YouTube Tuesday – Perspective Pines and a moment of Maya Angelou

YouTube Tuesday – Perspective Pines and a moment of Maya Angelou

Ho Ho Ho!
Thanks for popping in.
Counting the days to Christmas here!
Mark is flying home from San Francisco tomorrow, 
so I really must whip the hoover round and fluff the pillows!
Here’s a quick-trick Youtube, turning a stencil into a stamp…

Hope you enjoyed that! This trick works really well with so many stencil designs! Try it!
And the Maya Angelou moment in my life? I shall never ever forget it.
When she strolled across that stage, strutting her stuff, reciting Phenomenal Woman, 
there was a fundamental shift within me. I changed that day.
As always, here is a 20% discount on all the things listed below, which I used in the video.
Perspective Pines 7×7 Stencil
Moons Mask
Stencil Brushes
Artistry Ink Blending Tool
Artistry Ink Blending Foam
7×7 Stencil Card
Must dash, said the Mexican.
Love & Hugs

12 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – Perspective Pines and a moment of Maya Angelou

  1. A great way to use a stencil – I will try that ! Thanks for a great demo and the words of Maya A. I love that stamp ! Go and plump your pillows ! X

  2. I am excited for you, anticipating the arrival of your kids!
    You made a difference to my life when you introduced me to Maya Angelou and I use her ‘people may not always remember etc’ quote daily, in my head.
    The wonderful primary school where I volunteer and where my daughter works, has her quotes printed on walls all around the building, so the children are exposed to them and their ethos daily. One reason it is such a lovely, caring school maybe?
    I am off to watch the you tube video. Hugs Annette X

  3. So pleased that you tracked down the Maya Angelou quote stamp for me during the Gray Friday sale, off to watch the video xx

  4. Wise words from Maya – I have the Groovi plates but haven’t used them yet.
    Will watch YouTube later.
    Hope all is well with you, hugs and kind thoughts.

  5. This stencil used as a stamp makes a wonderful scene Barbara and thanks for this great YTT. How great to have Mark arriving at any time…get that hoover going…lol. xp

  6. Yeah, thanks for introducing me to Maya Angelou too. I googled her as you seem to have had a moment while talking about her in the YouTube demo. She sounds an awesome woman who went all out for God. Reckon God’s prepared a magnificent room for her in heaven. 🤗
    From my experience with my firstborn he wouldn’t notice if I hadn’t hoovered since his last visit 😵 He comes home for the roasties & Delia Smith’s Chocolate Trifle ( I miss the word ‘Cheat’ out as I don’t agree with her on that on🙊)

  7. I can imagine your excitement to be with both your wonderful children and how much you miss them. Just had club news loving goodies readnews letter hope Dave is feeling better and getting results I know how hard it is and scary lots love to you all soon be having few days with family lots hugs joy xxx

  8. This technique is so good. Have tried it with a few of my stencils but not yet used the perspective Pines one (it was a fab freebie in my gray sale order – thank you!) Have been a fan of Maya Angelou for some time now – she is so inspirational.
    Hope you manage to get the house sorted, but don’t forget he’s coming home for the family love not the housekeeping!

  9. Super utube today Barbara, looks great. Must try that trick. Wonderful lady Maya Angelou, I have that stamp and use it often. Your family wont worry that you havent caught up with the housework, all they want is to spend time with you. Bet you are so excited to be seeing

  10. Hi Barb,
    Great YouTube video, will have to give it a go. Really love the stencil. You introduced me to Maya Angelou and I can understand exactly why she is/was your shero. She was such an inspirational woman. I have 3 books by her which are so good. I’m sure you’ll be ready for Mark and Grace coming home, but remember they are coming to see you and the rest of the family not a tidy house! Hope Dave is feeling bette, love and hugs,Alison xx

  11. Hello Barb, a super Youtube video and a very inspiring and uplifting video from Maya Angelou. I had heard here sayings/quotes before, but not always put them together with the person, so thank you for bringing all her thoughts and wisdom to our lives and our crafting. I hope Dave is feeling much better now (only opened my envelop yesterday). And I am sure you will be like a magic cleaning fairy getting ready for Grace and Mark and the family. I hope I am! Take care all. Bx

  12. Thank you for a great youtube again and for the stencil, it was a lovely surprise in an order I made.
    I will definitely be trying this.
    Thank you for everything over the past year, we do appreciate you.
    I hope Dave will be OK and you both have a lovely Xmas and New Year with family and friends. Sue xx

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