New Year – New Dies – New Groovi !

New Year – New Dies – New Groovi !

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On Wednesday, at 12 noon and 4pm, lovely Maria Simms is showcasing a pair of brand new Fresh Cut dies AND Groovi plates on HOCHANDA, which are so, so superb! Illustrated originally by our ever clever Mel Turner, you will be familiar with the designs as stencils, but things just got a whole lot more interesting…

Recognise these beauties?

They cut so perfectly, and are so delicate! I can’t get over how good these paper cuts are.

I had a little play with one of them. Decided to see how the paper cut would look really tatty and arty. Used some transfer medium and a canvas.

Mad innit, how the exact same image can look so entirely different.

One so pristine and fresh cut, the other tatty and grungy. I like both, but I must say, I LOVE the tatty one. What about you? Which one is more YOUR speed? Pray do tell! If you want the step by step for the messy one, I did take pics.

Anyway, I am really looking forward to see what Maria rustles up for our pleasure on Wednesday. She and I are certainly cut from the same cloth when it comes to art. We both enjoy clean AND messy.

We’re off up to London tomorrow, on a little adventure with several of the Clarity team. Excited!

Love & Hugs



PS. And ask me if we are bringing these out as stamps, go on….

OUI-JA-YES-SI (pronounced weeyaryessy!)

40 thoughts on “New Year – New Dies – New Groovi !

  1. Thank you do much! I LOVE the clean one and I simply cannot wait to get my hands on these dies!!!
    They are stunning!
    Give yourself a round of applause!👏

  2. Would love a step by step for the messy one i th i k it’s my favourite too. Guess my resistance will be low when I see Marias show

  3. Oooh stamps!!!! They look stunning as dies too but I does like my stamps. I do love watching our Maria – she is so enthusiastic and that is infectious. As an aside, I watched a You Tube Tuesday today done by Becca – what a lovely girl she is and again her enthusiasm is infectious, well done Becca. Enjoy your Clarity day out tomorrow, sounds fab. Xxxxx

  4. Oooo love the messy one, brought a pot of the transfer stuff and it’s still sealed so would love a step by step. Will be adding the stamps and dies to my Clarity collection for sure as I love these designs. Enjoy London tomorrow, are you visiting the Queen? I think she’s seen your new Groovi plates and wants to play! Xx

  5. Love them both….is that allowed🤗
    Watching The Victorian House of Arts & Crafts and half expecting “our Barbara” to stroll on any minute…….😄

  6. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend. I think I finally have the craft room sorted and ready to start again after Christmas. Xx

  7. Hello Barbara – can’t wait to buy these, also love the multi-animal stencils(the ones with the badger, hare, etc) would love these as fresh cuts and Groovi plates. I love die cutting and the fresh cut dies have offered something fresh and different. It’s these I use more than any other. Decided this is the year to really make time for my Groovi crafting, as I love it and something always seems to eat into my time. Have a great evening Barbara and everyone who visits this wonderful blog, lots of love to you all Donna X

  8. Yes please for the messy one and for a tutorial of how you did that! Yay – so happy to hear these are going to be stamps, because although I don’t think I could craft without masks and stencils I wouldn’t craft without me beloved stamps lol! Have a lovely day out with the team, can’t wait to find out what you’s all up to! xx

  9. Love these, clean one for me I think, but I will try both, must get some transfer stuff. I decided today that I didnt need any more dies, I was wrong! These are a must. Other goodies arrived today, play-day tomorrow. Have a great time in London, oh, btw how did the pottery go today?

  10. Messy or clean? Hhmmpph…. It really depends on my mood but today I’d say messy and more messy!!! I’ve been having a messy play today and tomorrow will be more messy… Love it. And once that’s done I’ll have a nice clean up and get back to nice clean play!
    A trip to London sounds like fun! I hope it’s for something really good.
    Have a relaxing evening. Love and hugs xxx

  11. I am an ex-pat living in Las Vegas now and would love to purchase more but the shipping is killing me. Is there a US supplier of your products that I can order from, if not, there should be. Love the tatty.

  12. Oh dear, I wasn’t going to get into dies. After seeing you and Paul doing your demos at the weekend I’ve changed my mind. I have the weekend ones on my wish list and these are super too. Must admit I like clean but the more I see the grungy I am coming around to it, definitely more arty. Have a great time in London.

  13. Loving the messy one best but I like them both. I’m looking forward to seeing the steps as my transfer medium is still sealed too and I’d llike some tips. have a great day out in London.

  14. I would like to see how you did the messy one but must admit I am not usually keen on doing it myself. Have a great trip to London, we have some friends coming for Sunday lunch, a chance to meet our new grandson. xx

  15. Hello Barbara,
    Got my craft club goodies today – love that they are a themed set – could we have more like this please?
    Like the clean one best, have to be very much in the mood for grungy so I don’t go ballistic when a certain someone comes and interferes and makes it even messier. They say patience is a virtue…….
    Love these dies which are already on my list, I sometimes wonder if you will ever bring out something I won’t buy!!!
    Have a great day in London tomorrow, look forward to hearing all about it.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  16. Hi Barb,
    These are fabulous. I must admit that I prefer the nice, clean one, but I do like the messy one too. The step by step for this would be brilliant as I would certainly give the messy a go. Are you off to a London to collect some awards? I think I voted in every conceivable category for Clarity! Whatever the reason, I hope you have a great time. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you’re all ok. Donna, I’m very impressed that you e got your craftroom sorted! Mine still looks like a tip – I really must take a leaf out of your book!! I’m determined to get rid of everything that I don’t use ( although I’ll keep my Gelli plates as I will get to grips with them!) . Love and hugs to all, Alison xxx

  17. Hard to choice both beautiful don’t think can love them both so much do love messy though but love clean lines too. Have great day out team clarity tomorrow may play with new does sitting looking at the beautiful card you did and sent us me and Katie she adores it xxx

  18. I’m in the minority, but I love the clean cut one. Received my heart die and Groovi plate today, love them. X

  19. Good evening
    I have to say I like the arty one best but I do hthink the other one is great too
    I have the stencils and love the design I may NEED the dies too. Lol
    Enjoy your little jaunt up to the smoke with your team
    Have fun Xx

  20. Got my Groovi clubs parcel today. Well worth waiting for, already looking forward to next month’s!! Really like the die cut versions of the stencils and I agree with the previous comment about the badger,fox etc stencils looking really good as dies. Such a great idea. Have fun in London xxx

  21. I ‘m still waiting for grunge to grab me, but I just don’t get it. Anyone with any hints on how to appreciate grunge, please pass them on to me. I like the clean one (no surprise there) but the other one makes me want to clean it up! Perhaps I’m a lost cause.

  22. Hi Barbara
    I can’t choose between them, they are so different. I would love to see the step by step for the grungy one please.
    I bet the dies are amazing, as will the stamps be too. I think these are my most favourite Clarity designs, they send such positive messages.
    Enjoy London with the Clarity Team.

  23. As hard as I have tried, I just can’t do messy, so it is the ‘clean’ one for me. It must be the Virgo in me, but I just can’t get away from clean and tidy.
    Have a great day in London; you all deserve it. Hugs. Annette X

  24. Hi Barb, how wonderful it will be to have these designs as dies. I love the clean and the messy, and it is normally determined by the day and my mood. Have a fabulous day in London. Take care all. Bx

  25. Hi Barbara,I have these in stencil and love them but would also love them in stamp form ! I am a bit messy but yet my favourite is the clean one must depend on the mood on the day !

  26. Both lovely, messy one my favourite. Would love the step-by-step please. So glad these designs are being brought out in other formats as they are one of my favourites.

  27. Hi Barbara and everyone, yes I love the clean one the colours are my thing but the Messy one is interesting.
    Have a great time in London with your team.
    Lynn xx

  28. They are both beautiful Barbara, but I guess the one on the right appeals more because I love that background colour. I will try and watch Maria on Wednesday. x

  29. Very lovely – as I’ve been tidying today, I think it would be the clean cut one for me. I’m looking forward to seeing Maria’s shows in the week.

  30. Thank you SO much! I’ve been begging for you to bring them out in Die form. I’m absolutely over the moon! It’s like Christmas all over again…

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