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What a day! If we spin any more, we will go into orbit! So it was a huge relief to be able to make a dash for the pottery studio at lunchtime. Just sat quietly with my squat pot, and gave it some character. Want to see? Hang on, let me find some photos….

Make a goodly length of sausage. Or coil, should I say. And then lay it loosely on the squat pot with the big ears..
back and front. But which is which? Mmmmm…
Remove the coils, add a little slurry to the pot and a little tread to the coils. Reposition them.
Then start with the blending in.
Who knew that adding a swirl or two could take all afternoon!
Eunice the top banana teacher loves it, so I love it too!
Looks pretty rough, I know. But it ain’t over till the fat lady sings, right?
And she was sitting very quietly at this point.
You see? Slowly, slowly, you work along the ridge, smoothing it out, gently, gently.
This is proper therapy, I’m telling you.
2 layers of black slip, and he’s ready for his first firing. Or is it a she? You tell me.

Had half an hour before the session ended, so turned my attention to a set of tiles I’m working on at the same time…

Look familiar? Need glazing next. Bit crooked. Whatever.
Quick recap: they’ve had the black slip and have had their first firing. So now they are what’s called bisque.

Don’t forget to wax your bottoms !

Quick dip in the matte white glaze, wipe your bottom with a sponge, and …
there they are: 8 tiles, ready for their second firing. I do hope they come out well.
We shall see.

It’s a funny old life, innit. Pottery was never on my radar. And yet within a few months, I love it with a passion. It sparks the imagination; it lets me leave this Clarity planet that I live on for just a few hours a week – that’s all I need. Then I come back happily, to crack on with what’s in front of me again. What is YOUR pottery? What it is that gets YOU fired up and creative?

Don’t get me wrong; I love stamping, painting, drawing – of course I do! But it’s my job. I live it, eat it, breathe it, and there is also immense pressure on me to perform in this arena. Whereas pottery? I am completely anonymous. Nobody knows me from Adam. I don’t have to think about ANYTHING, other than making.

B L I S S.

Now I am already excited about next week again! Will my squat pot survive the kiln? And will the tiles be pretty? More will be revealed.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

35 thoughts on “B L I S S

  1. I am so glad you have found this new love. It is nice to have an escape from the chaos of real life. For me it is colouring – very mindful and relaxing. Having said that I did a Yogalates class on Monday and I loved it. Struggled with my shoulder on some positions but I didn’t give in and am really looking forward to next week. Can’t wait to see what she looks like when she comes out of the kiln. 😁😁 xx

  2. Looking at what everyone else does gives me the inspiration to get on but I spend too much time doing it ! I’ve got back into reading now and that’s been relaxing, if not a bit tense as they’re both ‘thrillers’. Love your pot ! And look forward to seeing how the tiles turn out ! X

  3. My real escape, apart from all things Clarity, is watercolour painting classes. A whole day of no phone, no hassle, no judgement from others, a safety net from Matthew if I mess up. Pure relaxation even if it is a testing piece. I love it. I would like to try pottery again, but I am not sure if my wrists could take it now. Not sure if any part of me could cope with my other love from years ago, horse riding. Have to be satisfied now with watching that. I am glad you have your pottery to lose yourself in. I hope we get to see some of your creations at the Open Days, perhaps. xxx Maggie. (Silvercrafter)

  4. These look great!! Will you make a spare set to auction for charity – if so, can I put my name down please?
    My current passion is ‘new’ cat – Bendy (approx age 5-6, official name Benedict from the street they found him). He had a rough life before we got him and he has a ‘delicate’ tummy, so I am working on what he can eat at the moment (not sure what would happen if he got a mouse though!).
    Maggie (Yorkite)

  5. The pottery is coming along well, you are so clever. It is nice that you have this to relax you.
    If I really need to get my occasionally chaotic mind under control l read – I can really zone out and hours can pass before I stop,usually because hunger strikes. Otherwise it’s cross stitch, painting or GROOVING.
    My 75th birthday today, just had a great meal, bubbly too, so bang goes the diet this week. Hey ho, who cares, I’m just looking forward to the next 25 years doing all those things I couldn’t when I worked.
    Enjoy your evening.

  6. Oh that pot is so cool! I do hope it survives the fire!!! And your tiles too!
    My crafting is still my way of relaxing but the thing I do and enjoy is going to Maria’s workshop once a month and also meeting up with a small group of people to do mixed media things! It’s about meeting people and having real contact that I most enjoy.
    Have a relaxing evening. Love and hugs xxx

  7. So pleased you got to get away for a little ‘Me Time’, very important or you will burn yourself out. I am so glad you took up pottery and stuck with it, It’s a most relaxing hobby, transporting you totally away to another place. Love seeing your wonderful creations.xxx

  8. Think your pot is a she, love it, you have so many ideas. Good to get away from your work and do something totally different. Your tiles look brilliant too. I suppose my get away is crafting but reading is my get away from crafting. Not felt like reading lately can’t get into a book, also having a bit of a hard time crafting, hopefully I’ll get my mojo back soon.xxx

  9. I really enjoy all things crafty and apart from stamps and parchment I love to settle with a bit of sewing. Your pot is looking great, not sure that I could do pottery but great that you have somewhere to escape to. Going to miss my bit of escapism this week, Maria’s class, as I have no transport. X

  10. Happy birthday to Cherry. I love how the pot is coming on and looking forward to seeing the tiles. After an unsettled 8 months completely losing my crafting mojo I am glad to say that groovi is back in my life big time, my switch off hobby is counted cross stitch as long as I make sure I put the right colour in the right hole. Parchy hugs to all. X

  11. Hi Barb,
    Your pot is really coming along nicely and I hope this and the tiles survive the firing. I’m so pleased that you are enjoying your classes. My escape is obviously crafting but also reading and my swimming. I took up swimming when I had to lose weight to have my knee revision done and as I can no longer do breast stroke because of my knee I had to teach myself front crawl again. I hated it to begin with and could only get to the first set of bunting before being goosed! I’m now up to 100 lengths ( just over 1 and a half miles!) and I love it! I can just switch off , my Fitbit keeps track of my lengths fortunately, and when I get out just over an hour later, I am chilled out and pleasantly tired. That twice a week keeps me going. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  12. My ascape was the monthly clarity workshop which was my outlet my ascape to be me away from the pain of loss of my daughter. but as you know all went wrong in group things changed in group then nearly lost my eye sight in right eye through gloucoma my confidence went pain in joints took over struggles to drive . Miss that outlet before that my life was looking after my family including two disabled children after loss of one the group was such help wouldn’t have got through with out it was shame those friends that thought was friends weren’t so know have no outletpain stops crafting mojo slips in and out but looking forward to coming again to your craft retreat to escape and be me this year not mum or Nan bithif which I enjoy. Craft is my out let when pain doesn’t take over. So leased you have found your great outlet you need it with your busy life im sure your pots will be great as all you do is xxx

    1. Have you tried audiobooks? I find them a great distraction from pain. I went blind overnight so know all about that loss of confidence, but it comes back as you do more for yourself. You have listed more than enough evidence to show you are strong so will find a solution that works for you.

      1. Ali I will give it ago have couple on my phone of for my injections today in knees they give little bit relief for couple months was hoping for injections in shoulder but not possible and my shoulder is so damaged not possible to operate so just pain relief nice weather helps been able to get out this week much big difference. Have tried and enjoy lots craft just have to do small bursts at time thanks Joy

        1. Joy, I am so sorry that events, life and pain have dented your confidence, and I hope it will come back. I admire you so much for all you cope with in your life, but you never lose the love for those who depend on you. You are such a strong lady and I am sure you will get your confidence back and perhaps find another group to help you. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  13. I love pottery as well as drawing, colour of all sorts, stamping, paper, fabric, parchment. Pottery gives so much…..so much to learn….different methods, glazes, underglaze etc., etc….always able to take it further and the anticipation of what will come out of the kiln! Enjoy Barbara xx

  14. I can’t wait to see the finished result and keeping my fingers crossed that they survive the kiln okay.
    What gets me creative juices going is my Clarity stampsk and stencils along with trying to teach myself to draw better and paint better and mixed media better lol! I think craft is my blood type these days!
    I hope you get some more down time soon xx

  15. Hi Barbara, I’m loving being able to follow your pottery journey, really interesting and maybe one day I’ll have ago buy for now I’m happy to follow your potty goings-on lol x

  16. Your pot looks amazing, fingers crossed for a good firing! My excape is my crafting, especially when I don’t really have a plan or end product in mind that way I can be more creative. I love singing along to music while I craft too so that is another escape. Xx

  17. So pleased you have this pottery to really fire you up and take you right away from work things Barbara. I think this is definitely a ‘she’ pot and hope she looks really beautiful when she comes out of the kiln, and the coasters too. I really love my cardmaking but singing has always been my first love. I think I would be very sad if I had to give either of my loves up, so hopefully I will be crafting and singing for a long while yet. x

  18. Hi Barbara
    Your pottery classes are really bringing out your creative side even more. Your “she” squat pot looks amazing and the added swirling coils just bring it more to life.
    I normally love all things crafting, be it Card Making, Cross stitch, knitting, painting, anything that has an end product. But unfortunately, I have lost it at the moment. I just can’t get myself motivated at the moment to do anything. I’m sure it won’t last much longer, but it’s annoying me at the moment.
    Happy Birthday to Cherry
    Love & Hugs

  19. Groovi is my escape. I have crafted for years, but nothing beats Groovi and parchment for losing myself for hours. I have also met a lovely group of people and our meetings are a highlight of my month.
    Lots of worries at the moment over my granddaughter’s health and she is having another MRI today, so I need a distraction.
    I love your pottery Barbara, especially the tiles and it must be so satisfying for you to achieve such unique beauty and enjoy the process so much. That is how I feel with my Groovi pieces!
    Hugs. Annette x

  20. I do lots of crafts to escape, and usually find that anything that involves counting really helps me to be mindful and immersed in the activity. Life is a bit stressful at the moment, so I’m finding that counted cross stitch is really helping me to switch off. I’ve also been doing some watercolour techniques which I’m really finding relaxing. Love that you have found something that helps you find the “off switch” and as a bonus your pots are so beautiful x

  21. Hello Barb, I love your squat pot, the designs on the sides/front/back are really awesome. Crafting of any sort is my pottery, it gets me away from the stressful world of IT. Bx

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