What a Whirlwind of a Day!

What a Whirlwind of a Day!

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. Long days here at the moment. But I must say, today got off to a belting start with Leonie! What a cracking show at 8 am!! And those funky Leonie-style stencils !!! Sold out?!?!? We were on the phone within minutes, doubling stock levels, trebling stock levels – it went into meltdown!! I was jumping up and down on the spot, clapping and cheering Leonie on, whilst sweet-talking my darling brother Steve into working Saturday! What a funny old life this is. One minute he’s an annoying little snotty brother, who has to come to Saturday morning cinema with you – otherwise you can’t go. The next, he’s a linchpin in your busy business and your closest, oldest friend.

Yep yep. Teamwork makes the dream work once again. And I am sure you will agree with me – especially if you did tune in to watch Leonie in action today on HOCHANDA, presenting her first proper Clarity Shows as a Clarity Team Player, we are the perfect fit. If we were looking for somebody special, to head up our Mixed Media Department, and Leonie was looking for an Art & Craft company to work and play with – then Clarity and Leonie reflect perfect synergy. Apart from being one of the most naturally creative people I have ever met, she’s also a very kind person and a dear friend.

As she said during the 4pm show, “This is just the beginning”. Long may our creative partnership and girlfriendship last. I LOVE LEONIE.

I made a piece of art with one of the new stencil play pieces (washing machine head yesterday). Shall I show you?

I learned loads whilst watching Leonie today, didn’t you? So I borrowed her technique, dry-brushing that Inka Gold I’ve got in the cupboard over the raised stencil art. Very cool.

Tomorrow, if you like, I can step by step this one here. I did take pics! But now I want to go find Dave.

Love & Hugs,



41 thoughts on “What a Whirlwind of a Day!

  1. The shows were fabulous. Leonie is perfect for your mixed media. Not too sure I can be so arty but I will give it a try. Her enthusiasm is so contagious. xx

  2. Fantastic dhows, luckily I was just in time to catch the 4pm show so my stencil order was placed through Clarity as it was sold out on Hochanda. Love the loose and fluid art from Leonnie, truly talented and a great pleasure to watch. Xx

  3. I shall watch on catch up. Leonie’s enthusiasm and spark totally mirror that of you and your team Barb. I can see this being a very long lasting partnership. Enjoy your evening. Xxx

  4. Absolutely great shows. I am about to go and re-watch them and makes notes on the techniques, ready for when the stencils arrive. I love getting messy!

  5. Evening bloggy friends, I think the dreaded lurgy has caught me! Coughing and shivering all day, think I’m going to invest in a full Hazmat suit till Summer. Xx

    1. Oh Donna,
      Poor you – it’s not helped by all the germs from the pupils in school at this time of year! It’s one thing I don’t miss! Hope you feel better soon, love and hugs Alison xxx

  6. I enjoyed it too, although I confess I am a Hochanda newbie! Great introduction to the channel – thanks Leonie 🥳 I am looking forward to some playtime – Ani

  7. Loved this morning show and have recorded the four o’clock. Ordered the stencils from Clarity and already had a despatch email. Can’t wait to play

  8. Loved today’s shows and can’t wait for my stencils to come! I must remember to wear gloves though as I don’t think yellow hands would go down so well at work – that really made me laugh, bless her! I for one would love to see a step by step on how you did your artwork – thank you x

  9. I have to ‘fess up…
    Watched the 8am show in bed enjoying a bowl of porridge & my Uncle’s Clun honey. (And I’m not even ill🙊)
    Might pencil this I’m my diary for every last Friday of the month🤣
    What an awesome woman Leonie is. I cried along with her, happy tears of course!
    She has such great taste too….I’ve got the same blouse as her. Though mine is my daughter’s cast off.😂
    Is it best to wait for the Hochanda order to leave the building before I pop my order in, or order now so you know the quantities to make?

  10. Brilliant shows with great stencils. So much inspiration, so much that I have already taken scissors to the leafy swirl stencil and removed it from its frame, so that I can play before my Leonie stencils arrive. She certainly had a fantastic day with two hours of watercolour painting too. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  11. Leonie was amazing today and she looked beautiful too. Fabulous hair!
    I am really not into ‘messy’ crafting, but I do admire the talent and love to see what everyone creates.
    I am so pleased for you and Leonie that your partnership is proving to be such a success. As you say, she is a lovely lady.
    Have a great weekend. Hugs. Annette X

  12. Leonie’s ‘joi de vivre’ certainly came across this morning. Unfortunately the afternoon show, meant to be recorded, got deleted before it could be watched.
    Received my ODS order today, very happy with it. Love the extended scalloped squares too.
    Have a good evening.
    Hugs xxx

  13. Yes, loved those stencils and what Leonie did with them, need to see the end of the 4 p.m. show and will do that shortly in the second half of the football ….
    Have a good weekend and well done Steve for putting in the extra shifts at the weekend ! X

  14. I’ve loved the shows today – I don’t really do mixed media and I don’t like to get my fingers messier than I have to – but Leonie has got me itching to have a go
    Her charm, wit and enthusiasm are unbelievably infectious.
    Well done Leonie
    (I can see why she likes mixed media – she couldn’t keep her hands clean if her life depended on it …….. 😂)

  15. I’ve always loved Leonie’s loose and messy style, but had wondered how it would work with the more clean and structured Clarity style (which I also love). I must say that it is a perfect fit. The design team samples are truly inspiring.

    Would love a step by step of your stencil piece.

  16. Hi Barb,
    Wow! What a supremely talented crafter Leonie is. I was so inspired by her and I’m not really into messy crafting. I love the idea of creating wonderful backgrounds and also using the petite topper as well. I’m thinking that there could be new ideas for future paper pads here! I’m so pleased for Leonie and of course Clarity that these were such a success – many, many congratulations to all concerned ( including the multi talented DT). Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  17. Loved watching the show, even though I only do Groovi. Leoni is fantastic to watch and she makes it look so easy.
    Tina xx

  18. Stencils on order; can’t wait to play!
    I’m just getting into mixed media so I’ll definitely be following Leonie to learn more 🙂

  19. Congratulations to you and Leonie. What a superb day I have had watching Leonie as I always do on a Wednesday
    but today I was just blown away with her enjoyment of her subject. Hope to see Leonie at the N.E.C in March.

    Do please show us your step by step guide to your Stencil art work. Thank you from Christine in York.

  20. Lovely photo of you and Leonie, haven’t watched her shows yet but am looking forward to watching on catchup in a minute or two. So glad it went so well and sold out (how many times)? Wow!!! Great service from your team put an order in online on Monday and it arrived on Wednesday, brilliant. xxx

  21. I tried to resist but that didn’t last long, the stencils are sitting in my basket, must go & check whether there is anything else that needs to fall in with them !! Great samples by the DT again. I need to go & watch the 4pm show that I recorded as when I tried to watch it live on my computer it kept spooling. OH was watching the TV !! Would be great to have a step by step for your art work as I love the finished piece.

  22. So pleased they were a great success but who doubted that they would be. I will be watching on catch up. Your artwork using one of them is beautiful and look forward to your step by step Barbara. x

  23. Wow loved Leonie this morning she was brilliant so relaxed on her art just lets it flow love watching see her art work evolve. Seems so disorganised but not at all cause always comes out with brilliant art work, few items and makes wonderful art great fan and like you said such a lovely person. Need to watch all again and have ago already had email from clarity towers lunch time my order is on way know that’s fast work really is a great team work and dream happens. What s great week of clarity we have had on tv . love you all. Joy xxx

  24. Hi Barbara
    Oh I’m so pleased for Leoni and you too, just the boost she needs. I haven’t watched the shows yet but will be watching on catch up. Love the piece of artwork you’ve done too so a yes please from me with the step by step. I’m sure you will pop in with a bacon sarnie for Steve tomorrow to keep him going!
    Love Diane xxx

  25. Let’s just say I caught what I could of the TV shows whilst suffering from a virus of some gross description.
    But back to my reason for tonight’s visit – Barbara we need stamps and dies from Leonie too please and as soon as possible please lol! I loved the stencils and have ordered mine directly from yourselves as soon as I could. I can’t wait to see what lovely Leonie comes up with next!!! Add Clarity into that mix and I am in crafters heaven, it is heavenly here!!!! Rest this weekend whilst you can as I think this partnership is just going to keep getting better and better xx

  26. Missed the 8 o’clock but did watch at 4pm – great show and while messy crafting is not my cup of tea I did appreciate the results! Must say how much I enjoyed the Marie Curie (charity very dear to my heart) watercolour shows and it was lovely to see Leonie looking ‘glam’ all day…well apart from her ‘mucky’ hands, but she wouldn’t be ‘our’ Leonie if her hands were clean. Looking forward to seeing her future Clarity shows and her designs in whatever format they arrive – stamps, stencils etc.

  27. Hi Barbara
    Yes please, always love your step by steps. Xxxxxxx
    I hope Dave wasn’t too hard to find and that you managed to have a peaceful evening together.

  28. Hi Barbara. I now have more favourite things!!!! Love the stencils but I really enjoyed watching Leonies take on using clarity products. She is so arty and creative. And she makes it look all so achievable.
    Poor Steve will be there working weekends for a while I think especially as Leonie said this is only the start! Long may it continue!
    Have a great weekend.
    Love and hugs xxx

  29. Loved the shows, such energy and enthusiasm, Leonie always makes me laugh. A very bright shining star you want to follow and learn, love the stencils. A truly great addition to your already fab team, great you snapped her up!

  30. Go Team Clarity! I love mixed media as you know and so excited to see what the future holds for Clarity and Leonie! I enjoyed working with the stencils and have been using them in my journaling too! Have a fabulous weekend and love your creation.
    Linda xxx

  31. Sooooooooooooooooooo glad Leonie has joined you .She is one of the most down to earth crafters I have had the pleasure of meeting as well as being an amazingly talented person. I love mixed media and have been promising myself a Gelli plate since I worked with one at a Nottingham Workshop day(how many years ago?) now I may just have to take the plunge.

  32. Barbara, I continue to read your blogs as often as possible. I also believe you’re The Best in this field of creativity. The teaching and learning never stops. I wish we had you here in The States. There are many good ones….Gina K, Tim Holtz….but no Barbara Gray. Those of you who have her up close and personal, well can l just say how very lucky you are? Indeed. Jenny Robinson

  33. Hi Barb, just got in from a work trip, so catching up on blogs, and then onto catching up on the shows. Looks like you and Leonie blew the doors off again, can’t wait to catch up. Take care all. Bx

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