Long neck – Huge ears!

Long neck – Huge ears!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Been a good day. Went to Mum and Dads with Dave early in the morning for a catch up- and because I can. Then shot back across the Weald of Kent for Pottapotta – Pottery!! The day before, they had asked us whether we would like to stay for lunch, and I very quickly declined, saying I really really didn’t want to miss pottery, that I’d missed it last week because of the Pergamano Show on HOCHANDA early on the Thursday etc etc etc. So NO thanks. We’d come for a cuppa. Anyway, Mum made us a lovely breakfast when we landed, and then told us that Dad had said to her, after my little spasm about not missing pottery, “We’d better not die on a Wednesday!” Ha Ha Ha!!! Dry old stick.

But I wanted to see whether my strange bottle, with the long neck and big ears had worked! Remember?

Well, what can I say? When I saw it on display on the shelf, I whooped and punched the air for joy! It was so much better than I hoped!!! Look!!!

Teacher said it was reminiscent of Gaudi. Barbie grins from big ear to big ear….

Nothing like a pat on the back for spurring you on!! 3 hours later – here comes Gaudi’s fat mate! And I DO NOT MEAN MAGDA !!!

I think these Big Ears are going to be my signature. One day, when my pottery is sold at Sotherbys for mega millions, people will be so glad that I reinforce-attached those ears, so they don’t fall off easily when you knock them on the kitchen tap. Because, as we know, what could have sold for forty million had it had both ears, is sadly only worth a fiver because one’s missing.

And yes. Gaudi’s fat friend is SUPPOSED to be assymetric!

Love, laughter and huge hugs,

Barb xxxx

30 thoughts on “Long neck – Huge ears!

  1. Omg!!! That’s so cool!!! No wonder you whooped and fist punched the air. Let’s hope its mate works out as well!
    Have a lovely evening.
    Love and hugs xxx

  2. Oh Barb, what a hoot !!! Beautiful vase, you are so talented.
    Paul and Maria did us proud today. The fantastic stamps and Groovi plates leapt into my basket before I had a chance to blink !!!
    Paul’s boxes made with the 12 x 12 papers were so simple but what added value with a matching card or pressie inside. Ordered these too.
    Think this month is going to be expensive but,hey-ho might as well enjoy things while we can.
    Have a good evening 🍒🍒🍒

  3. Lovely pots, the wax has worked so well, I’m not surprised you are pleased with it. The new pot looks great already, lots of room to add a matching decoration. Glad you are finding a passion away from work, always good for the soul. Xx

  4. Fabdabidozi! Well done! Need to catch up
    On today’s shows, caught some of Maria’s but not all. Also saw Paul’s box – hope he you tubes that one day ! X

  5. Brilliant. I can understand why you would not want to miss your class. It is great to do something you enjoy. I like the signature ears, can I buy a pot now while they are affordable and hope it increases in my lifetime. xx

  6. Hello Barbara
    I am so pleased you are still enjoying the pottery. It is good to lose yourself in something other than work/business.

  7. Well how amazing does that look and the new one looks equally amazing. How fabulous to hear the laughter back in your voice, and now we know where you get your naughty sense of humour from. God bless your lovely dad. Keep smiling Barb. Xxxx

  8. Hi Barbara and everyone, glad to see you have had a good day at pottery.
    Love your work getting quite good well brilliant .
    It is good to do something that you can get pleasure from and feel you have achieved something.
    Watched Paul glad you have brought out the 12×12 pads
    I do like an insert in my cards when I send them out they just look finished.
    Hope you are feeling a Lot better now.
    Take care .
    Lynn xx

  9. Hello Barbara – so glad to see your finished pot. I love it. Still reminds me of Aztec or Mayan, don’t know why, that popped into my head first time I saw it. Your fat pot is going to be awesome. Lot of love Donna X

  10. Good to hear you sounding much happier, but a good dose of Mum and Dad and a fantastic piece of pottery worked their magic.
    I caught parts of Paul and Maria’s shows, but I was out for most of the day, so need to watch properly on rewind.
    Lots of exciting things coming up, but take care of yourself and enjoy your down time. Hugs. Annette X

  11. Your tall master piece is ready, just in time to pop a beautiful red rose in it and present it tomorrow, Valentine’s Day, to your special person !!!! with luv.

  12. Hi Barb,
    Gosh! I love your vase! I also think it has a bit of South America in there. What a good job you’ve made of it. Il. Be interested to see the next one when it’s finished. You are definitely coming along leap and bounds and it is lovely to hear your enthusiasm and enjoyment coming through when you write or talk about your classes. Enjoyed all of the shows today and thought both Maria and Paul did you proud. The papers fell into my basket but I’m not really into dragons etc, although I was super impressed with the samples . Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  13. Nice to hear you sound happy they are funny my mum use to say when my dad was driving somewhere and someone came flying passed will see you in ditch up road my dad would say your morbid Margerat and laugh. Looks really good your vase 🏺. Well night night another good day to come tomorrow. Ps did laugh when was masking if the comer was shouting at tv nooo you haven’t removed the tape that made me laugh bless him makes it all so real and laughing at himself bless him he is a good one xx

  14. Hi Barb, glad you found some positive release today.
    Always better to channel one’s energy in a positive direction eh! Mmmm wonder who taught me that…!!!

    I hope you corrected your dad – it’s ok for them to die on a Wednesday, as long as it’s outwith term time…!!!

    Your pottery makes are fantastic. Seems you have gone from class rebel to teacher’s pet!!!

    Since you’re having such a positive day, I’ll keep my day to myself then, eh…!!!

    Hope your positivity and positive distractions continue for you xxxx

  15. Your vase looks amazing, you should be very proud, you’re coming on fast. Can’t wait to see what pattern you’ll put on the big one. Nice to hear ou sound so cheerful today, surprising what a visit to your Mum and Dad can do. Didn’t get to see the shows today but can catch up over the next few days I hope.xxx

  16. Glad you have had a good day today, both pots look fantastic & I love your Dad’s sense of humour. Need to catch up with the last 2 shows today as we were out celebrating our eldest granddaughters birthday so that is something to look forward to. After watching an earlier show I made the photo frame from a piece of 12 x 12 from my stash. I think this will be a good project to keep the girls occupied next week, they can take a photo of themselves & pop it in a frame for Mothering Sunday. Perhaps there will be some more hints & tips over the weekend for some more projects. x

  17. The long thin big eared pot has turned out fabulously Barbara, and its mate is also coming along marvellously. So pleased you have found something that you really enjoy outside of Clarity which gives you some relaxing time, and the visit to your Mum and Dad’s has perked you up too. I did manage to catch Maria and Paul this morning and they both did a great job as usual. Will be catching up on the later programmes. x

  18. Long neck is looking good! As for it’s fat mate it reminds me a teddy bear, no idea why it just does lol! Enjoy and thanks for sharing it’s fun to see your works in progress x

  19. Hi Barb, your Mum certainly does have a very dry wit. I would have cracked up just then. Love the Vase, and it’s fat mate. How satisfying to get that sort of feedback on something you have made. Looking forward to how the fat mate looks when you have put the Barb stamp on it. Take care all. Bx

  20. Both pots are stunning and it’s great that you are prioritising time for yourself – no-one else will do that! X

  21. Caught part of a programme the other day about the First Emperor’s tomb in China – he of the terracotta army. I did not know they where built up using the coil method on the inside – made me think of you!

  22. Wow, you really are creating some marvelous pieces. This is totally fantastic, such an arty piece, happy in any gallery I think. Love what you have done.xx

  23. Are there NO limits to your talents??? Your pottery is beautiful!! And I love your humour! (Oooohhh, am I starting to sound like a creepy stalker??? Sorry, just admire your work and your ethics!) Can’t wait for Craftalong…not long now…

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