Tick those Boxes!

Tick those Boxes!

Hi there.

Happy Saturday! What are you up to? Been up since the crack of sparrows, going through the CraftalongaBarbie TV Classroom one more time. There’s a lot to pack and consider! I am not nervous yet – that’ll kick in tomorrow morning! But it’s fine. I know we will have a blast and you will enjoy yourselves. The really cool thing is that many hundreds of you will be joining in. Picture that. Hundreds of crafters in hundreds of homes will be sat in front of the box or the computer, stash at the ready! How superb is that?!

Remember: If your artwork goes a bit Pete Tong, if it doesn’t go as you would have wished it, that’s when you’re learning. Just keep calm and carry on! The whole idea of these love HOCHANDA classes is to stretch your crafting skills, to DO rather than WATCH. We are, in effect, making a template together, a visual mock up, so that you can then repeat the process in peace and quiet afterwards.

In the meantime, Paul is doing a Groovi Workshop at Colemans Craft Shop today, before he shoots off to Oundle for the 6pm launch (PART 2) of the beautiful 12” x 12” Designer papers. The more I use them the more I like them. I’m not a scrapbooker, so 12x12s have never been my thing. However. When it comes to making card inserts and matching envelopes, these are absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!

Shenandoah and Rainbow River.

Paul is so good at this kind of artwork, this kind of papercraft. I learn so much from him. He worked with darling Wendy Stenton for many years, with her original and clever templates, so this kind of paper engineering is second nature to him.

He will be using our Pergamano Templates, so do tune in and see him work his magic…

Here’s a little gallery of inspiration from the ever clever team, using the 3 fabby dies which will also be on the show:

Dee Paramour
Wendy Thorburn
Maria Moorhouse
Wendy Thorburn
Dee Paramour
Shelagh Metselaar
Dee Paramour
Barbara Gray
Dee Paramour

So there you have it. HOCHANDA.com. House of Crafts Hobbies and Art Watch on TV, on your PC, even on your smartphone!

  • SKY 673 (24/7)
  • FREEVIEW 85 (6AM-7PM)
  • FREESAT 817 (24/7)

I would just like to point out that whilst we are doubling our presence on telly, and possible overloading – we have to. We have to help. Not for any other reason than we can. Where we can, we will.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

30 thoughts on “Tick those Boxes!

  1. Now you have just reminded me that I want that leafy die. I love paper engineering, I can sit for ages playing around with a bit of paper. You are doing a grand job helping out at HOCHANDA , the benefit for us is lots of extra shows but perhaps not ideal for you all. Take care and hope the craftalong goes well. It will. xx

  2. Have a great show ! Not sure I need the big paper at the moment – I haven’t moved on to the card yet ! Still, I had my sale parcel arrive today so something to open. Will enjoy watching the class room and thinking of all of you crafting a long ! X

  3. Thank you Barbara…. I am gradually getting a list of things I need and the leafy swirl die Is now on it. It always was in my head but now it’s on paper to remind me !
    I am off to get my paints out now ….time for some really messy play I think!
    Love and hugs xxx

  4. Good Luck for tomorrow, will be watching and crafting along! No such thing for us as too much Clarity on the tellybox!

  5. Still need the leafy die aslove the stamps and stencil so it’s a must. Paul is such a busy bee flying all over it’s good you can fill those gaps ad others will start to help some new shows coming up I see that’s good have to say liking way things are know lots lovely shows on and coming up. Safe travels will be here ready and waiting Katie as well xxx

    1. Hi Barbara and thank you to the Clarity team, I received my sale goods today I’m so excited 😆 I am looking forward to watching Paul tonight and of course tomorrow for the Craftalong but will just be watching 😩, can’t wait to see what else Paul does with the 12×12 papers, I straight away made a photo frame after watching Paul do his with the beautiful photos from your wedding.
      Love Mary x

  6. Shows on to record so I don’t miss anything & can look again later. Loving the extra shows for the hints & tips. By using the products that have been previously released with the new ones it doesn’t always mean we need to buy everything at once to achieve the same results. Although I do keep changing the contents of my shopping basket as I prioritise my needs/wants !!
    Safe journey there & back for both of you, I am sure the shows will all go fine as you always prepare everything so well. The Classroom is slightly different as its a first for Hochanda but you have done it before so once you start all will fall into place, Janice has promised to behave & we will all be glued to the screen !!

  7. Looking forward to tomorrow. As always you will be GREAT! Will be watching early here in the USA. My craft table and supplies are ready. All will be good as long as the internet stays up and running.

    Relax remember we are all friends. Best group ever!!

  8. Ooooooo I’m excited for the CraftalongaBarbie tomorrow, have my box of things ready and my Distress ink pads sorted which I’m hoping are close enough to your Artistry colours but as they are all I have they will be fine I’m sure. I am patiently waiting for my new papers to arrive and I will be adding the next 2 pads tonight when I watch Paul. I think you and Clarity are doing a fabulous job of filling the voids left by other companies and I would hope people haven’t started moaning that you are on too much, it could be repeats filling the slots and that would be awful! Xx

  9. Afternoon bloggy friends, limbering up here ready for tomorrow, cut my card, mounted the stamps, got inks and brushes ready…roll on Sunday! Xx

  10. So looking forward to the shows and will record to remind me of techniques in the future Good luck, though I know it will be great

  11. Who but the Clarity team would be willing to fill in at the drop of the hat – not many I guess. It is great that you are using previously showcased products in these extra shows as it gives us more ideas for using them as well as easing the stress on our pockets.
    Will be ordering the next set of 12 x 12’s later, they really are useful. The ones received this week have already been put to good use and am looking forward to seeing what other crafting gems Paul has in store for us.
    I have quite a few Wendy Stenton templates, haven’t used them for a while so thanks for the reminder. It gives me an idea to adorn them with some stamps and groovi art work.
    Will be watching and recording the ‘craftalongabarbie’ tomorrow, it will be a real treat.
    Safe journey to you both.

  12. barbara you have a heart of gold and never stop .
    i am with you and groovi cannot stop using groove best thing that happened
    thank You

  13. My, oh my🙈
    I’ve just been watching Create & Craft for the first time ever, just to see the opposition.
    A busty blonde was “assisting” Tattered Lace. I could not believe my ears when her “ears” were telling her to “put her elbows together” to fill in time as stock was sold out. Have they not heard of “Me Too”!!! 😠
    As far as I can see Hochanda have nothing to worry about what so ever.
    Ooh, I feel better now, soss about that little rant😉
    Back in the Clarity room of wonderfulness and anticipation for a delightful Sunday afternoon.

  14. I’m sure everything will be fabulous Barb. I have set everything to record as I am on my way to Romania for 7 days to visit #2 son with hubby. A full weekend of crafting on my return to finish getting ready for the next lot of shows. Can’t wait as I’m planning my samples as I sit here.

  15. Recorder set for this evening and tomorrow’s shows, can’t watch the Craftalong live as will be at lovely Linda Page’s Groovi workshop but will definitely catch up on my return. Safe journeys and can’t wait to see how Janice gets on with her crafting xx

  16. Hi Barb, lovely artwork, but got to say – love, love, love Dee’s artwork. (and no, she’s not paying me to be her number 1 fan club!!!)

    I understand you getting nervous, but you really don’t need to be. Knowing you, you’ve got backup plans for backup plans!!! We’ll all still love you, and what you do no matter what! As will Hochanda bosses. I’ll enjoy your 2 hours of teaching, even though I’m not able to join in. I’m sure I’ll still be learning, and hopefully being motivated.

    I’m also sure everyone understands the real reason you are doing extra shows. Those who don’t, who think you are trying to money grab, or whatever, they are not worth a thought, really, just ignore them!

    Me, I’ve not been up to anything worth reading about today!!!

    Hope you got to chill for a bit!

    Safe travels, and good luck for your craftalong xxx

  17. Everyone is behind you and Hochanda you will both come through this and for the better, Hochanda is by far the best craft channel and has the superior range of guests it was great before CC & Tonic and will still be great with you and other guests support for the future. I’m definitely team Clarity and Hochanda!!!

  18. No need to worry Barbara, you’ll be great as usual. Everyone is behind you (well in front watching the tele) all excited with their equipment all ready to go. Have to watch on catchup next week as having a break away.xxx

  19. Hi Barb,
    Can I just say that I think it is really good of Clarity to fill in the spots left by others on Hochanda. I know it must be an extra load of work for you and hassle travelling up and down to Peterborough so much. I’m sure they appreciate it though as do we all. I think it’s a good idea to showcase some of the older products too ( my bank manager says thank you too) . Had a chuckle when Paul said he’d been cutting up the paper pads in his craft room at Hochanda! Love the new papers too and the dies that are on the shows are fabulous – have all 3 and have used them quite a lot all ready. Good luck for tomorrow although you’ll be brilliant. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  20. Hi Barbara
    I can’t wait for the craftalongBarbie, should be great fun.
    I don’t think that there is much chance of you and the Dream Team overloading us lot. You should know by now that we can’t get enough of the Clarity Team.
    I think that everyone will respect your loyalty to Hochanda. You are an honourable lady who owns an honourable company, and thanks to you, many more people are able to enjoy crafting than ever before, so don’t apologise for being yourself, that’s why we all care for you as much as we do.
    Love & Hugs

  21. Good luck for today Barbara. I know how much everyone will enjoy it. You and the team are doing an amazing job. Hugs. Annette X

  22. Wow what a lovely day on Hochanda today. I am so looking forward to the craftalong. I have watched Hochanda since day one… what I love about it was all the demo’s and that people like yourself had the opportunity to showcase different things. Thank you so much for your hard work it is appreciated. I will be watching this afternoon but unfortunately I over spent with Hochanda and had to sit on my hands as I have already had to hide 2 credit card statements from hubby. Crafty hugs.

  23. Hi Barb, I hope all goes well today, I will be watching and I think you will have a class of hundreds. Love the artwork from the team, really lovely and inspiring. Take care all. Bx

  24. Fab demos and great for us that you’re doing so many. Nice to support Hochanda. A win all round! Thanks for all the hard work from you, Paul and all the team.

  25. I have recorded the shows from the 16th and 17th it was my birthday on the 16th family time and I couldn’t persuade them to watch hochanda 😁. So I will have a clarity fest tomorrow. Loving all the new products 💖 but what to choose ? I think the papers or the …….. going to take ages me thinks. Hugs x

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