Will it work? Only one way to find out…..

Will it work? Only one way to find out…..

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. No kisses today! Best stay away! I is chock full – and it’s gone straight to the chest – via the ears nose and throat! Lovely. Bloody lovely. Feels like I’ve been hit by a truck. But I haven’t; it’s nothing that a load of vitamin C and zinc won’t sort out.

Been prepping for next Sunday’s TV all day. I have a feeling that Old Man Time may get tight this week, so best to tick a few boxes. It came together well; now I know what I’m doing, I’m really looking forward to the 2-4pm show on Hochanda ! I shall be showcasing a few things which are new and very good too.

I was working on the Groovi Demo, and hit a wall with the assembly. All the usual solutions weren’t really ideal, said the perfectionist.

The brads are beautiful, but not on this occasion.

Perga Glue works really well, but not on this occasion.

The corner punches might do the trick, but I haven’t got any here.

The Glue runner will show through the clear parchment I have used.

The 3mm red liner tape is too thick.

Mmmmm….. but what if I cut the 3mm adhesive down the middle, and made it 1,5mm wide….

So I ran a Perga Colour pen along a ruler in the gutter around the outside and the inside edges.

I know, I know. I’m supposed to do all the colouring in BEFORE perforating and cutting. I’m supposed to go to church on Sundays and not work either.
Then I lay a length of the 3mm tape down on the hard side of my Groovi Craft mat. STRAIGHT. Placed the steel edge ruler so my cutline would hit the centre, and ran my craft blade down the entire length.
Simples. And what a simple solution. I bet that all you parching experts out there have been doing this for years, right? Well, good for you!
It’s so thin you can’t see it from the front. But it sticks better than anything else for sure, and holds the top layer completely flat. Eek! Look at the state of that colouring in! Yuck!
Colouring in from front bellisimo.

So I hope you can join me next Sunday for a 2-hour arty crafty session on HOCHANDA. Building the bridge between Art and Craft.

Love and hugs,



30 thoughts on “Will it work? Only one way to find out…..

  1. Brilliant idea Barb. Sorry you have the lurgy, I’m just getting over it. No energy, no enthusiasm and lots and lots of tissues!! Looking forward to the show. Take care of yourself. Xxxx

  2. Great idea, I love the red liner tape but haven’t tried cutting it down. Wonder whether the manufacturers will take it on board !! Can’t believe January is nearly at an end. Take care, keep taking the vit C & hopefully you will soon shake off the lurgy x

  3. Great idea ! I’ve got the lurgy too – full of good old cold and a bit aches on and off. Busy week ahead including a Groovi class so I’m going to wake up feeling better tomorrow ! Hope you feel better soon. X

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon Barbara. I finished my last 4 projects today. Looking forward to next Sunday. I’ll have to put the afternoon shows on to record as I’ll be at Maria’s class.

  5. The red tape comes in various widths and I have been using the very narrow rolls for ages on any parchment project with a coloured square/rectangular border as I cannot get to grips with slicing the wider tape.
    Love this taster of what is to come. Very surprised you managed it if you are feeling so rough. Here’s hoping it doesn’t last as long for you as it has for us. People seem to have varied reactions to this particular bug.
    No kisses from us either but a hug from Dave will make you feel better.

  6. Hi Barb,
    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well and hope you get over the lurgy very soon. What a great idea about the tape. I must admit I do struggle sometimes with attaching parchment. I never have success with glue and even when using the brads sometimes the parchment seems to sag, so this will be really useful. It’s a shame the manufacturers don’t make it in a superfine roll – they’d sell loads!! Looking forward to the weekend shows although my bank manager might not be! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  7. No kisses from me either. I am coughing and coughing. Hope we both will be up and running again soon. Looking forward to the shows.Xx

  8. Wonderful artwork Barbara So sorry your not well and I send my get well wishes to you
    I’m looking forward to next weeks shows and will be watching with a cuppa in hand.
    Take care T xx

  9. Good evening Barbara! Lots of fluids and plenty vitamin C… And if you feel bunged up inhale steam. You can also put vick on your feet and put socks on before you get into bed… Works wonders!!!
    Red line tape is brilliant and that’s a neat trick of yours to cut it in half. I usually make the border wider!!! Haha!
    My projects are ready for posting tomorrow. Really looking forward to all the shows on Sunday /Monday.
    Relax a little.
    Love and hugs xxx

  10. Hi Barbara
    Hope you are tucked up in bed now, sorry to hear you are feeling poorly. Oh this parchment work is lovely and the red liner tape works well. I’ve not tried that, I do struggle to try and attach things. I colour in blocks, put tape runner behind it, think it looks ok then see it the next day and it’s not so good. Hope you feel better soon.
    Love Diane xxx

  11. I hope you get over the horrible bug soon. I am trying to avoid all the germs and doing well so far. Might be speaking too soon. I love your swirly leaf design but you need to get some red liner tape in narrow width, much easier but no good for you at the moment. Hope the week gets better for you. xx

  12. Hello Barbara – sorry your not well, nasty bugs doing the rounds at the moment. Hope you soon feel better. As for me, well, after fracturing a back tooth right to the root, had to have a complicated extraction, then emergency treatment yesterday. Developed dry socket, so had it all packed out with gel. So spent the last 4 days in agony, with possible further treatment. Blending all my food up at the moment, with my husband wanting to feed me with a spoon like a baby. So through it all I’ve had a good laugh at least. Have a good evening and plenty of rest. Lots of love, Donna X

  13. Barbara, I recommend Vitamin C and Echinacea to help your cold, oh and drink lots of water. Hope you feel better soon.

  14. As others have said, plenty of vitamin C and lots of fluids will help to get this lurgy on the run. I have been using the ultra thin red tape tonight to attach my daffodil painting to the bevelled mount. I always keep that in my stash and it is narrow enough to fit between the two lines. Anyway, Barb, it is time you took yourself off to bed with a hot water bottle and a hot drink. Plenty of sleep. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  15. Poor you, that sounds like a nasty bug. Keep washing your hands, have plenty of fluids and don’t overdo it – rest is really important when you have a virus. I swear by hot blackcurrant juice when I’m poorly! Take care x

  16. Looking forward to next Sunday’s shows. Hope you’re soon feeling better, Barbara. Make sure you wrap up well when you go out – there’s another cold snap on the way.

  17. Hi Barbara
    I do hope you start to feel better soon, these cold bugs really can be annoying.
    I think that you deserve to give that card that you made to yourself as “You’re the Best” especially as you are not feeling great, but there you are slaving away on a Sunday to prepare something beautiful for us.
    Well Thank You
    Love & Hugs

  18. Hello Barb, I do hope you feel better soon. Love your card and the idea for sticking it is brilliant. Take care all. Bx

  19. Hope you feel better soon Barbara. Lots of rest, fluids, vitamin C, zinc and buckets of TLC from Dave needed!! Well done you for cutting red liner tape in half. Whenever I have tried, I ended up with a sticky tangle! Take care of yourself or better still, let Dave do it. Look forward to the shows on Sunday/ Monday. xxx

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