Youtube- A Picot Flower

Youtube- A Picot Flower

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. Horrible weather down in Kent today! But here at Clarity we’ve been beavering away, making Leonie’s hundreds – nay – thousands of stencils, gearing up for this weekend’s TV – and generally being über-productive!

We are so busy. Whatever happened to a slow start in January? And on that note, what happened to January??? Where did THAT month go?!?!? One minute, we’re all hugging each other and pretending we know the words to Auld lang Syne – the next, brother Steve is pulling night shifts to catch up – and we’re still eating Christmas cake to beat the best by date! Crazy.

Blimey. CRAZY. I just had a little memory pop up there. When my lad Mark was a nipper, he used to have a very bad reaction to whatever crap they put in white chocolate. He described it as wanting to pull his skin off. He’d get really anxious and jumpy, too, and you could see that the allergy caused him real discomfort. So I taught him to decline graciously if anybody ever offered him white chocolate, by saying, “Thanks very much. I love it, but I can’t eat it, because it makes me go…. (and now you have to imagine the little kid throwing his arms in the air like Jazz hands and jumping up and down on the spot) CRAAAAZEEEEEEEEEEE. Now he’s 6’5” and 26 – and he still won’t touch white chocolate. If you ever meet him, ask him why. I think you will smile at his response. Who ever says we mothers have no influence?

Anyway, back to Youtube Tuesday. Our dear Paul is going to show you a very neat Parchment paper trick.




Didn’t he do well?!?!?

Thanks, Paul xx

Here are the products Paul used in the video. Great Youtube Tuesday prices for the whole week.

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I’ve been on a roll with the drawing lately. The floral ABC is done and dusted, and in production, and yesterday I started on another set of flower stamps. Really chuffed; I think you will like them. Stamps AND Groovi for sure, and they will be ready for the NEC!

Love & Hugs.

Barb xxx

16 thoughts on “Youtube- A Picot Flower

  1. My kids make me laugh so much when they come out with some of the things I have told them. Moments to treasure. I love these flowers that Paul makes, I watched him at Leyburn last year and have made several myself. xx

  2. Sat down to watch the new you tube video but need to go back & look again as after a busy day shopping with my Mom making sure she would be ok for food over the next few days I fell asleep – sorry Paul !! The new products sound interesting & hopefully I will make the NEC this time. For those that have to go out over the next few days stay safe & everyone else stay warm. If we can’t get out at least we can craft without feeling guilty that we should be doing something else !!

  3. I also can’t believe that it is almost February. Mind you, all those on ‘dry January’ won’t be complaining!
    It is exciting, anticipating all the new goodies on the horizon and I can’t wait for the Kings.
    I shan’t make the NEC this time, as I will be in Vancouver, visiting my family, but I shall be following all the news on the blog and Facebook.
    Have a good evening and stay warm. Hugs. Annette X

  4. Love YouTube Tuesdays, even more now with the funny, filler innerer comments during the filming. 🤣
    So who won the 2018 craft awards then? I voted for all things Clarity, using every email address I could find. Darn it.😒
    It’s started snowing this evening. We’ve been to watch Laurel & Hardy this arvo for hubby’s birthday so pleased we got home before it started. I was secretly hoping he’d want to watch Mary Poppins 😜
    Looks like I’ll have to find a girlfriend……
    Can’t really sulk on his birthday can I?🙃

  5. Hi Barbara and everyone, having to catch up on your blog as broadband went down, but back up and running again.
    Sounds like you have made it lots of be done,for this weekend.
    Glad to have finished your AND of flowers and now drawing new flower stamps , could we have AND flowers in Fresh Cut Dies ect.
    I am loving the Fresh Cut Dies, so many ideas to make great cards.
    Looking forward to the shows at the weekend.
    Have a great day tomorrow at you classes.
    Hope you all have a great night .
    Lynn xx

  6. Hello Barbara – reading your story about Mark, it brought to mind something my son said when he was three. We took him to visit his great grandparents. While there he wanted the toilet. On entering the bathroom he spied false teeth in a pot on the side. Peering in he stared, a little frown crossed his face and turning to me asked, where’s the tongue? Must say we all had a laugh that day. His mind applied logic even at that age. He’s now 31 and a wonderful young man, and has never lost his enquiring mind and a thirst for knowledge. Have a great evening Lots of love Donna X

  7. Hope you are feeling better today. As you say,where has January gone!!! Snow on its way tonight and gritters out already.
    Haven’t watched Paul yet, having problems accessing YouTube at the moment.
    Looking forward to the Kings and the floral alphabet, also the fairies.
    White chocolate? YUK !!! Prefer dark chocolate myself.
    Have a good evening.

  8. Lovely flowers, great demo too not easy when you’re trying to show folding in detail. Had to laugh as when I was watching I thought ‘I’m sure Paul just put the pink gem away’ sure enough when he picked it up he noticed too. Will give the flowers a go. XX

  9. Great teach in. Really enjoyed it. Definitely something to try. Good news that the new stamps are in production – it seems no time since they were part drawn. Hope everyone stays safe in the snow.

  10. Just having a bit of a late catch up with Paul’s YT demo, at last I’ve finally got it… how to make those lovely petals that is! Will be giving them a try as couldn’t quite get my head around how the lovely ‘pleat’ was formed down the petals… thanks Paul!
    As for January it’s definitely gone past in a flash… hopefully the rest of the year will slow down a bit. x

  11. Hello Barb, oh poor Mark, because whilst white chocolate is extremely bad for you, sometimes I just need some. Love the video, Paul at his best. Hope you are feeling better now Barb, and that the TV prep is going apace. Take care all. Bx

  12. Hi Barbara
    What a great you tube from Paul, he’s very good at showing folds in close up isnt he. The end result is beautiful. I must have a go at them. I did wonder why he had glued to the edge and then tried to stick something behind it but it all worked out in the end. I can just imagine mark showing people how white chocolate made him feel, how funny.
    Love Diane xxx

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