It’s all Scrap!

It’s all Scrap!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. What’s the time? 8pm. Sheesh. I really must start doing my blog first thing in the morning, rather than last thing at night!

And the state of this ere room! Shockorrer! There’s still a workable space though….

At times like this, when the clock is ticking, energy is dwindling, and that lovely bed is calling, there’s only one thing for it:


I never throw anything away. It really is a condition, I fear. So a quick rummage, and out with a scrap I did with the floral 3-way overlay stamp on copy paper,

Here are the ink colours I used, still in the box with the scrap. When oh when will I learn to put things away !?!? I need help !!!!
Easy cut out with those wonderful Fresh Cut Nested Circles….
but how to get it bang centred…

The neat thing about copy paper scraps is that they are see through! So you can line the die up from behind. Look:

You just need a light source. See?

Next the background. This is a particularly nice scrap which I have been saving for a special occasion, just such as this ! I know exactly which colour paints yield this blend of fabulousness: Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold and Phthalo Blue. We sell both – blimming superb .

Time to cut back the outside. Let’s make a slight adjustment to the outer edge…

What did I do before Nested Fresh Cuts?!?

Turn the outer little frame round, to create a contrast to the centre.

Now for the sticking down. Those Glue Runners of Crafters Companion hit the spot.

Nice. Mounted on a 5″ x 5″ White card blank.
Mel’s beautiful Flowers, and a stamp which fits….
Marigold & Friends
One of a sublime collection of 3-way overlay stamps, illustrated by Mel Turner, our mate!
Touch of orange pencil in the flowers. Done.

Time to call it a day. Time to change down a gear. Time to go to bed and dream….

Love & Hugs,



21 thoughts on “It’s all Scrap!

  1. Hi Barb,
    Beautiful, I still wish my scraps were as lovely as yours! The Marigold and friends is one of my favourites and you have certainly done it justice here. Have to admit I won’t be long out of bed myself – just finishing watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow part 2 and then will have a hot chocolate and bed I think. Been tired all day following my mile and a half swim this morning! Sending love and hugs,Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope it’s been warmer where you are – been snowing here this morning and bitterly cold. Still it is winter! Love and hugs Alison xxx

      1. Hi Alison, well done on your crafty tidying! Sounds like you now have have tons of room for new goodies😉. Thank you for you well wishes yesterday, feeling slightly more human today. Xx

  2. Love my scrap box always good for a quick project. Love this too Barbara. Sweet dreams. I must confess that the next two days posts are already written ready for posting on my blog. I can’t face coming in from school tomorrow and having to start thinking about a project from scratch.

  3. When is a piece of scrap not a piece of scrap ? when its turned into a beautiful piece of artwork by Barbara Gray !!
    So far no snow here so had a nice drive over the Lickeys to meet the Bromsgrove Parchers for a great couple of hours of chatting & parching. Time flies when you are having fun.
    As the temperatures are deemed to dip over the next few days stay warm & safe everyone.

  4. Evening lovely project and the colours are very zingy. I had a lovely parcel from Clarity today, a new Gemini machine! First thing I did on it was a fresh cut die and oh my word like a knife through butter, no more seven cuts for me! At least now I won’t get left behind in the Craftalongabarbie session! Night night . Xx

  5. Sweet dreams Barbara. Our coughs keep us awake most of the night so we’ve dozed a lot today. Tomorrow should be better.
    Night night!
    PS: lovely sample above.

  6. Beautiful scrap made a beautiful card. That’s how I like them quick. Think I’m almost ready for my bed tonight. Been doing a few die cut cards with the same flowers as you’ve used. Actually made two out of one using the waste as you showed us, was so pleased, my back is killing me now as can never sit to do it. Bed is calling but can’t sleep much but will at least be

  7. Hi bloggy friends, hope you’ve all had a good day. Going to get colder as the days go on they say. Bought a sandwich maker today so will be able to have hot sandwiches at lunchtimes, whoa!!
    Soon be the weekend have a good

  8. Wonderful card from a bit of scrap. I need to get back to my blog I was doing well until struck down with this rib pain. Did manage a play with some stamps this afternoon so moving in the right direction. Hope you get a good night’s rest. xx

  9. Barbara just had a thought, could you not use the light wave to line up dies rather than holding it up to the light? It could be another use it…cross pollination and all that jazz. XX

  10. Try again forgot to post last comment . Git to watch Maria’s first show was great ordered dies. Already got one in mind or birthday next month, busy week 2 birthday this next week first of special birthday’s Bob will be 65 and working till mid April big changes this year be nice having him home I think and our Hannah is 38 were does the time go we have 7 special mind stone birthdays coming up over next 5 months you and me both same one. We’re dues time go well another day gone so night night sleep well xxx

  11. Oh Barbara that’s fabulous! I have a scrap box but I never seem to use it… Just add to it constantly! Haha!
    I hope you had a good sleep.
    Love and hugs xxx

  12. Hi Barb, an absolutely beautiful creation. Scrap, what scrap??? Can I come visit and dig in your creativity box (don’t want to call it scrap anymore). Hope you had a good nights sleep. Take care all. Bx

  13. Another superb piece of artwork there Barbara. I wish my scrapbox had bits this good in it. Lol. Like Jane I never seem to use them just add to the pile. Lol. Hope you got a good nights sleep. Just opened my club envelope and once again it is absolutely brilliant. I love Clarity, but I think I may have said that before!! 😉😉😉 xxx

  14. Hi Barbara
    What a beautiful creation from pieces of scrap. Turning the boarder round was a good idea, it makes all the difference doesn’t it.
    Love Diane xxx

  15. Love that little trick of turning the frame around to give contrast. I will be raiding my scrap box, but I doubt any of my scraps are as beautiful as yours. I am trying to be better about throwing stuff away though and putting things back where I can find them – let’s see how long that lasts! x

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