Leafy Swirl – All time Fave

Leafy Swirl – All time Fave

Hi there!

How’s your Saturday shaping up? I have been busy belting around, putting the finishing touches to tomorrow’s HOCHANDA TV Shows. Sometimes I think, blimey. All this work, all this prep. And it’s over in a nano. Thing is, I suppose I could prep less, wing it more. But the prep is what gives me the nerve to go on telly in the first place! Imagine going on LIVE TV and not having a plan!!! Sod that!!!!

So, with that in mind…..

At 2 pm I shall be showcasing my all time favourite design: the Leafy Swirl in all its Clarity forms: Stamps and Stencil

Groovi Plate…combined with an excellent net plate.

and Fresh Cut Aperture Die too.

We’ve also added a brand new trio of Groovi World Chains – large and mini,

And the same sentiments in Stamp Word Chains – large and mini, too.

There’s something for everyone for sure! I’ve got plenty (PLENTY!) of neat demos lined up, which I hope you will enjoy, and the ever clever Clarity Team have created some wonderful artwork for your pleasure too.

Chris Walker
Dee Paramour
Wendy Thorburn
Barbara Lancaster
Andy Duggan

It’s interesting to cut across all the Clarity products with one design now, and see how beautifully they all sing together.

Then at 6pm, it’s time to showcase 4 brand new and wonderful Fairy illustrations by our dear friend Mel. And just as in the afternoon show, we have launched them in all four product strands: Dies, 3-way Overlay Stamps, Stencils and Groovi Baby Plates.

Time for a nap, then Rugby Six Nations. The Welsh did very well yesterday, didn’t they ?!

Beth canlyniad !!!! (what a result!!!)

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

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24 thoughts on “Leafy Swirl – All time Fave

  1. I too love that leafy stencil, mine is very well used but now to have it in a die, fabulous. I would be cutting into that for all sorts of things. So guess what, I need it!! Will have to catch up later on show though as I am at Maria’s class tomorrow. Have thoroughly enjoyed Hazel’s workshop this morning so a very good weekend. XX

  2. Good luck tomorrow as always. Gorgeous samples. Am slightly pleased fairies aren’t my thing although I’ll love to watch and who knows….. just thinking of my pennies though ! Yes, Welsh made a miraculous comeback – we don’t get to watch England on our TV so will have to listen instead. Scotland seem to be smashing it too! Have a good weekend xx

  3. I love the leafy swirl, it was the first stamp i ever bought from Clarity and the first stencil too. Love the look of the samples set the tv to record just in case we it’s a sporty tv weekend, six nations and cricket too

  4. I love the leafy swirl too. Some fabulous makes by the ever talented design team too and I am sure there will be many many more to show too. I might just have to have that mini word chain stamp set and maybe the groovi and……….. I will never ever be rich!! Lol

  5. Fabulous samples and a gorgeous stamp and stencil set. One of the first Clarity stencils I ever bought. I have my eye on the die! Good luck with the shows. I have set them to record as I’ll be at Maria’s workshop tomorrow.

  6. One of my all time favourite stamps and stencils. Know to get it in die fantastic will we get the word chains in die just a thought would love them too. Safe travels sun has bee out here today still cold but nice seeing the sun xxx

  7. Will have to look through my stash to see what leafy swirls I already have. The fairies are a must as are the new word chains, but soon I will have to decide whether to save my money until the retreat or just go for it all now !!!
    The design team have come up with great examples as usual, they really do inspire.
    Safe journey tomorrow, looking forward to the shows.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

    1. PS: Ray says I can have all the Clarity goods I want or a new fast computer – no contest !!! I’ll make do with my old slow clunker.

  8. The samples look fantastic, love the leafy swirl. I am sure everything will be fine as soon as the cameras roll at 2pm. Hopefully you will be able to all the demos before the products sell out x

  9. Looking forward to watching you tomorrow, just what’s needed, been stuck in all week. Have had a go at some of the dies, and some sewing. Hope you have a safe journey tomorrow. Xxxxx

  10. Hi Barb,
    I’m so pleased that you’re bringing the leafy swirl in die form. It is also one of my favourite stencil, stamp and Groovi , so I need the die as well. Already set the recorder for the shows tomorrow and Monday although I’m not into fairies. Liking the network chains also. Great comeback by Wales, good win by Scotland and now just watching England ( 7-0 up at the moment) . Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Cold here today although thankfully no more snow. Hope everyone is ok. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  11. My favourite stamp and stencil so the die will be winging it’s way to me. Love the word chains too so my basket will be full tomorrow. Then at 6pm I will be doing another order…I always wonder why I’m not rich…but at least I’m happy! Xx

  12. Afternoon bloggy friends, had some of the white stuff last night so driving today was interesting until it all melted! Have the TV booked tomorrow for the shows. Xx

    1. Me again – question re new word chains. Note the second set have matching minis but not the first set – will these minis be coming later?

  13. Hi Barbara
    How exciting, the Leafy swirls as a die. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow, the samples look fabulous. Safe journey tomorrow.
    Love Diane xxx

  14. Oh my such a wonderful choice of amazing craft goodies 😀😍
    How will I ever decide and the half price sale too xxx

  15. Hi Barbara
    It amazes me how adaptable all your designs are for you to be able to produce them on so many different formats. Stunning.
    Love & Hugs

  16. I am not a stamper and fairies are not my thing, but I shall still watch all the shows, as I always learn something new and love to watch you in action.
    At least I won’t be tempted this time (sorry!) and can save my money for the Kings next month. I did order a couple of things in the members’ sale though 😀
    Have a safe trip up to Hochanda and good luck with the shows, which are sure to be another sellout. Hugs. Annette x

  17. Hi Barb, one of my all time favourites stencils too, it makes (as you have shown recently) the most wonderful Gel plate prints. Hope you had a safe trip to the studios, I shall be watching the shows avidly to learn all the tips and techniques, and no doubt see some more beautiful samples like those shown here from the Design team. Bx

  18. What beautiful samples the design team have made. I will be recording the shows as I will be visiting my daughter and son-in-law for Sunday lunch. Have a safe trip and enjoy the shows.

  19. Fantastic – It had to be done, went to the Clarity website and ordered this beautiful die as I already have the stamp / stencil and Groovi plate, love this design very much x

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