AbFabFabFebFairyTime !!!

AbFabFabFebFairyTime !!!

Happy Sunday! We’re off to the HOCHANDA TV Studios bright and early today, just in case the roads are a bit dodgy. But before we hit the road, let me post our Clarity plan to you!

First off, as I described yesterday, there’s an arty 2 hour session 2-4pm with myself and an old fave (no! Dave isn’t coming on telly with me!) it’s the lovely Leafy Swirl in all its guises: Stamp, stencil, Groovi AND now the Die.

Then a quick change of hats, a quick wipe of the counter, and at 6pm – ONE DAY SPECIAL O’CLOCK – it’s…..

AbFabFabFebFairyTime !!!

Our Mel illustrated these beauties – and they are indeed very, very classy. I love them. They are original, quirky, and very Brighton Boutique, if you know what I mean. What’s clever is how many possibilities there are when you start to cut away the elements, but more of that at 6.

4 super Dies
4 beautiful Groovi Baby plates
4 3-Way Overlay stamp. (Blimming brilliant to work with!)
4 7″ x 7″ Stencils

There are special worldlaunch prices across all 4 products strands too, so there’s something for everyone!

The Clever Clarity Crew have rustled up some magnificent artwork for your pleasure, too….

Dee Paramour
Maria Moorhouse
Maria Moorhouse
Linda Page
Carys James-Richards
Maria Moorhouse
Linda Spencer
Maria Moorhouse
Anne Dimitriou
Debbie McMullin

You can see how the different applications work together now, can’t you? The stencils are super in the background, and we have done a couple of stamp and Groovi combos as demos too. So please do tune in and cheer if you have time.

See you there!

  • SKY 673 (24/7)
  • FREEVIEW 85 (6AM-7PM)
  • FREESAT 817 (24/7)

Love & Hugs, Barb


20 thoughts on “AbFabFabFebFairyTime !!!

  1. Definitely fun to work with the stamps and stencils. I look forward to seeing the Groovi plates and dies in action too. Fabulous samples as always teamies! Safe journey and good luck setting up and with all the demos.

  2. Already have the TV booked! Love Clarity Sundays. Looking forward to seeing the demos and DT samples. Drive safe. Xx

  3. Morning bloggy friends, just off to do a few jobs so I’m back for the shows later. Got to de-ice the car first though. See you all later. Xx

  4. Looks lovely cannot wait have set recorder as have compeny today trouble is if they put tv on ,my free sat has been playing up son done an update last week and since then if i record and have tv on it swiches to record ,not sure how to fix it as i will just get a lot of moaning about shopping chanel x

  5. Have great shows… I’m sure you will as the products are fantastic as ever! They all work so well together.
    I hope the roads weren’t too bad and that by the time you are on your way home things have got even better!
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  6. Oh Barbara you do tempt us don’t you ! Tina last week, fairies this!!! Look forward to watching later and seeing what you do with these. I always learn another new trick or two. Love the samples especially Maria’s one. Jx

  7. Sun is shining at this neck of woods still very cold Bob came in from work 7am -5 cold 🥶 so hope roads okay till your nearly in Peterborough until A14 /A1 road works haven’t been that fare this week so not sure what’s open or closed changes every time we go to Peterborough but be nice and hopefully safer roads ones finished. The look glorious looks like mire for shopping list love the butterflies 🦋 and fairies 🧚‍♀️ safe trip will be watching later and recording lots love Joy Katie xxx

  8. Wow Barb, up bright an early, safe travels. Love the beautiful samples you have shared. My dilemma is going to be choosing between Stencils, dies and stamps, or not choosing but staggering the purchases and which comes first. Cannot wait. Take care all and have a lovely day . Bx

  9. Looking forward to the shows, recorder is set for them all both today and tomorrow but I’ll be watching too. Trying to be good but you’re testing me…just love fairies as I never have grown up! Safe journeys x

  10. Wow the samples are fantastic, with so many being done by the DT you know that they have loved using them. As others have said the dilemma is which to choose. Shows on to record & I will be watching. Hope you have had an uneventful journey as time wise you are probably already in Oundle as we are running late this morning due to a disturbed night with OH’s coughing & spluttering !! I have 3 hours to do a few jobs & get set to watch the shows, although I used to find having a set time I got more done. We will see !!

  11. Hope you are over the dreaded lurgy and you had an uneventful journey this morning. Sun has been out this morning but still very cold. Brrrrr!
    The samples from the design team are beautiful.
    This morning I went through all my folders looking for the leafy swirls stamps, stencils and Groovi plates as I was sure I had some of them. Got similar but not these. Also found lots of fairy themed items so decided I might not buy. Then I saw the DT efforts and changed my mind. I will never be rich but I will be a happy crafter.
    Ray is cooking today so it’s feet up and grooving on my lap tray, watching the shows and making my templates from Tina’s plates which turned up yesterday.
    I’m off now to indulge myself in my favourite hobby!!!
    Hugs, Cherry

  12. Posted a response but it disappeared. Can’t type it all again so will just say hope you had a safe journey this AM, looking forward to the shows. DT samples beautiful.

    1. Just logged on to say what great shows today and lo and behold my original post appeared. Must be my clunky computer getting antsy.

  13. Watched your 2 hr show on catchup and the 6 o’clock show on the tv, brilliant. The samples from the design team were lovely.
    Luckily I have the Swirl stamps, stencil and groovi plate. My list is getting long tho with all the lovely dies and Tina’s plates from last week. Safe journeys for you all. Have a great time at the wedding.xxx

  14. I haven’t been able to watch the 6pm show yet, but watched this afternoon. You are one talented lady! And the samples from the DT were brilliant. I know I said that fairies aren’t my thing, but those
    Groovi plates are gorgeous and look so easy to adapt. I must watch the shows tomorrow, as I am keen to see what they can do. Have a good evening and a great day on Hochanda tomorrow. Hugs. Annette. X

  15. Enjoyed your two hours this afternoon Barbara, and will be watching again tomorrow. Great samples from the DT and great demos by yourself. x

  16. Hi Barbara
    Loved the two hour show this afternoon, I might just have to buy the leafy swirl die as it’s rather gorgeous. I have t seen the 6 pm show yet, will be watching on rewind tomorrow. The new collection is lovely, it will be interesting to see what you do with them, the design team samples are beautiful.
    Love Diane xxx

  17. Watched the 2 hour show. Definitely ABFABFABFEB. Been catching up on some old youtube so I’d seen the swirly leaf stencil before the programme. Looking forward to seeing you finishing the die cut.

  18. Hi Barb,
    Watched the shows yesterday as well as recording them. Really enjoyed them especially the leafy swirl programme. The die fell into my basket which will give me a full set of leafy swirl products. Not really into fairies so probably won’t buy the ODS but I must say the samples were stunning . Will be watching today and wish you and a Paul good luck for the shows ( although you won’t need it!) . Hope you don’t get too hot today! Love and hugs,Alison xx

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