Hey! Hey ! Just a minute Mr. Postman!

Hey! Hey ! Just a minute Mr. Postman!

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Friday’s blog a private peek, a little glimpse behind the scenes….

Today was a BIG DAY at Clarity. BIG ACHIEVEMENT. Did we get an invite from the Queen for cucumber sandwiches and tea at the Palace? ? Nah. Did we win a barrel load of awards? Nah. Much more important than that !!

All the club envelopes went out! Woohoo !!!

What a mammoth job this has been! See lovely Anna patiently and painstakingly collating and stuffing envelopes? Thousands of them. In the offices, Jeannine, Sally, Louise and Paul worked for weeks, joining members up to the new Fresh Cut Dies Club, reprogramming every single membership, to align existing subscriptions with the new additions and changes and modifications. It really did require a lot of thought and focus, and the whole team had done a brilliant job. Talk about keep calm and carry on!

Our postman Tim, who has been our postman for as long as I can remember back, has been a trooper, too. When the van was full, he just went back to the depot, emptied it – and came back for more.

It’s as I always say: Teamwork makes the Dream work.

Bearing in mind that this has been a massive exercise, the law of averages tells me that there may be a few hiccups. Should this be the case, should there be a mistake, please just call the office and things will be adjusted immediately. My team is human. Very human. Everything is made, cleaned, sorted, picked and packed by somebody here at Clarity. And when you’re picking thousands of various permutations of clubs, it’s a job and a half !!!

Whilst it is their job, I would like to give the whole team – stamp designers and makers, Groovi plate designer and makers, Stencil designers and makers, project designers, brochure printers, cleaners, pickers, packers, administrators, labellers, mailers and frankers – a huge pat on the back, and say a big THANK YOU. Unless you actually work at Clarity, you cannot even begin to imagine the amount of effort and energy which goes into the FOUR NEW DESIGNS CLUBS. Every single month.

Next month won’t be anywhere near as strenuous, because all the paperwork and labelling foundations for the year have been laid.

Who would have thought that the little Stamp Project Club I started all those years ago would grow into the huge 4-parter that it is today! Blimey. I remember it as if it were yesterday. I would sit with a tray on my lap, and cut out sheet after sheet of stamps by hand. Grace and Mark would stuff the little bags with inserts. Then I would hand the stamps to the kids, who would duly fill the bags and count them. Then we would stick the photos on the project sheets, and I would be in charge of stuffing the envelopes, franking them, and – wait for it – handing the sackfulls to Tim!!! Yep, he’s been around a while has Tim! We may be a lot bigger as a company, but we haven’t gone far geographically!

Have a great weekend!

Love & Hugs,



62 thoughts on “Hey! Hey ! Just a minute Mr. Postman!

  1. My envelope arrived perfectly stuffed today. Can’t wait to have a play with my goodies tomorrow. And up in my craft room are some of those early installments of your club, complete with stuck on photographs! I’ve been around a while too!! x

  2. My envelope arrived today and I love it. Thank you to everyone involved in this mammoth task,it really is appreciated.

  3. Thank you to clarity towers for all your hard work I received my club goodies today love the die one it’s brilliant looking forward to my monthly die they are so lovely so much thought love and care .
    Can’t wait to craft with them xx

  4. As Susan says some of us have been around for a while. I too have folders full of Club sheets, complete with photos. What a long long way you have come and hopefully there is a long long way to go yet. Love this months offerings and one day I will make a card featuring every one of those club sheets!! 😉😉 xx

  5. Best treat ever all staff deserve a huge 🥳. Is it so cold in your place that Anna has to wear a coat with fur lining? Poor thing. Thanks everso although as the hochanda goodies arrived as well i don’t know which to play with first!

  6. Mine arrived safe and sound this morning. Thank you finally concerned. Your hard work really is appreciated & tomorrow is playtime!!! Happy weekend all, stay safe & warm xx

  7. So looking forward to receiving my envelope. I want to say a big thank you to all the Clarity team, as during one of your busiest times I have placed two separate orders and both were received very quickly. Hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend xxx

  8. Hello Barbara
    Mine arrived today (all four!) and I can’t thank you and the team enough. I love them all and appreciate all the work that goes into producing them every single month.

  9. Mine arrived too and I’ve had a quick play with my new die…..lovely! Thank you all at Clarity Towers.
    As you say a mammoth job but ‘Team work does makes the dream work’.

  10. Received my club die and stencil today. Perfect. Thankyou to everyone at Clarity. A MASSIVE job well done.
    Barbara you have an amazing team. X

  11. I am only in the Groovi Club and received my beautiful plate today. I love it! Thank you to everyone involved and to you for taking the time to write your monthly newsletter. Have a great weekend and stay warm. Hugs. Annette X

  12. What a lovely set of ‘Thank you’s ‘ received with this year’s folders and today I received my January subscriptions. They are brilliant. Where else could you get such great items each month. Thank you all at Clarity.

  13. Just had a brilliant idea. Well I think it is. And will offer myself to test it for you. What about doing tours of Clarity so that we can all appreciate the work that goes into it. Not everyone, everyday but a couple of days a year maybe. I personally would like to see what goes on and would willingly be the first participant.

    1. Wow! I would be up for that, would love to see how everything is put together, meet the team and to be able to thank them all for the hard work they do to make sure we get our envelopes.
      I received my envelope yesterday and I’m one HAPPY lady and can’t wait to play.Thank you all.xx

  14. I got my wonderful box this morning . I now am a proud member of all four clubs. Loved opening my box with all my folders to start the new year off with my next lot of wonderful Clarity stamps stencils grovvi and now fresh cut.
    Look forward to a year of filling my folders and using the lovely products. Also have my place on the retreat and the open day booked here’s to a wonderful year of Clarity 😀xx

  15. The envelope was the perfect sight on my arrival home from work today. Too tired to have more than a quick glance, but all the projects look fabulous. Thanks to everyone for their hard work. No wonder the clubs are growing.

  16. Well done, I did not fret I knew that they would be on their way, I have enjoyed the clubs and now one more, need to find some more time in the month, how am I going to do that? Especially with your Hochanda special craft along sessions. Well creativity helps to balance the work rest life balance so I am sure I shall manage it somehow. My thanks to all the Dream team

  17. Thank you to you all, my envelope was received today perfectly stuffed with all 4 of my club goodies. Hoping I get some energy back to play a little bit at the weekend. Xx

  18. Received my 4 club items today, so pleased I decided to have them all. Looking forward to next weeks shows too.
    At our last abode we had the same postie for 22 years until he retired. Things were never the same after that as it seemed there was a new person every week.
    Now here in Norfolk we have the same 3 rotating and we always get a grin when several Clarity parcels arrive in just a few days!!!🤗
    Still sniffling 🤧 But feeling better and getting some sleep – back to crafting in no time.
    Have a good evening 🍒🍒🍒

    1. Meant to say hubby bought me a Gemini but the instructions on using the plates seemed cockeyed so I was pleased to see you had listed your preferred stack on the die leaflet. Thank you for that. Managed to cut myself on the metal plate, didn’t realise they were so sharp !

      1. Hi Cherry,
        Pleased to hear you’re feeling a bit better. I’ve cut myself a few times too! I now put washi tape over the edges and that really helps and looks pretty too! Love Alison xx

  19. Well done you all do such amazing job and all other sales to. Got this months goodies they are wonderful still not renewed mine yet as all was so busy thought would wait till you cleared the back log of renewals and new members. I have files of club memberships here back to the first additions xxx

  20. My box arrived this morning, I just thought it was my new folders so put to one side for a while. Imagine my face when I opened it and found all the club items as well. They are wonderful so thank-you to everyone for all their hard work.

  21. My lovely box arrived this morning. I wasn’t expecting it yet so it was a lovely surprise. I don’t know how long I have been in the club but I remember (& still have them all) the pictures stuck on the sheets and the various chapters of your book on stamping.

    Shout out to all the team for doing such a fantastic job. Xx

  22. Hello Barbara – ooh, can’t wait to receive my club goodies.
    Was already a member of three so had to join the die club.
    Really excited. Has been very cold down here in Suffolk. Really lovely and frosty, proper winter weather. Not sure I like all this mild weather we have been having. Going to throw some logs on the fire and snuggle up. Have a lovely evening, lots of love Donna X

  23. My goodies arrived today, looking forward to playing over the weekend, thank you all at Clarity for all your hard work xx

  24. Thank you the Clarity Family, my box arrived today with my folders and projects all enclosed. You have done an excellent job. You always come up trumps. Love you all xxx

  25. Mine also arrived today and the query I had was dealt with really efficiently by your team. Huge congratulations and thanks to everyone from Barbara to the postie (and all the patient spouses waiting at home for their hard-working other halves who were busy stuffing!!) for all their hard work

  26. I got my envelope today. It’s always very exciting. I sit with my pile of letters, bills etc and plough through them, leaving the best till last. I have never been disappointed! xx

  27. When I got my gifts for paying up front I thought that was my January club stuff. Woo! Hoo! today. All my club stuff arrived with a bang through my letter box. Absolutely delighted, Barbara. Thank you so much. I only expected one gift for paying up front, not four! Fantastic job done by the team. All hiccups can be excused. None of us is perfect but my packages were!!

  28. Hi Barb,
    As many others have already said, thank you to you and all at Clarity Towers ( including postie Tim). My envelope arrived today and I love them all! When I was tidying my craft cupboard I came across my folders of past copies and was flicking through them and remembering the projects – will have to have a play with the old stamps again. I’m pleased to say that the photos are still stuck in place as well. Love and hugs Alison xx

  29. My box arrived today, full of folders, dies, stamps, stencils and groovi plates. The thank-you ones are great, can do a lot with those!
    Well done everyone at Clarity!

  30. So delighted when my club envelope arrived today. Should be fun to use. Thank you to all the team, it must have been a lot of work. Once more a lovely letter to enjoy. Xxxxx

  31. As everyone above has already said, thank you to the massive Clarity Team for today’s club delivery. Muchly appreciated.👏👍
    Love the “Thank You” die too. I was expecting just two words, not a square with a FAB foliage design surrounding it.
    Wish you could feel the love. 😍

  32. My envelope arrived today, beautifully stuffed. Was delighted with them all and as a real bonus they arrived on my birthday, super birthday present Clarity, thank you

  33. Hi Barbara
    Oooh how exciting, goodies are on their way and it’s the weekend, yeah. I’ve got some of the sheets with pictures stuck on too and my friend was was of your first members all those years ago. Thank you to all at Clarity for all your hard work, thats a lot of packages! Hope you have a good weekend
    Love Diane xxx

  34. Thank you to everybody at Clarity, my envelope dropped through the letter box today. No chance to play yet because I have been on child minding duties but I have had a chance to quickly look at the ideas sheets which as always are full of helpful details. You should all give yourselves a pat on the back for all your hard work xx

  35. Just spotted a roll of Groovi tabs for sale………….
    Do you make ALL our wishes come true?
    I wish the walls of my craft room would expand to double their size…..oh, blow it…… quadruple…..why not go for it!! 🤣😝🙊

  36. My envelope arrived today and was a fantastic start to the weekend. Gave a little squeal of delight when I saw the first ever die…truly delightful, as are Paul’s projects. Looking forward to playing in between marking books over the weekend. The Clarity team have certainly done it again! Well done everyone! Love and hugs Jeanette xx

  37. You and your team are truly amazing, and I include Tim the postman in that accolade 🙂
    So looking forward to the moment when I lay my hands on my club envelope – excited, oh yes I am 😉
    Happy New Year everyone

  38. Hello Barb, kudos to the team and Tim the postman. As you say a mammoth task, hours and hours spent. My envelope arrived, I am already buzzing with ideas. Loved all the items, so this weekend is going to be a play and experiment weekend. Take care all. Bx

  39. Many many thanks to all at Clarity – my box and goodies arrived yesterday. Hope you all have a much earned and well deserved rest and enjoyable weekend. Where would we all be without all the “elves” beavering away for us all. Thank you all so much x
    Hope to see some of you at the Groovi Retreat

  40. Can’t wait for mine to arrive. Our post is always later but I know it will be worth waiting for.
    The team are all so fantastic and the customer service is second to none! Always have so much patience and so helpful and despite being really really busy always ask how you are!
    I can remember the early days when it was you Barbara that answered the phone as well as nearly everything else! I don’t thing you could o that now!
    Lots of love to all the team at Clarity headquarters and hugs all round! xx

  41. I don’t think I posted yesterday but meant to to say thank you to all at Clarity and the postie ! The envelope is always something to look forward to ! X

  42. There is something very comforting about being part of a family run business who actually care about their customers. All my goodies have arrived safe and sound and look forward to using them. Keep up the good work

  43. If it ain’t broken don’t change it. Lol
    My club goodies arrived safe and sound
    Thank you to all the clarity team
    You all ROCK. X

  44. Thank you to all at Clarity Towers – what a great team. I was very excited to receive my monthly Happy post and many thanks to Jeannine for re-sending December’s Groovi booklet after my very naughty whippet Jason decided to rip mine to shreds. I would like to add it was on the dining table under a tin of pens whilst I went to grab a card blank – I swear he’s part cat lol x

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