Claritystencils-Leonie Style!!

Claritystencils-Leonie Style!!

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Late night here. Spent the afternoon in London with an accountant. All good, but my brain feels like any ONE of these four stencils which lovely Leonie is launching with Clarity tomorrow!!

They are super duper frameless and fab. Leonie designed ‘em – and we made ‘em! Here’s to a wonderful partnership!

I had a little play with this one when we got in – just to try and unravel, unwind…


Maybe we should look at the Design team art instead!!!

Anne Dimitriou
Barbara Lancaster
Carole Panksztelo
Sarah Brennan
Debbie McMullin
Dee Paramour
Anne Dimitriou
Sarah Brennan
Julie Dunn
Dee Paramour

I hope you can tune in on HOCHANDA TV at 8am and 4pm tomorrow, and watch Leonie work her magic with these crazy lovely stencils.

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22 thoughts on “Claritystencils-Leonie Style!!

  1. Love these Barb! Really looking forward to watching, and learning from Leonie, under the Clarity brand. And of course, using her Clarity designed by Leonie products myself too. Love your arty piece. Really looking forward to seeing your take on Leonie’s designs too. You are both very talented, clever ladies. Hope it helped still your washing machine head xxx

  2. Lovely artwork, I appreciate the talent, but these are not for me. Just as well as I spent a fortune on the ODS. Will record the shows to watch later as Leonie can be fun in her inimical messy crafty way.
    Both still coughing fit to bust but feeling much better. Doc told Ray it could be another 2-4 weeks before this particular bug goes away completely. There’s a lot of it going around apparently.
    Browsing through my old parchment patterns I found quite a few I’d like to see as Groovi plates. Now you own Pergamano will we be seeing more patterns converted?
    Hope your pottery class went well yesterday.

  3. These stencils look interesting, looking forward to the shows tomorrow. Something else to add to my wish list !!

  4. Those are breathtakingly gorgeous and I will have them all! Are you guys going to be at CreativeWorld this weekend?

  5. These stencils are great and I think you can see Leonie in them as they are just that bit quirky and different. I look forward to seeing what she does with them tomorrow. x

  6. What a smashing partnership. Love the stencils. Isn’t it great when a plan comes together 🤗
    BTW are those Tracey’s scissors in YouTube Tuesday ? #justasking😜 Your demo has inspired me to get my gelli plate out & have a go with a mask or two in preparation for the arrival of these four new beauties. 💦💥💞
    Looking forward to more delights from Leonie very soon……..please😍

  7. Looking forward to the shoes, recorder set so I can watch later. Looking forward to seeing Leonie and Clarity team up. Xx

  8. Evening bloggy friends, very cold here and a few flakes but nothing staying on the ground. Wish I could stay in and craft. Xx

  9. I just knew that Clarity and Leonie would be a great partnership and I am going to purchase them stencils – they’re fab and fun!
    Just like owing Clarity stamps I also own Leonie stamps too and I can’t wait to get these new stencils xx

  10. I love Leonie’s style and coupled with Clarity quality it’s looking like a winner to me, set to record and learn love the samples too from the DT

  11. Hi Barb,
    Sorry this is so late! These stencils look fabulous, very Leonie. I really like the quirkiness of them and the samples from the DT are excellent as always. Looking forward to seeing the show and what Leonie comes up with. She always makes me laugh I must say. A great partnership between Clarity and Leonie. Love and hugs,Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Much warmer here today( although still chilly). I’m going to attempt to Paint A Daffodil for Marie Curie with Matthew Palmer on Hochanda today. It will be interesting to see if I get anything that even looks like a daffodil created!! I am useless at drawing and even worse at painting so not off to a good start! Hope you all have a good day, love and hugs,Alison xxxx

  12. Hi Barbara
    When I first saw the samples I thought interesting but probably not for me, then I saw what the design team had created with them and it’s a different ball game. Will be watching Leoni on catch up later to see what she does with them.
    Love Diane xxx

  13. Hello Barb, superb stencil designs, quirky and creative just like Leonie. Can’t wait to see the shows and the DT has really done them justice. Bx

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