We’re on a Roll!!!!

We’re on a Roll!!!!

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in.

Can’t stop long. Got a date with Dave. He’s taking me to the flicks! Guess which film….I’ll give you a clue…. I don’t do Psycho head stuff, I don’t do War, I don’t do thrillers, I don’t do tragedy, I don’t do chick flicks and I don’t do porn – it makes my eyes water.



Grace called yesterday, and was raving about it. Lucky girl got comp tickets to attend a special New York showing, with a live Emily Blunt QA session. Dave wasn’t as excited as me, to be honest, and even suggested I go with a girlfriend. Now I can’t say for sure when he went online and pre-ordered deluxe armchair seats for this evening at Tunbridge Wells, but it was either when I said not to worry, I would go alone, or when he tripped over my bottom lip.

I loved the original, and Grace assures me that the new remake is fantastic. I remember the magic of it as a child when it came out in 1964, and I remember watching it through my kids’s eyes when they were young. We knew all the words to all the songs, and we would sing them together tirelessly. I remember they were doing a rendition of it at Mark‘s school, and he was one of the chimney sweeps. And I remember him larking about in the supermarket, prancing and dancing up the aisle, belting out chimchimanychimchimanychimchimcharoo! And Grace was mortified in case anybody she fancied saw her with this loony little brother. And as soon as he picked up on that, he took it to a whole other level, a whole other dance routine and a whole other volume!! Yep, Mary Poppins lives on, and apparently Dick Van Dyke can still dance at the ripe old age of 93!! I bet his cockney accent is still crap though!

Anyway, what’s this got to do with craft? Absolutely NOTHING. But I will leave you with something crafty… Last time I did a Youtube with Josie’s Queens Duet grids, many of you Eagle-Eyes spotted a roll of Groovi Tabs on the counter. Ooooh! Where can we buy a roll of them, instead of a piddly little pack of 16, was the chorus… So we took a look, did our sums, and worked out a really good deal for those of you who asked so nicely!

500 on a roll. You’ll never need to order them again!!!!!

500 sticker tabs would usually cost £93.44. So we can reduce that to a bulk-buy price of £60, plus your club discounts. (We can do that because nobody has to sit and count out and cut and pack the little packs!)

Click HERE to buy.

Love & Hugs,



28 thoughts on “We’re on a Roll!!!!

  1. Oooo you’ll love it! My only regret is I didn’t know the songs to sing along myself! Dave can have a snooze in the comfy seats while you trip a little light fantastic….. XX

  2. Laughed out loud at the comment about the bottom lip Barbara. Your Dave is certainly a keeper though. I haven’t seen the film yet, but I might find the VHS video version of my eldest son in his Y6 Leavers’ Play Mary Poppins. As he was playing Uncle Albert, he had to stand on a ladder and poke his head out between the curtains to pretend he was on the ceiling. I had forgotten all about it until you reminded me. Have a great time at the pictures!

  3. Afternoon bloggy friends, think I actually feel almost back to normal (whatever that is) so I might do some die cutting with my shiny new Gemini and club die. Xx

  4. Enjoy your movie I would love to go see it was all going then Katie went with day centre like Dave bob not so keen but then I do go watch films he likes. That’s not bad price for roll of tags xxx

  5. Dave is a treasure, hope he didn’t hurt imself tripping over that lip !!!
    Mark sounds like he was a fun kid – typical boy – winding up his sister.
    When I watched the Queens YouTube I was watching the project not what was on the table and so missed the roll of tabs. I bought quite a few packs over the weeks as we both use them for more than Groovi. Will definitely buy the roll with my next order. Good job I have a quarterly pension coming up to pay for everything on my list or my hubby will be having a hissy fit. Poor dear, he actually does have a bad dose of the flu although I am getting better daily.
    Very pleased with my Wednesday’s order received today which caused our lady postie to giggle “only 2 this week?” She’s cheeky !!!
    All for now – enjoy your film.
    Love and hugs x

  6. Omg! I did laugh at you’re writings today! And when I read about how Dave had tripped over your bottom lip I nearly fell off my chair. He is such a lovely man. And clearly loves you!
    I haven’t seen the new version yet but I love the original… And sing along to all the songs! It’s a film I’ve grown up with but it’s one I can watch and watch again.
    Enjoy your evening at the flicks and I look forward to hearing what you think of it!!!
    Love and hugs xxx

  7. You will love it. I went with my Daughter and Grandchildren as a pre-Christmas treat. Like you I remember the original lol it certainly took me back a few years!! We all enjoyed it and I had nacho’s for the 1st time in my life and enjoyed those too, when they weren’t being eaten by the man sitting next to me!. He was so engrossed in the film he forgot his wife was to the left of him with a full tub of them!! That was his excuse anyway lol. Enjoy your date with Dave xxxx

  8. I knew the answer would be Mary Poppins. I too remember going to see as a child in the 60s. It’s a wonderful film and still is. Haven’t been to the latest one, but have heard all good things about it and what a sweetie your Dave is to book you ‘plush’ seats. Think I’ll have to try that bottom lip thing. Have a great evening xxx

  9. You’ll definitely enjoy Mary Poppins’ Return. Hubby was home for Christmas and we went to the cinema with our youngest son and his boys, our 12 yr old and 3 1/2 yr old grandsons on 28th Dec. we all enjoyed it 😁 even if hubby did fall asleep for the last 10 minutes 😂
    He was still on Dubai time !!
    Hugs to you both,
    Angela xx

  10. Enjoy! I’d like to see that, will await to see what you thought. People seem to be enjoying it though ! I haven’t seen it for 40 odd years! X

  11. Ooh it is on my wish list of films to see. Like you and others I enjoyed the original and as a kid spent hours trying to click my fingers to get the clothes to put themselves away!! I sat and watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang the other week and thoroughly enjoyed it. We had some fab films to watch as children didn’t we? Anyway, thanks to your You Tube video with the Mary plate I think I have finally got things sussed. Am eager to try more now. Enjoy the film. Xxxx

  12. I better perfect that bottom lip trick then might get to see something I like for a change. I loved Mary Poppins first time round and would love to see the new one. Think I might have to pass on a roll of Groovi tabs although reckon that could be a lifetime’s supply. Enjoy the film. xx

  13. Oh Barb. You will love it! I was taken to see it on Christmas Eve. By our neice and her 3 daughters. I loved it. I couldn’t imagine how it could be done but it was really good. Have a lovely evening. Love and hugs Gilly xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends. Long time no speak. We spent Christmas in Tamworth with our niece and family and then went back to Warwick to stay with my sister & brother in law. We have been away for 5 weeks recuperating. Neill is feeling so much better. Still a way to go but what a great improvement. I have been very poorly for a couple of weeks. Everything hit me and my ME took me off my feet. Feeling better than I was thanks to the wonderful care that we have received. I have so much Clarity news to catch up on. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

      1. Hi Gilly, glad Neill is feeling much better and sorry to hear you haven’t been well either. Hope you feel a lot better soon. The rest should have done you good, so hopefully you will pick up soon.xxx

  14. Hi Barb,
    I’ve heard that the new version is really good and lucky Grace! I’m sure you and Dave will have a lovely night although I hope he didn’t hurt himself with that little trip over your bottom lip! We watched the original at Christmas and it was quite funny as I was watching it and Dave was countering. Anyway I had to go out and start cooking so I said to Dave that he could change channels. When I looked I. About 5 minutes later Mary Poppins was still on. I asked why he hadn’t changed channels and the reply was that he hadn’t realised his good it was and how far ahead of its time it was. I don’t think he’ll ever live it down. I think I’ll have to give the roll of Groovi tabs a miss although it is a good deal – I might just have to save up. Have a great night with Dave, love and hugs,Alison xxx

  15. You like the same films as me Barbara. I like to be entertained and made to feel happy and uplifted. Will Dave forgive you if you sing along. X

  16. How lucky for Grace. Do you know I haven’t even watched the first one of Mary Poppins all the way through. I used to fall asleep and miss some. Anyway just asked Pete if he’d take me and he has agreed. I want to see Mary Queen of Scots too. Good price for the roll of tabs but need more dies first. Enjoy the film and have a lively relaxing weekend.xxx

  17. Hi Barbara, I am sure you will love it.
    When my Birthday was comming up I wanted to see the “bohemian rabsody” the kids had seen it and my hubbi didn’t want to see. My lip was like yours. I went to work and when
    I opened my mail there was an invitation from my hubbi to see the film. I couldn’t wait. Aften having seen the film we sang the songs for 2 days. I loved it. Xxx Pia

  18. Sounds great Barbara, and in the best seats too. Hope you have had a lovely evening, and I’m sure the songs will be going round and round in your head for days..lol. x

  19. Just for the record, I didn’t fall asleep! In fact I enjoyed the film and lamented that we don’t go to the Cinema enough these days… It’s all about TV, Netflix, and Amazon Video nowadays..and what’s more , I saw the original Mary Poppins when I was nine years old ..1964 ..yes I know , a long time ago…There wasn’t even colour telly back then, let alone all the other stuff we’re hooked on. Laurel and Hardy next I think .

  20. Hi Barb, hope you enjoyed Mary Poppins, I bet Dave did in the end too. I have yet to go see it, but will do so. The roll of sticker tabs is a great deal. Take care all. Bx

  21. My grandson was a chimney sweep in his school production a couple of years ago then was Colonel Hathi in Jungle Book last year. He’s now gone on to join his local amateur dramatics society – a budding actor methinks! I’m looking forward to seeing Laurel and Hardy. I don’t think I’ll need the bottom lip for that one 😀

  22. Laurel and Hardy is truly an amazing film….the two actors portrayed the essence of this brilliant duo. A true inspiration…of perseverance, loyalty and overcoming a 16 year old grudge. With unconditional love by two men who were polar opposites yet forged by single- mindedness. It’ll make you both laugh and cry out loud.

    A melding of British and American grit and humor.

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