Never stop learning…

Never stop learning…

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in! Just got back from pottery. Had a great afternoon, although my new batch of tiles aren’t coming along as well as the first lot! First time I made tiles, I just went for it – didn’t know what I was doing. This time I was trying to remember what I did (note to self: must take notes), and I think I overthunk it. Still. Who’s to say. They may be wonderful. And if they’re not, the next batch will be again. Tell you what though. Next month’s Die Club Die is to die for!!! I am going to make a whole set of tiles with this particularly perfect design. Brighton North Lane Boutiques – eat your heart out !!! But I won’t spoil the surprise. Let me instead update you on the progress of that very tall, rather quirky bottle I was making. Remember?

This was it painted with black slip. It then went in the kiln for the first firing.
Came out fine. Ears still on.

Today it was time to add the glaze. So before the vase got dunked/dipped, I dry brushed some wax over it, to act as a resist. Nothing that new for us paper crafters there….but then:

Here’s where the learning curve kicked in today.

First of all, we had to glaze the inside of the tall vessel with a transparent gloss. This will make it water proof – should I ever decide to use it as a vase or a perfume bottle! Then the whole thing was to be immersed in a matte white glaze. Eunice the teacher showed me a very cool trick with a balloon, to stop the second glaze trickling inside the bottle;

Clever. See the wax resist? It’s very important in pottery. You have to wax your bottom every time (so to speak), so that your piece doesn’t stick to the inside of the kiln! I really ought to rephrase that….

Right. Next step: total immersion in the matte white. First, you need a bucket or container large enough to take the bottle! Glad she remembered to take off her rings before class! This pottery is no good for the nails though….

1,2,3 and out again!

Woohoo! We do like a bit of resist, don’t we girls and boys !!!

So yeah. Slow progress, but nonetheless, pottery has a knack of wanting you to go back for more, and full of anticipation – because you don’t know what it’s going to turn out like. Who knows.? This may come out totally rubbish; and it may just turn out absolutely brilliant. or somewhere inbetween.

One’s thing is certain: I had a blast making it, and I learnt loads.

Dave has been on the road since 6 this morning, and now it’s 6pm. Been up to the north of the country, to pick up a very, VERY special piece of kit. I’ll tell you all about it on Friday, when it has been rolled off the lorry and put in situe. Can you guess what it is? Have a think. It’s pretty blimming special…. I’ll give you a clue: it weighs a ton. Literally. ONE TON. I’ll give you another clue: it’s not a kiln !!!!! Don’t be going off down the pottery road just because I have led you down the pottery path today!!

Love and hugs,

Barb xxx

28 thoughts on “Never stop learning…

  1. Still snigering about waxing your bottom so your piece doesn’t stick! Oh love it, then I always did enjoy a bit of toilet humor!
    Anyway, the pot is looking amazing. I am so envious that you are doing pottery, but I just mustn’t take on another craft! – My cards already work out at about £100 each, with all the craft bits I keep buying!
    Hmmm, I’m off to work out what Dave has collected….. a die cutting machine? Not that I have any blooming idea what they look like or weigh!

  2. I know, I know….Dave’s been to Christie’s & bought the David Gilmour guitar with the serial number 0001👏😂🤣
    I wonder if anyone would like to put a bid in for my Clarity Die membership number 01-11? I might be famous one day, who knows😎
    Love the vase. It would look so good on sale in Liberty. You’re very talented.
    Pleased you were well enough to venture out in this cold weather.

    PS. Do I get a prize? 🙊

  3. Goodness what are you up to now. I don’t think I can even hazard a guess as to what the machine is for. Your pottery project is coming on nicely still smiling about the bottom waxing though. Hope you feeling better. xx

  4. Ooooo nice looking bottle! Glad its still all together after its first first firing. Hmmmmm I think it might be a garden sculpture. Xx

  5. Loving the bottle Barb. Its coming along nicely. As for the new machine I have no idea what it could be? Something to do with the trip Save and Jim took to the states?
    Intriguing xx

  6. Fab looking bottle Barb, can’t wait to see it finished. You will have to mind you don’t sit on an incline now that you have waxed your bottom!! Could be painful!! Can only think of a die cutting machine really but could you really do all those too?? Hope Dave’s trip was ok. Xxxxx

  7. Looks a great bottle – Dave’s going to have to buy a lot perfume to put in that ! Hope you’re recovering from the lurgy, we’re still struggling here. I managed to go to Groovi workshop yesterday but had to leave half way through. Glad I went though. Feel as week as a kitten. Couldn’t pick up our new car today as we’re both suffering so that will be Friday now, weather permitting. I can only guess the same as the others – a die making machine not that I know that it would be heavy ! X

  8. Ooh er missus, you can’t beat a waxed bottom! Love the look of your bottle Barbara, I can’t wait to see it when it has been fired. Hope you are recovering from the lurgy. xx

  9. Well,none of us like a sticky bottom 😂😂😂 love your humour!!! The vase/amphora looks wonderful, you are so talented.
    Cannot begin to imagine what the new kit is. Dave has certainly had a long day. Don’t envy him driving in the snow. Clarity already has so many irons in the fire but new innovations from you are always well received.
    Spent an afternoon trying out lots of different dies on my new Gemini, some were good, some were rubbish, but the Fresh Cut came out consistently well. Guess who’s going to have a clear out !!!
    Hope you are feeling better.
    Have a good evening.

  10. Did you use ski wax on your bottom? Could be why you sometimes go “off piste” 😂
    I am glad you do, because all those ideas only bring good stuff for us. I hope Dave’s journey was ok and I look forward to hearing what the one ton kit is! I can’t possibly guess. Hugs.Annette x

  11. Hello Barbara – love how the pots progressing. Loved it the first time you showcased it. Still reminds me of Aztec or Mayan. Can’t wait to see it finished. What is it Dave is collecting? A super-duper die cutting machine me thinks. Roll on Friday. Very cold here in Suffolk today. Had snowfall over night. I have four tame squirrels that come in for food. Teddy is the smallest always the first up and in the garden. It was funny watching him this morning discover snow for the first time. Born last year he has never seen it. He definitely didn’t like cold feet , but overwhelming desire for his food and nuts got the better of him. The earth has music for those who listen. Love it. Off to bed now to read my book, lots of love Donna X

  12. Doesn’t an elephant weigh about a ton? Can’t think what you’re going to do with it though! Love how the ‘vase’ is coming along. X

  13. Hi Barb,
    Well I’m still trying to get my head around you waxing your bottom every time you go to fire it! Your pot is looking really good and am looking forward to seeing it finished. Hope Dave had a good trip OopNorf although I haven’t the faintest idea what it is you’ve got now! I am intrigued though. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you haven’t been too badly affected by the white stuff. It has been a lovely day up here again – Cold but lovely and sunny. Went for a bit of retail therapy up to Newcastle and it was really hot in the shops- I could’ve done with summer clothes on!!! Love and hugs to you all,Alison xxx

  14. I hope you waxed your bottom really well Your bottle is a beauty and I wait with bated breath to see the finished piece. The piece waying a ton is a mystery, but like others I can only think of a machine to make dies but am probably barking up the wrong tree. Hope the lurgy is much better now. x

  15. Hi Barbara
    I’m really enjoying your pottery journey, it’s like being in the class with you. Your pot is fabulous, the wax relief is interesting, looking forward to seeing it when it’s finished. Haha love the waxed bottom, it will help you glide in the snow! Now I wonder what Daves bern up to now, another stencil cutter, a die cutting machine or something else?!
    Love Diane xxx

  16. Oooh err a waxed bottom – sounds too painful to me lol! Mind you those ladies that do wax do like a clean line!!!!!!!!!!
    I have to admit I fully went to she’s got herself a kiln or a thing that you throw the pots on lol! I’m looking forward to seeing how this ‘ear pot turns out – is looking awesome at the moment and as someone said it looks like it could be in Liberty’s – like that pewter they used to sell.
    Glad you were feeling well enough to go out – it does the soul good xx

  17. Hi Barb, this blog post and some of the comments really made me laugh this morning. All the comments about waxing! I hope Dave has recovered from that drive, obviously it is machinery of some sort, but with the expansion of Clarity into many areas, it could be for any of the products or packaging? Love the vase, can’t wait to see the finished article. Take care in the cold weather everyone. Bx

  18. I think the new machine is a very large Fridge Freezer ready to put your fresh fruit and veg in just in case we have a no deal Brexit.
    On the the other hand it could be a new Stencil machine ready for Leonie,s next sale out of her Stencils?

    Just saying.

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