Ho Ho Ho!

Thanks for popping in.

Well, Mark’s home safe and sound. Great to see him, to catch up, and listen to him telling me all about Life in the Bay Area.

So I didn’t go to work today. They don’t need me there! Methinks they are having way too much fun though!!!!

There seems to be a real Christmas Jumper thing going on at Clarity! Our usually stringent dresscode has definitely been relaxed in the run up to Christmas…

Here we have Debby, Head of Retail, giving it large!

Oh! And here’s Ian, who elfs my brother making Groovi plates!

Sharon is over on the HOCHANDA TV dispatch side,

and wears a different top every day !!!!

Here’s Jayne, Head of  TV, looking like she’s hit the sherry early doors!

…and then there’s lovely Sophie, our beautiful resident fairy, who just sparkles and radiates Christmas joy wherever she goes – with her little friend!

This wonderful friend of mine is Shona. Sophie’s Mum. She is another Godsend at Clarity. Spot the chocolates!!!

We shall have to go dancing again Shona! Dance off all those calories!

I do love Georgina’s sweatshirt – TODAY IS THE DAY

In case you haven’t figured it out though, Debby is definitely the party girl!

Here we see her chasing young Tom for a kiss underneath the Mistletoe

She everyone’s favourite Mum in this department. Here we have beautiful Ummi and Anna, who pack each and every one of your Clarity orders. George is home from Uni, so is in again, to help and join in the work & fun.

Flip flops in December! Honestly, Debby! Please let me put you in the picture. Clad in their Christmas best here, and larking about, you have two of the most switched on, hard working women you will ever meet. They run their departments like well oiled machines. Brilliant.


And the first thing Debs says every single time I walk through the door is, “Hello Barb, Would you like a cuppa?”

What’s not to love?

Blimey! She’s even got Elfie Knickers on!!!

And on that no no note, I shall go go go get my pinny on, and make my boys a lovely welcome home meal.

Love & Hugs,



19 thoughts on “Sweaters-agogo!

  1. What a great post, seeing all the wonderful Clarity peeps in all their Christmas jumper glory. I need the elf jumper! I am only 5 feet tall, so it would be perfect!
    Glad Mark arrived safely – you must be in your element and eagerly awaiting Grace’s arrival.
    I really felt as though Christmas was starting today, as I helped to serve Christmas dinner to over 400 children at the primary school where I volunteer. When the 12 days of Christmas was played and they all joined in, it was goose bump time and everyone was just so happy. I wish we could bottle it!
    Have a lovely evening with your men. Hugs Annette X

  2. Way too much fun going on! Lovely happy ship you have there. Glad your laddo got home safely x Don’t have to say enjoy, because I know you will enjoy every minute xx

  3. Enjoy your family ! Loving all the Christmas jumpers and Merry Christmas to all at Clarity who keep us supplied with goodies ! X

  4. Hi Barb,
    Bet you’re super happy today to have your lovely Mark home. What lovely photos too. Great to see a picture of Ummi – that’s who does most of my Clarity parcels, so I can picture her now. Have to say as well, that everyone looks so happy. It’s brilliant that you have such a wonderful team working for you. Enjoy your evening with ‘ your boys’ – not long now till lovely Grace joins you too. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Better here today – at least we’ve seen the sun. Off to York tomorrow which I’m looking forward to. Dave wants to see a steam train and I’m shopping!! Love and hugs to all, Alison

  5. Lovely to see more members of the team, what a happy crew. Great jumpers. Hubby was looking to expand his stock of Christmas apparel today, but with 35 ties 26 pairs of socks, 17 hats, 3 jumpers I said enough was enough!! Bought him some liqueur chocolates instead.
    Glad Mark arrived safely and you took a day off. Enjoy your evening.
    I’m off to do more Grooving.

  6. Great to see your team being so festive and enjoying life. Have fun with your boys, and I’m sure no matter what you rustle up for dinner they will savour it because you’re there with them x

  7. What a happy bunch and so nice to put names to faces. You see the names on the little slip in your order and now I know what Ummi looks like. 😊😊 Your team all look really happy and I guess that means a productive workforce too. What a fab team you have. Ooh I bet you were over the moon to see Mark? And soon Grace will join you all too and that will be the clan back together, at least for a while. Hope Dave is doing ok? Enjoy your evening. Much love xxx

  8. Oh I do love this blog! It’s really happy and upbeat….I guess you are feeling happy your boy is home and looking forward to having Gracie land soon! And then it’ll be lots of fun for all!
    Please say Merry Christmas to all the team and hope they have a well deserved rest over the festivities.
    Love and hugs xxx

  9. What a lovely crowd you have in your team, and what fun and sports they are. Love the jumpers. So pleased Mark is home bet you’ll be in your element tonight. Rest, relax and have fun after dinner.xxx

  10. That little insight just shows what a great bunch of workers you have. Enjoy having Mark home. precious time for you. xx

  11. Lovely to see all the Clarity team in their jolly jumpers. Glad your Mark has arrived home safe and sound. I can’t imagine what it’s like having your children living so far away, our three boys all live locally and I feel very lucky.
    Elvis is proving to be very elusive today, must go back and have another look xx

  12. What a great team, and what a fab selection of Christmas jumpers and..ahem…underwear..lol. So pleased Mark is home and you have had a good catchup. x

  13. Hello Barb, glad to hear that Mark has arrived safe and sound. Love the post, seeing the clarity team having such fun, and the jumpers are fab. How brilliant to work with these awesome people. Take care all. Bx

  14. Wonderful post today, love all the christmas jumpers and underwear Oooo-er lol, what a great team.
    Merry Christmas to all x

  15. Christmas jumpers have certainly improved in the last few years, haven’t got any Christmas underwear yet though! Just having a break from tidying the craft room, found a set of stamps I forgot I ordered in the Gray sale for Christmas cards….oh well always next year! XX

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