The Bridge between Art and Craft

The Bridge between Art and Craft

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Trying to tidy this ‘ere workspace in readiness for what’s coming up – TV shows, new products, new directions. It’s like painting the Golden Gate Bridge; by the time you’ve finished it, you can start again! Hey ho!

I found a really cool piece of stencil, which I think I may have a little play with today. I say piece, because I definitely cut it out of a larger whole a while ago! After Leonie’s frameless stencils double sellout yesterday, we definitely need to revisit the stencils we already make!

Who says I’m not organised?! Look! All my large Ocean Swirl stencils in a folder!
Impressed, huh? The girl’s got friendly helpers – that’s a cert!!

In fact, I made my all time favourite, bestest ever piece of Gelpress art with this piece of stencil. And I was even able to find it straightaway! Look…

It is my most coveted print. I LOVE IT. I know the process, know HOW I made it, am even pretty certain which paints I used; but I also know I will NEVER EVER be able to duplicate it. That makes it special.
See the green? No idea where that came from. Maybe from another print…
Aha! Here’s the original piece! The light one I like is the ghost print from this one! Hence the green.
Ironically, I made these prints years ago, right at the beginning of the Gelpress revolution. Didn’t know how it happened. Never wrote it down. Got a rough idea….

I guess that’s the difference between craft and art: the predictable versus the unpredictable, that I’m always banging on about. We can learn the processes, the techniques, but we can’t regurgitate the same, we can’t duplicate. I think that’s great, and this year I have decided to travel further down that path of unpredictable art, to build the bridge between art and craft.

I’m in good company, that’s for certain! Leonie, Sam, Dee – and many others in the Clarity team are seekers too. We are all explorers in a way, and this year we are set for a really exciting arty expedition. I hope you are up for it. I have gone off on a little tangent with my pottery, but I can’t tell you how much I love working with clay. Almost every week, a little voice in my head says, “Gray, there’s too much to do at the office. You can’t bugger off midweek to a pottery class!” Then another, more loving little voice says, “Sod off! There’s nothing that urgent that it can’t wait a day!” The typical lament of a workaholic….

Anyway, enough rambling. Time to play with that piece of stencil from the large Ocean Swirl.

Fast forward to 5pm.
I have spent hours playing this afternoon.
Paints, Gelpress, stencils, brayer. Figuring things out, getting it wrong, getting it right.
Getting it.

Was I able to reproduce the pieces I found? Nope. But I made loads of other stuff!

Bit of this, bit of that. It’s called playtime. Downtime.

If I were a football player, I suppose this would be the equivalent of kicking a ball around in the park on my own, not concerned about scoring goals or winning; just figuring out what happens and what doesn’t happen when you do this or that. Nothing to do with the performance. Everything to do with the next time you’re on the pitch with the team.

I like this piece. Cool texture. Just ran the painty stencil through the Gemini at the end of playtime. All the layers came away together. Nice.

I am coming down with the lurgie here.Time to go indoors and make a pot of tea.

Love and Hugs,



24 thoughts on “The Bridge between Art and Craft

  1. Oh dear hope you soon recover. Hopefully you might get some free time tomorrow to help fight the bugs. I seem to have missed all the bugs but fighting pain constantly, now my ribs have settled a bit,my back has joined in the party. Well I will try the arty trip whether I produce anything worthwhile that remains to be seen. It could be fun though. x

  2. Hope you get rid of the lurgy soon, I’ve got something in my throat making me keep clearing it and driving hubby mad but I can’t help it ! Love all those pics of your work stages – helps me ! Keep calm and carry on with the pottery is what I say! If the boss can’t wangle an afternoon away then who can ?! X

  3. Hope Mr Lurgie does one & doesn’t take up residence !! love your gel plate art. Its nice to switch off occasionally & do something different.

  4. It’s good to just kick back and play… says she who always intends to do such a thing and never actually manages it…get sidetracked all the time! Anyhoo hope your lurgy doesn’t last and you’re soon back to full fitness, nothing worse than being lurgified! Take care xx

  5. Feel better soon Barbara. I have been having real fun looking at Clarity stamps and stencils in new ways for ATCS, tags, ATCoins and journal pages rather than just making cards. I haven’t been disappointed yet. Love playing with mixed media.

  6. Hi Barbara… I hope you don’t feel too poorly!!!and if the lurgy has decided to descend on you that you manage to shake it off really quickly… Lots of vitamin C.
    It’s great to play.. And that’s what I’ll be doing once I get stuff finished and in the post!
    Try and relax a lot tonight!
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  7. These prints are all fabulous Barbara, and that is the joy of the gel press that every print is different. I’m sorry you think you are sickening for something, and whatever it is hope it is short lived. x

  8. Looks like you had a wonderful play with the Gelli Press! It is just wonderful being able to get yourself “lost” in creating backgrounds to your heart’s content. There is no right or wrong way and what the end result is is always a pleasant surprise the majority of the time. Sometimes we experience those wonderful “happy accidents”. Enjoy your evening and regards to Dave!
    Linda xxx

  9. I am waiting for Leonie’s stencils to arrive and locating my gel plate. It has been neglected of late as I am currently obsessed with the Groovi Queens. I only have a 6×6 but will be investing in a bigger one. I love what you have created with the swirl. Can I bring myself to cut up a stencil? Of course I can.
    Hugs from Chris X

  10. Ooh do love getting inky , I had my gel press out yesterday … Hope you feel better soon honey ,local if you can get it , lemon and a slug of whisky in hot water usually does the trick for me x

  11. After Leonie’s shows yesterday, I took my scissors to the leafy swirl stencil to see what I could do with that. Then the lurgy attacked me with back ache and threatened cystitis. So I am snuggling in for the next couple of days with gallons of hot drinks and frequent sessions on my back massager. Hopefully, I might get some nice messy crafting underway too. Hope you soon get rid of your lurgy too. Meanwhile, continue to enjoy your pottery. A change is as good as a rest. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  12. Having a play day probably did you the world of good and hopefully the lurgy won’t take hold. Have a restful evening and a good night’s sleep. Take care. Annette X

  13. This Ocean Swirl is such a ‘go to’ stencil for all sorts of cards. I love it. Not replicating our art is what makes each item unique. I don’t often get into the messy mixed media, preferring to use pencils, inks, and your wonderful brushes, but I can see you had a blast this afternoon. Expect we’ll see some of them as backgrounds to future projects.
    Keep up the pottery, we all need something completely different to take our minds off the day job. Yours is not exactly 9 – 5 so take pleasure in this which you enjoy so much.
    Sorry you’ve caught the dreaded lurgy. It knocked both of us for six and there seems to be an awful lot of it about. My advice is keep well hydrated, lots of hot drinks, eat little and often to keep up your strength, forget the housework and wrap up warm. I’m sure Dave and the dream team will keep things going if you need to rest up.
    To all our bloggy friends who have been under the weather lately here’s hoping you all feel better soon.
    Hugs xxx

  14. Evening just got infrom Bobs birthday meal had a great time lovely being with all are family are girls grandchildren and my brother came he loves coming out for meal but then he lives on his own so saves him cooking. Love playing with stencils getting messy so I’m for it xx

  15. Great to just play with no end goal in your head. Having fun and creating is when the good stuff happens. Hope your lurgy doesn’t stay long! Plenty of rest and fluids…not sure wine counts though! Xx

  16. Evening bloggy friends, still feeling yuk, been asleep since about 4 pm and am still wondering when bedtime is! Xx

  17. So excited about more messy, arty, craftiness to come! Hope you feel better after a hot tea and good night’s sleep x

  18. Enjoyed Leonie’s shows, what a case she is, couldn’t help but feel happy when she is around, could you? Loved watching her do the mucky stuff, wish I could turn out art like that. I’m going to have a play tomorrow. Must get those stencils but probably have to wait until Ally Pally. Love all your playtime work you did today. Hope your lurgy retreats and you feel better tomorrow. Maybe your body is telling you to slow down a bit and relax, love and hugs Pam xxx

  19. Time for a day or two off Missy Barbara! If you are coming down with leurgie then time to rest. The art and us lot will always be here waiting for you to return, I for one can’t wait to see what you all (meaning the lovely big Clarity family) come up with this year! I plan to ride along with you. P.S. can you send Grace here to organise my crafty mess please lol!! xxx

  20. Oh Barb, what lovely arty bits you have there. I just want time to play. I do hope you have not caught the lurgy, I have been around so many that had it at work, I am really hoping to avoid it. Take care all. Bx

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