Hi there.

Just got in from the Hochanda studios. Long day indeed. But what a day! Wasn’t Janice just a delight? I do love that woman. When she spilled glitter all over her mat and then tried to bend it into a funnel, I nearly lost it.

The only thing I wished for was more time. I felt that the Groovi project got caught short. So. I shall YouTube the Groovi project this week, or as soon as Simon gets back from their honeymoon. Lucky lovely couple.

Here was the set of something-for-everyone we worked with today. How did you get on? Did I go too fast? I tried really hard to keep the pace calm, but then I realised that the time on project 4 was diminishing by the minute! Hey Ho…..

I shall leave you with a little gallery of lovely inspiration created by the oh-so-clever Clarity Team…..

Gail Sydenham
Amanda Williams
Karen Jackson
Shelagh Metselaar
Dee Paramour
Jane Telford
Barbara Lancaster
Jane Telford
Sam Crowe

Thank you for joining in today, and watching, and cheering (I heard you!). After all the jitters it went ok in the end. Roll on the next one!

And a massive thank you to Paul Church. You are a legend, Churchie!

Love and hugs,

Barb xxx

PS got some really REALLY good news, but it can wait till tomorrow…..ooooh you tease, Gray! Any guesses?

50 thoughts on “Craftalongabarbieandjanice!

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the craftalong. I found the pace just right. There was even time to fetch other supplies I had forgotten. Perfect.
    Thank you

  2. Will need to catch up with Craftalong tomorrow but I am sure you packed a lot in. Paul has done well and I am sure is pleased to be back home for a couple of days. I hope you and the team are not stretching yourselves too much.
    Sleep well.

  3. News probably depends on whether it is family or business. There could be an engagement or maybe you got the extra hour you wanted for the craftalong next time. Anyway you and Janice aided by Paul behind scenes did a fab job wish I had been able to buy the goodies and join in but next time maybe. xx

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed the craftalong today. My birthday was put on hold for 2 hours, while I surrounded myself in everything Clarity and Pergamano. I did my best but my improvisations didn’t always work (doing the stencil work without the brushes and realising at the last minute that what I thought as the starter kit, actually wasn’t so I didn’t have all the right goodies) I was still happy with my finished projects and looking forward to homework!
    Looking at the samples, I was thinking how well one of your other stamps would have gone well with it. I have it on a plaque on my shed “a kiss of the sun for the morning, the song of the birds for mirth. One is closer to God in the garden, than anywhere else on Earth” well done Barb & team. I am so proud of you. Also well done to Janice who got an A* for her coursework xx

  5. Loved the show today just sat back and watched will craft along at a later date. As usual Barbara you were very professional it was amazing looking forward to the next one.

  6. Watched all today’s shows. The pace of the craftalong was just about right, you did well. Here’s to the next one with Clarity !!!👍
    Me for bed now, good night.

  7. I enjoyed the CraftalongaBarbie so much this afternoon. I crafted along and created my designs, will take some pictures when the glittery accents have dried. The whole concept was a winner, was talking and answering you all the way! Loved Janice as your pupil and she did ever so well.
    Well done to Paul, his shows were great too. He has inspired me to make a couple of paper stars (like the ones you showed on your blog) with my paper. They work really well, again they are drying so I will take photos tomorrow.
    Hope you all have a loooonnnng rest you deserve it!! Xx

  8. Fabulous show…not a stamper..but now I love it…stenciling too…first time I used my brushes. You were great. Looking forward to next time.


  9. You were blooming brilliant…. And Janice was a super star too. The whole 2hours was as near to being at your retreat without actually leaving my house.
    I was crafting with you but not on the same projects. I was finishing off bits as I watched you and joined in commenting on the fb live. Andy Duggan was there too so it was all good.
    As for the PS… I think I know…. But I won’t spill the beans!!!

    Love and hugs xxx

  10. Great show Barbara, pitch perfect! So educational, so inspirational and so, so entertaining! You and Janice make a great double act! And a big thank you to Paul for some really great tips and demos this week – much appreciated.

  11. Loved the shows. Thank you so much Hochanda for allowing you to do your thing. Janice was fab too. Hope you get the chance for a bit of a rest until the next one. Well done everyone.

  12. Enjoyed the craftalong, didn’t buy the pack from Hochanda as having to watch the pennies, but managed to craft along with some of my own stash. First time I’ve managed to get a decent result with a three way stamp, oh such a thrill! Paul’s shows were brilliant as well, my wish list gets longer by the day. xx

  13. I totally loved your shows today. So very very entertaining paced just right.
    As for your news I think I might know
    You have won first place in the British Craft Awards in the category Papercraft A very worthy winner in my opinion well done you and long may your crafty inspiration continue.
    I read it on a post from the third placed contender
    Congratulations Barbara Hugs x

  14. Ever since I attended a Paul workshop at CC in Evesham I have been addicted to all things Clarity.. such classy products.. I’ve joined the club for Stamps, Stencils and Groovi and spent a fortune but I know such quality products and such support via your blogs/ You Tube Tuesdays and fabulous friends met via Groovie FB group mean every penny is well spent and have given me a real purpose in my newly retired state! Today’s Hochanda was the icing on the cake absolutely brilliant to watch / do/ share via FB and hearing Paul’s chuckles in the background only added to the fun! So glad I signed up for that original workshop and found Hochanda… my cup runneth over 😘😘😘

  15. Many congratulations Barbara and your great team at Clarity for winning the fantastic, well deserved award announced tonight.
    Also, huge thanks for the fantastic shows today. You, Paul and Janice were GREAT!

  16. Great craft along… Thoroughly enjoyed. Think I may know what your good news it as I read something earlier. Won’t spoil your reveal though. Will wait to see if I’m right(If I am… Congratulations…. Thoroughly deserved!!

  17. Thought the Craftalong was ace today, so lovely to be back in the classroom with you, Barb and Janice was a real star too. She certainly enjoyed herself as I’m sure everyone did. Thank you so much.

  18. I watched your craftalong and thought you timed it well, you did think that you might run out of time on the Groovi, but it was very comprehensive and Janice did splendidly. x

  19. Dear Barbara. What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. I didn’t craft with you but learnt such a lot. Almost like being there with you. You and Janice were so great together And made some beautiful cards. I have tried to get the second die cut but not quite managed it yet, but hopefully will one day. You must have put an awful lot of time into the preparation. Hope your resting now. Enjoying all the shows with Paul as well. Thank you to all of you. Xx

  20. I didn’t get to craft along as was out got back late but will craft along in next few days but watched instead and just loved the show you and Janice was a scream loved it we need more like this was so much fun. I see your teasing us again goodnews sounds wonderful something to look forward to something Grace Mark related someone else joining team clarity ?? Love you all doing such a great job keeping Hochanda a float and we get more clarity night night xxx

  21. Thank you for a lovely afternoon of craft. I’ve learned such a lot and surprised myself with the results I achieved. Not tried the die yet as interrupted. Thank you for all your hard work and quality products. All the very best. Looking forward to the next Clarity craftathon. Xxx

  22. Wow, What a wonderful show Barbara, well a great weekend really. I especially enjoyed the craftalong and like everyone else learnt from it, which is always good. It progressed at an ideal pace I think, it was the 2 hours that was against you and went to fast. Shame about that, but always good to leave a little for the homework. A totally excellent concept and looking forward to more.xx

  23. I thoroughly enjoyed this craft along. I’m loving all the techniques you showed us . The 2 hours flew by. The pace was absolutely perfect. I’m looking forward to having a play on my next day off.What a great show and Barbara is simply a pleasure to learn from and a great teacher. Thank you😊💕

  24. Hello Barb, all the shows were superb this weekend, but obviously the Craftalong was just the best. I learnt so much. You did remind me of a teacher, checking on what Janice was getting up to, she really enjoyed it. As you say a great personality. Good news you say, looking at the other posts I guess I know what it is. Take care all. Bx

  25. I didn’t take part in the craftalong, but snipped away whilst watching and I loved it and learned so much. You were brilliant, Janice was great and Paul was so good over the weekend. What a triumph for Clarity.
    I absolutely love Groovi and decided a while ago that it would be my main craft focus, as I have never got into stamping or inks. I have so much craft stash, collected over the years, that I really can’t stretch myself any further at my age. However, I love watching other crafts and I was especially blown away by the pieces you and Janice produced using the stencil. They were stunning! Thank you for enriching my life by introducing me to such wonderful crafts and as a result, to some wonderful people. Looking forward to hearing your news!
    Hugs. Annette X

  26. Loved watching you today it was so educational and fun. I saw Janice in a whole new light, especially with the glitter . And Pauls ideas were fantastic too. What a great crafty Sunday

  27. Whilst I didn’t actually craftalong with you, I was with you every step of the way. As others have said it was like being at a retreat without leaving my craft room. Everything was pitched just right to my mind. It is lovely to see your enthusiasm just oozing from every pore. Janice did well too didn’t she? I loved watching and had a really good laugh along with the two of you. There is only one way to describe the craftalong – absolutely bloody brilliant!!!!!! Much love. Xxx

  28. Fabulous thoroughly enjoyed it. My stamping went a bit wrong but that was me not you I was laughing that Janice had used the wrong stamp and after about 5 minutes I realised I had done the same thing. Enjoyed the stenciling don’t normally do that but loved it. Had a lot of fun and have managed to turn my makes into cards still working on the groovi. Looking forward to the next one already. Hx

  29. I had such a lovely day and enjoyed all the Clarity shows. Congratulations to everyone involved, your hardwork and enthusiasm was much appreciated xxx

  30. what a fantastic way to spend two hours on a Sunday afternoon. You are such a good teacher and so funny, it was absolutely great. Learnt sooo much, all the tips and tricks and now ready to have a go with another set of three way stamps of yours. Thank you thank you thank you. Xx

  31. I went out for the day and forgot to press record. I was devastated until I tried to watch it on rewind which I haven’t done before. I was able to watch it whilst my hubby watched the rugby. He couldn’t understand what all the chuckling was about! I really enjoyed it and found it very informative. Janice was a joy – can she be your student permanently please?! Looking forward to the next one.

  32. I just want to say thank you – I KNOW the 3 step stamps are brillianr, but I really didn’t feel I was ‘getting’ them and not using them to their full potential – I think I am now. So thank you again.
    Maggie (Yorkite) – in thrall to new cat Ben-D!

  33. Loved the Craftalong. Watched and recorded so I can craftalong with the ability to pause if I need to. Looking forward to the next one. You are so inspirational Barbara.

  34. Well what fun x Where on earth did the two hours go, could have stayed and played all afternoon. Well done on the inaugural Craft-a-long Barbara, Janice, Paul (‘cus I saw him popping in and out) and Hoochanda, was seriously a blast, especially when Janice was bending her mat to put the glitter back and you just helped her out by tipping it on the floor, hahahaha so funny. Well done all. Not to add ot your work load but when is the next one?? Canny wait x

  35. Twittered along. It was such fun, thanks to everyone involved….on and off screen. It was a joy to watch🖖
    And the flowers! 😂Happy tears as a finale made it better watching than Its a Wonderful Life!🤣
    You’re a hard act to follow…..
    I’ve discovered a new role for the single piercing tool to add to the Pergamano Show….it works a dream removing splinters👆So thanks for that too 👌
    CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS on the news, you so deserve it.🌷🥀🥀🌷

  36. Great show Barbara.
    Do you know if possible to do a show for 6yrs to 14yrs old please.
    Maybe even a Youtube show.
    My grandchildren enjoy Groovi JNR.
    Any school hoilday will do. Thank you.
    Just a thought.

    1. My grandchildren would also love a craft day with clarity. We all spend many happy hours in the making room. Are there any holders for the tools as my 3 girls have hypermobility issues with their wrists so cannot do Groovi for very long. However there are plenty of other options – gelli plate play is a favorite and stamping using stamp aids. Problem is we run out of floor and workspace trying to dry all the backgrounds and cards they churn out.
      Love all you do. Have recorded the craftalong so I can have another try. – felt the pace was about right.

  37. What a great afternoon. It was just like being at a Clarity Retreat! Thank heavens for pause and rewind tv though; had to keep running back upstairs to fetch things. I was using other stamps and stencils but had a lovely array of artwork by the end so I was well chuffed! If your news is as others have intimated, well done! Xx

  38. What a great afternoon. It was just like being at a Clarity retreat! Thank heavens for pause and rewind tv though; had to keep running upstairs to fetch things. I was using different stamps and stencil but ended up with an array of artwork and backgrounds so I was well chuffed! If your news is as others have intimated, well done and well deserved. X

  39. I’m having a play catch up type of day today – that’s what annual leave is for, heh? Being so inspired by your demo of the 3 way stamps. I’ll be going up to my craft room later to do a follow-my-leader rather than a craft-a-long, as I don’t have a room for a TV in there with all the stash that I have! Really have enjoyed the show though – you and Janice are a star team x

  40. Was very cross with myself for forgetting to set the TV recorder. However, on the bonus side, I did catch the bit with Janice and her glitter!
    All involved were clearly enjoying themselves, a resounding success

  41. Fabulous craft-along Barbara and so inspiring. I absolutely love the fresh cut dies and the clever idea’s you come up with. So glad you are staying with Hochanda and what I like is that even when a product sells out you are still able to demo it :). Keep up the amazing work xx

  42. I’ve said it elsewhere but it’s worth repeating….it was a brilliant concept and show. You and Janice were a dream team – and kept me laughing and learning throughout. It was like being on the retreat – except for the 3 hours I had to spend clearing up and putting everything away afterwards!
    Am looking forward to the next one already . Thanks so much xx

  43. HiBarbara, I really enjoyed the craftalong, I wasn’t as prepared as I should have been, a dry archival pad put me back but once I changed that everything was good after a few practices. I agree you needed longer ,I hope you get to do another one soon
    The best thing is being taught the little tips that can change and improve a project soo much.
    Looking forward to playing with all the bits now I have some inspiration. I am in Italy and it there isn’t much crafting done here, thanks xx

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