting skills are now on the up and up. Going to trundle off to bed now, and read my book. Have you started that book yet Barbara? Lots of love Donna X

  33. Congratulations to Barbara and all the team !Its a pleasure to read and craft and engage with all that you do .Carmel

  34. Congratulations again to everyone at Clarity on your well deserved awards!
    I read your blog every day and comment as often as I can, so a podcast will add even more interest. Great idea.
    I have been reading your blog every day whilst I have been in Vancouver, but have not managed to comment much. We have been enjoying beautiful weather, but the downside has been that my 5 year old granddaughter, one of the twins, tripped over her scooter in the garden and broke her arm! She has been so brave, bless her, but what a way for her to spend spring break (literally, unfortunately!).
    I will be back home next week, so will catch up with all the shows I can. Hugs. Annette X

  35. Well done Barbara, and also Dave and Steve who steer the ship in the right direction, but the ship would not stay afloat without all those people who have their own part to play in the day to day running of it. Hope you had a great time at pottery today and am looking forward to seeing the next phase of your pot. x

  36. Congratulations to a fab Clarity Team. Every award so well deserved.
    A podcast sounds great. Looking forward to it already.

  37. Congratulations to all at the Good Ship Clarity- all those who work on her, sail in her (that’s us!) and mostly to the lovely Captain 👩‍✈️

  38. Huge congratulations to you and your excellent team on winning all those awards. Well deserved by all of you. Thank you for all you do for us, your blog and all the products and inspiration you give us. Don’t really know what a Podcast is but I’m sure I’ll soon get to know. I didn’t know what a blog was until you started one and I’ve been hooked ever since. Again well done for all the hard work you and your team do.xxx

  39. Hi Barbara
    You are amazing! You are such a kindhearted lady, you always include every member of your Dream Team in everything that is Clarity. You never fail to mention each one of them at every opportunity, which is why you have one of the most successful businesses out there. Everyone respects you as you give everyone your respect for them. But no Team can be a Dream Team without a Dream Team Leader, and that Leader is YOU xxxxxxxxx
    Well done everyone
    Hope you had a great time at pottery and that you managed to get your bottom waxed!!!
    Love & Hugs

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