The Day I met Linda Williams

The Day I met Linda Williams

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

Baby plates galore! Linda Williams has design a wonderful collection of Baby Plates for all our Groovi friends. They will work sooooo beautifully with those delicate lace grid duets! I just wish I had more time – but you know what they say: be careful what you wish for!

So while Paul wings his way up to the TV Studios, ready for this evening’s launch at 6pm, let’s look at these superb A5sq. plates, which are jam packed with goodness!

And wait till you see the art samples created by the Groovi Team.


Linda Williams
Linda Williams
Glynis Whitehead
Carole Panksztelo
Karen Jackson
Linda Williams
Linda Williams
Linda Williams
Carys James-Richards
Sheila Bradley

Actually, let me tell you a little story….years ago, we were at the NEC and I was dashing to the loo across the far side of the hall. In the middle, there was a huge open area, with several tables and demonstrators. It was the Pergamano Area. Anyway, I shot through it because it was the fasted route to the ladies – but I stopped in my tracks when I saw an incredibly delicate, beautiful little 3-D Pram, on display. I took a minute to soak up the beauty of it, the intricacy. There was a tall blonde lady standing behind the table. “Is this your artwork?” I asked her. “It is,” she responded , with a gentle Welsh accent. So we had a little chat, I complimented her on her fabulous art, and then dashed on to the loo.

A couple of hours later, the same tall, blonde lady came to the Clarity Stand with a book. “This is a gift for you,” she said. “It has got the patterns for the pram and the crib in it that you liked so much. I hope you enjoy it” As you can imagine, it was very gratefully received. What a kind lady! I thought. Linda Williams.

Now fast forward several years, and that same lady is my closest friend – actually more like the sister I never had. And the Groovi plates which my other close friend Paul is presenting on TV today, are derived from those original Pergamano patterns. I asked Linda if she could turn them into Groovi art for us, so that more of us might turn our hand to that oh-so-delicate art. Mmmm. Now you know the rest of the story. That’s how I met Linda Williams. And I remember the occasion as if it were yesterday.

There’s another brand new Groovi plate to look out for on the counter this evening: the large scallop nests with the new Aphabet. The scallops are excellent for larger art, and the ABC? It is absolutely perfect for happy, young, sweet art. Well, actually, it’s just absolutely perfect. Thanks Jim xx

Anyway. Time for POTTERY!!!!! Woohoo!!!!

Love & Hugs

Barb xxx

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19 thoughts on “The Day I met Linda Williams

  1. Another must for me. I have some original patterns from Pergamano (numbers 1 – 108) so Linda’s must be in there somewhere!! Must dig them out as they got sidelined when Groovi arrived.
    Love the examples shown, your team are exceptional parchers.
    Enjoy your pottery today.

  2. Oh my goodness, these are stunning. So many ideas already. Will these be available on the Clarity website and how much will they be please. So EXCITED. Thank you for your wonderful and beautiful work.

  3. Beautiful samples!
    I’m hoping these designs may be made into stamps, Barb? Please – pretty please?

    Gorgeous designs,
    all the best,

    Liz M xx

  4. Wow they are amazing so beautiful just right for a beautiful birth of anew baby just love them so much when I hadn’t girls would have treasured one of the cards made from those groovi plates. Wow wow think going to sell out. Enjoy your pottery class don’t Wednesday come around quick. Was nice to break to see such beauty as I’m in process of finding a verse for a condolence word Bobs foster sisters husband has passed away I do not like making those cards and looking at the words to write inside better get back and finish lots love look forward to are Paul and shoes tonight and tomorrow if gets that far Joy xxx

  5. I’m sooooooo happy that you have decided to create the groovi plates with these beautiful patterns. I too saw Linda’s fabulous work with these patterns at the NEC. I was a real beginner then, and they were way out of my league, but just had to buy the book. Since then, I have improved and have been able the manage many of them. Having these, will make completing them so much easier and quicker. Big big thanks. Adrienne

  6. The new designs & the samples made with them are beautiful. Looking forward to the shows, I have them on to record as well. Little did you know back then how that chance meeting would turn out years later.
    Hope you have a fab time at pottery, I wonder how is the bottle going ?
    Thankfully the slight snowfall & frost has finally gone but no doubt we will see more before winter is finished. Stay safe & warm everyone x

  7. Oh my, those plates are gorgeous and the DT samples are beautiful. I wish these had been around when my grandchildren were born, as they would make precious keepsakes.
    Thanks also for the large nesting scallops. I use my small ones such a lot, so this plate is a welcome addition.
    Happy potting! Hugs. Annette X

  8. Hi Barb,
    What a lovely tale of how you met and how thoughtful of Linda to seek you out with the patterns. I know at the Groovi workshop at Leyburn last year I asked Linda if she could let me have the instructions for the fluffy penguin and sure enough I received them the next day by email. It was so very kind of her – a lovely lady ( with such a gorgeous , calming Welsh accent). These plates are fabulous and I really like the nested scallop square extension plate too. I’m sure that they will not last very long tonight. Enjoy your pottery class. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  9. These are gorgeous. I am still working on trying to perfect Linda’s penguins! She was so kind showing the technique in Leyburn but I know I am not doing it right. got the mixing mat, pergamano pencils, sharpener Linda was using but something Is missing. Is there any way you can persuade Linda to do a YouTube Tuesday on the technique?I can’t be the only one struggling….. In the meantime I will watch Paul and look at those lovely plates though I don’t make many new baby cards at all, they look stunning

  10. Stunning plates and samples. I too have been at shows and looked on in awe at the 3D pergamano crafts, I remember a baby cot with covers and frills. Such a beautiful effect. I am sure these plates will fly and the shows will be watched by all the Groovi fans for the hints and techniques. Hope you enjoy your pottery class.XX

  11. Evening Barbara. Just watching Paul. He has such a calm and and gentle nature nothing seems to phase him. The plates are amazing… So many possibilities with them. They really would be a fab addition to anyone’s collection.
    Have a great evening.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  12. Beautiful artwork. If only you sold time, clean fingers and patience I might become a convert! Enjoy your potting x

  13. Absolutely stunning artwork Linda
    And Barbara I love your first meeting story I believe in fate and your meeting was definitely that
    Long may it continue. Xx

  14. Hello Barb, what a great story. Linda’s designs are incredible, and the artwork is just an astounding array of creativity. Hope you enjoyed pottery. Bx

  15. Hi Barbara, just finished watching your Groovi show on Hochanda, the plates of Linda’ designs were really beautiful. Her work is incredible. Paul was brilliant doing the demo’ now I really do need to get into the Groovi now. I have been thinking about it for a while but seeing more over the weekend. What can be done but not having to rush doing them. Which is what I really need at the moment. Thank you again for your Parchment ideas.

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